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Realme XT Smartphone Security Features

This is most popular phone in India, also they are planning to launch by next month in Indian Market. In this phone security features is very high along with the encryption. If will talk about the hardware configuration then it is excellent compare to old one. Android v9.0(Pie) operating system available with this phone, about the processor(powered by Octa core 2.3 GHz, Dual core, kryo 360 + 1.7 GHz, Hexa Core, Kry 360). Any multimedia device depends on the hard disk memory, ram and processor. RAM, HDD and processor should be very much strong then device performance will be very high. If will ask about the internal cheap then Qualcomm Snapdragon 712 chipset will be available. If will ask about the storage capacity then 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB internal storage will be available.

For the purpose of security, can use antivirus in this hardware, or any install any other application. In hardware level, will be very strong encryption security as well as the algorithm based features. It is equivalent to the normal computer configuration. But mainly depends on the user, how user will use this phone and be careful about the third party application which is provided by different kind of the organization. It has very strong display also called AMOLED display, previous it was available with TV but it is available with the phone. Pixel resolution is also very high. 1080 x 2340 so definitely clarity will be very high compare to any normal TV. If will ask about the camera then camera will be 25 MP for the front and 64+8+5+2 MP will be the back camera with strong digital zooming features. Auto flash will be enable which is good for the security. Face detection also available with this phone. If will ask about the advance security then touch to focus also will be available. Battery definitely will be 4100 mAh and depends on the usages of the phone and how many features are using. If will enable hot spot then battery consumption definitely will be very high.

IOS 12.4 Released for iPhone

Many new features came with iOS 12.4 version. It is available after iPhone 5s, new Bluetooth features has been enhanced. Attacker can not attack to this device if iOS 12.4 version will be available. Input validation has been improved with iOS 12.4 version.

Core Data will be more safe compare to old version of iOS. Remote attacker can not attack to leak the memory. Memory corruption issues has been resolved compare to the old version of iOS. Face time feature has been improved compare to the old version of ios. This is good to enhanced code execution of the memory.

Found in Apps has been improved compare to old version of ios. Memory can leak with the attacker to need to carefully to addressed with good improvement.

Foundation will available with the new features of iOS. An out-of-bounds can be addressed with good improved according to the input validation.

Heimdal is the new features of this ios, will be good to interact between the services from the devices. Samba can allow the device to access from the remote user. It will prevent for the unauthorized actions.

libxslt new features has been introduced, any remote attacker can not attack for the sensitive data and information. It is available for iphone 5s, iPod, IPad Air and its later verion. CVE-2019-12118 founded by OSS-Fuzz. New messages has been improved for the people. Will stop for the unexpected any application termination. Means can say A denial of service problem has addressed accordingly with improved validation. CVE-2019-8665 done by Michael Hernandex of the actual marketing thing.

Profiles has been improved with ios 12.4 of iPhone. A malicious application will be stop by the problematic website. Definitely will be good for all the users. Process entitlement has been improved with the actual validation of the user and people.

Quick Look has been improved with this version of ios. It is very good features of iphone, to protect from the hacker and unauthorized access. This problem will be addressed according to improved checks. CVE-2019-8662 Natalie Silvanovich developed in this year of 2019-08-22. Siri is the new enhanced feature available with the iPhone. It is good for the leakage of memory data. CVE-2019-8646 Natalie According to the Google Project Zero.

Telephony, UIFoundation, Wallet and Webkit are the new features of iPhone. Will be good to protect for unauthorized data for the unauthorized person.

Android 9 Pie has been launched In India

Android 9 Pie has been launched by the Google. It has many advance features compare to the previous. There are many interesting feature available in this latest version. In this version battery performance will be very high. This apps will decide how much power will be required for which application and how much required brightness for the application. There is one new feature will be suggestion, means if we are using particular application many times then next time automatically will come to your screen. As per as your history you can use any kind of the application. Definitely will be very fast compare to previous. Take example suppose if you are booking any ola, uber, etc.

Simplicity will be very good. In one option will be many application. You can copy paste easily from one to other. Easily you can search anything. Dash board also available in the phone, like how much you are using any particular application after that will be disable automatically. Means you can enable manually. Do not disturb will not show any screen means completely can concentrate in any work. Compare to previous version, It has very strong security and application security feature. It has released in August 2018.

New Version of Linux 8.0 Released

Linux 8.0 is the latest version from the Red Hat organization. Many new features has been added with new syllabus of 8.0. last version was 7.0 but will be valid upto june 2020. Previous there were two certifications, RHCSA and RHCE with exam code Ex-200, Ex-300. Now new exam code is Ex-294. If any candidate has cleared RHCSA Ex-200 exam then can appear directly in Ex-300 or Ex-294. Previous RHCSA exam duration was 2.5 hours, now with new version, it is same. Previous with RHCE exam duration was 3.5 hours in Ex-300 but it is replace with Ex-294 with 3 hours of duration. Details topic available with the syllabus of Linux 8.0

New Windows Server 2019 Released

After Microsoft server level of the certification students can try as a server engineer/server administrator/server manager/desktop engineer/desktop manager/desktop support engineer.

Can try job in Delhi/Mumbai/Bangalore/Kolkata and other part of the country. If candidate is having more than 2 and 3 years of job experience in India then can try for Abroad with good salary. In Abroad can try for Gulf Country, European Country, US, UK and etc.

New CCNA 200-301 Released

CCNA 200-301 is updated syllabus(Outline) from the Cisco. Will launch by 23 February 2020 with combined combination of all track of associate level. CCNA Security, CCNA Wireless, CCNA Service provider, CCNA Routing & Switching, combined with single CCNA(200-301). After CCNA next level of the certification will be Specialist level of the certification, after specialist will be professional level of the certification then last will be the expert level of the certification. 10 percent of the new CCNA syllabus will be based on automation and programmability also added in new syllabus of Cisco Exam. In new CCNA security topics has been increased from 10 percent to 15 percent. Compare to previous CCNA 200-125, syllabus is more advance and many new featured has been added. Remaining can check in new syllabus of CCNA(200-301)

New Version of Python 3.8 Released

Python programming 3.8 is latest version available for the testing purpose. Many advance feature has been added and some old feature has been removed. Python programming is compatible with ethical hacking, compatible with cyber security, strong compatibility with Machine learning. New version has more flexibility and features has been enhanced. After the technical degree candidate can plan for job in India and after some experience can plan jobs in abroad.