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A+ Hardware

A+ Hardware

A+ course is related to Hardware portion of computer, laptop, tablet, mobile and etc. Students will be ready for the industry for assembling and disassembling part of the computer and other device. If student want to work for the security and networking, candidate must have strong knowledge of hardware for the strong base. People always started his/her carrier from the A+ then will move to the networking or Security field.

CompTIA A+ certification is an entry-level computer certification for PC computer technicians. The exam is designed to certify the competency of entry-level computer service professional for maintaining hardware components of the computer like RAM, Hard-Disk, Processor and each and very parts of the computer system which are needed to run a PC. They also provide customizing and operating personal computers. The expertise of A+ needed to work as a computer service technician, troubleshooting PC and repairing PCs. Whenever there will be a fault in computer like hard-disk not booting or there is a heating issue due to processor or the Fan speed of the processor is not working properly , they need to troubleshoot immediately that kind of fault.

There are many job that an A+ certification can get:
- Help Desk Specialist
- Analyst Technician
- PC/Computer Technician
- Information Technology Specialist
- System Administrator
- System Engineer

All the above jobs are listed from entry level to advance level jobs. They all play a very vital role in maintaining computer hardware.

The CompTIA A+ certification is valid for three years. The course mainly focuses on:
- Work with CPU, RAM, BIOS, motherboards, power supplies, and other PC components
- It also includes configure and maintain hard drives
- Manage input devices and removable media
- Troubleshoot and fix common PC problems
- Install video and multimedia cards to PC
- Work with smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices.
- Install and configure wired and wireless networks
- Connect to the internet
- Install, configure and manage printer and other peripherals

Getting Started

# 1. Knowledge of Computer(Day1)
# 2. Desktop Computer System Components and Their Functions(Day2)
# 3. About Hardware, Software and Firmware(Day3)
# 4. Numbering Systems(Day4)

# 1. Output Devices(Day5)
# 2. PS/2 Devices(Day6)
# 3. Configure Parallel Devices(Day7)
# 4. Configure Serial Devices(Day8)
# 5. Configure Game and Sound Devices(Day9)
# 6. About USB Device(Day10)
# 7. Configure FireWire Devices(Day11)
# 8. Connect Wireless Devices(Day12)

# 1. Establish an ESD(Day13)
# 2. free Work Area(Day14)
# 3. Configure or To remove Adapter Cards(Day15)
# 4. Configure a Network Adapter and Cable(Day16)
# 5. Configure or To remove IDE Drives(Day17)
# 6. Configure or To remove Internal SCSI Drives(Day18)
# 7. Configure External SCSI Devices(Day19)
# 8. Redundant array inexpensive disk(Day20)

# 1. To Add Memory(Day21)
# 2. Improve the Central processing unit(Day22)
# 3. To Add a CPU(Day23)
# 4. Improve the System Basic Input Output System(Day24)
# 5. Improve the Power Supply(Day25)
# 6. Improve the System Board(Day26)
# 7. Decide When to Improve(Day27)

# 1. Peripherals to a Portable Computer(Day28)
# 2. Configure or To remove Portable Computing Device Drives(Day29)
# 3. Configure PCMCIA Cards(Day30)
# 4. To Add and To remove Mini-PCI Cards(Day31)
# 5. Configure or To Add Memory to a Portable Computing Device(Day32)
# 6. PDAs to Computers(Day33)

# 1. HDD Maintenance(Day34)
# 2. Perform Printer Maintenance(Day35)
# 3. Use a UPS(Day36)
# 4. Clean Peripheral Components(Day37)
# 5. Clean Internal System Components(Day38)
# 6. Dispose of Computer Equipment(Day39)

# 1. Solve Monitor Problems(Day40)
# 2. Solve Input Device Problems(Day41)
# 3. Solve Adapter Card and Personal Computer Card Problems(Day42)
# 4. Solve HD Problems(Day43)
# 5. Solve USB Devices(Day44)
# 6. To solve CD and DVD Problem(Day45)
# 7. To shoot printer problem(Day46)

