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Python Programming

Python Programming

It is very popular course in the world. It has strong compatibility with security and machine learning. Python can use for different purpose with different reason. If any student want to go with security industry then must have strong knowledge of python programming.

Getting Started

1. Introduction(Day 1)
2. gitHub, Functions, Booleans and Modules(Day 2)
3. Sequences, Iteration and String Formatting(Day 3)
4. Dictionaries, Sets, and Files(Day 4)
5. Exceptions, Testing, Comprehensions(Day 5)
6. Advanced Argument Passing, Lambda -- functions as objects(Day 6)
7. Object Oriented Programming(Day 7)
8. More OO -- Properties, Special methods(Day 8)
9. Iterators, Iterables, and Generators(Day 9)
10. Decorators, Context Managers, Regular Expressions, and Wrap Up(Day 10)
11. Python setup(Day 11)
12. Python IDE(Day 12)
13. Variables(Day 13)
14. Python Operators(Day 14)
15. Arithemetic Operator(Day 15)
16. Comparison Operator(Day 16)
17. Assignment Operator(Day 17)
18. Bitwise Operator(Day 18)
19. Membership Operator(Day 19)
20. Identity Operator(Day 20)
21. If Statement(Day 21)
22. If Else Statement(Day 22)
23. Break & Continue Statement(Day 23)
24. For Loop(Day 24)
25. While Loop(Day 25)
26. Home Assignment(Day 26)
27. String(Day 27)
28. Number(Day 28)
29. List(Day 29)
30. Dictionary(Day 30)
31. Function(Day 31)
32. Module(Day 32)
33. Exception(Day 33)
34. Home Assignment(Day 34)
35. File Operation(Day 35)
36. File Reading(Day 36)
37. File Writing(Day 37)
38. Appending File(Day 38)

Course Features

  • Duration : 40 Hours
  • Lectures : 20
  • Quiz : 10
  • Students : 15

Python training Institute in Noida

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Python- A high- level, general purpose, interactive and object-oriented artificial language. it had been developed in 1991. Python permits the coder to jot down programs and instruction using fewer lines of codes.

It provides the freedom to its user to jot down an object-oriented program on on both a small and large scale. it's the core feature of code readability using whitespace to evaluate the code blocks rather than using curling braces or keywords.

With the memory management and dynamic kind system, Python supports programming pattern which has procedural, object-oriented, imperative and useful programming. At GICSEH you'll get an in depth understanding of Python and its purpose from our Python assignment consultants. you may additionally establish and perceive the construct of Python at the side of the career advantages.

Features of Python:

Object Oriented
Python supports object-oriented programming. The program is made around objects that mix knowledge and practicality in the case of object-oriented languages.

While using an interpreted language like Python, the program will be run from the source code and there is no requirement of separate compilation and execution steps.

Simple and straightforward to find out
Python encompasses a straightforward syntax and quite straightforward to find out. It is clearly outlined and understandable.

High-level language
While writing programs in Python there's no need to bother about low-level details like managing the memory utilized by the program.

Library is in depth
The standard python library is really vast, thus facilitates in performing various things that involve regular expressions, databases, unit testing, internet browsers, email, XML, HTML etc.

Uses of Python
Web applications
GUI based applications
Software development application
Scientific and numeric applications
Network programming
Games and 3D applications.

Career opportunities in Python are growing across the globe. Python offers diversity. you'll begin as a Python developer or coder, and so switch to data Science. Practice hard by solving problems, & become an expert.

Various Job Options are available after doing the Python Course. GICSEH, the best Python training Institute in Noida offer 100% placement support to its students.

Our students are placed in Top MNC on the below mentioned positions:
Web Developer
Python Developer
Software Engineer
Senior Software Engineer
Software Developer
DevOps Engineer
Artificial Intelligence
Scientific programmer
Data Science and analytics
Desktop applications developer
Video Games Developer