Course Features

  • Duration : 40 Hours
  • Lectures : 20
  • Quiz : 10
  • Students : 15

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A+ Hardware Training Institute in Noida

Rating on Best Python Programming Training Institute & Certification in Noida 4.9 out of 5 based on 4000 Students Rating

CompTIA A+ training and certification is the entry level certification in hardware field related to computers, laptop, and desktop management. The certification course makes sure that the learner gets highly skilled in configuring, installing, maintaining, diagnosing, and troubleshooting all issues related to computer hardware. This also includes assembling of computers, laptops and various devices. For those who wish to make their career in the networking field, it is very crucial to learn first the A+ hardware concepts and gain the certification because every network device is actually a part of the computer hardware and having good knowledge of the hardware one can easily configure and manage the network devices and also manage network securities.

If you are a graduate or a skilled networking professional then having hardware knowledge and CompTIA A+ certification will be an additional benefit for you. Just a graduate degree may not give your career an appropriate edge but going with the right career path can definitely help you with brighter career.

GICSEH is Best A+ Hardware Training Institute in Noida where you can learn complete fundamentals on configuring and managing the hardware components of the computer and laptop and network devices which will further helps you in managing big IT infrastructure. We welcome you to join our team of highly experienced hardware and software professional who can guide you thoroughly on various aspects of managing hardware components.

Eligibility Criteria for A+ Hardware Training

There are no prerequisite for CompTIA A+ certification. One who wish to establish his/ her career as a IT professional can start with A+ certification and then follow the career path as required to become networking or software professional.

A+ Hardware Training Institute in India

CompTIA A+ Hardware Training gives you in-depth knowledge of the IT domains including computer hardware repair, software and applications, operating system configuration and management, network configuration and management, troubleshooting of the desktops and mobile devices and various associated network devices. GICSEH is counted among India’s leading learning institute for securing certification in CompTIA A+ Hardware. GICSEH is a hub of highly qualified and certified hardware and software professionals with huge years of experience where you can start your learning curve and become a hardware professional. GICSEH is the leading A+ Hardware training Institute in India where you can excel on A+ hardware concepts and secure the relevant certification.

A+ Hardware Jobs in India

Hardware is the huge term that is the base of IT field and it has thus great values in IT field. One who wish to become IT professional it is essential to learn at least basic fundamentals of the hardware related to computers and networks so that an early quick diagnosis can be done whenever required. A CompTIA A+ Hardware Certified candidate with good experience can seek a good career as a:

  • - Help Desk Support Specialist
  • - IT Technician
  • - IT Specialist
  • - System Administrator and Analyst
  • - Deskside Support Engineer
  • - Service Desk Analyst
  • - Field Service Technician
  • - Help Desk Tier 2 Support Engineer

Average salary of a Hardware Engineer with CompTIA A+ Hardware Certification is around ~ 50,000 $ that tend to increase as per experience and knowledge and further certifications in networking and software field.

Why GICSEH to Learn A+ Hardware Programming Language?

Learning A+ Hardware fundamentals at GICSEH give your career an edge among the others and you may secure your dream job. Some other benefits and reasons to join GICSEH are as below:

  • - Learning module as per current industry standardized and requirements only
  • - Trained under highly qualified and certified professionals having relevant degree and certification from authorized bodies
  • - Practice your skills on live assets with live training
  • - Get job assistance after the certification
  • - No hassle in location the center, as it is at just 1 minute walking distance from Noida Electronic City Metro Station

Make Your Career as A+ Hardware Engineer

After securing CompTIA A+ Hardware Certification you will be able to:
- Understand basic of computer hardware and mobile device hardware along with exposure to network devices
- Categorize various kind of data storage devices
- Understanding various components of motherboard, BIOS, CPU, RAM, Hard Drives, and more
- Setup and management of operating systems like Windows, iOS, Android, Apple OS X and Linux
- Installation and configuration of input devices like keyboards, mouse, scanners and printers

Becoming a CompTIA A+ Hardware Certified professional is now a dream come true with GICSEH. Contact experts from GICSEH and take a smart step ahead towards a successful career as hardware professional.