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Linux Training Institute in Greater Noida

Best Linux Training Institute in Greater Noida

Rating on Best Linux Training Institute in Greater Noida 4.9 out of 5 based on 4132 Students ratings.
Course Summary

Linux 8.0 is popular now to use with the industry. Many new features has been added also some old features has been removed. Let’s discuss about the feature of kickstart, suppose there are many client device, we need to install linux operating system in all the networking device, will be not possible to move to all the networking device and install operating system. can create the central server of linux also called kickstart, kickstart basically enabled with DHCP server, if client device will be present in the linux network then client device will boot from the network. In network there will be the DHCP server, Server will provide ip address to the client device then after operating system will be deployed from the central location. This is very simple process for the scripting in case of enterprise network.

Process will be following
Need to define the anaconda kickstart system
Need kickstart file syntax and modification
Need to deploy a virtual system with kickstart
Need to install a system using kickstart
Installation should be automatic with the help of kickstart

Now come to next module of the linux 8.0 operating system, need to use grep command. If you want to execute multiple commands with the help of single line then can use grep command. Can follow with the help of regular expressions of the fundamentals. If you want to match the character or if you want to match the words then can also use grep command. If you want to use with the help of log file, log file is responsible to store the previous record of the operating system. grep will help with logs in linux 8.0 operating system.
sequence will be following
Configuring regular expressions with fundamentals
Configuring and matching the regular expression
Text matching with the help of grep
Can use grep with the help of logs

Next module can use with the help of vim editor, if you want to write something, if you want to edit something, if you want to modify something like in Microsoft we have word, also called Microsoft word, in the linux operating system, need to configure vim editor. By default it is available with the linux operating system. you can save permanently, you can remove anything, you can quit without saving, this option also will be available.
The sequence of vim editor will be following.
Need to configure vim text editor
Need to configure practice modes of vime
Configuring basic vim with workflow
Practice need to configure with workflow
Need configure editing with vim
Editing a system files with vim

Now come to the scheduling part of the linux operating system, suppose if you want to schedule any task, like you want to shutdown your computer at 5 PM in the evening then can set the schedule. If you want to perform any schedule with one time then can use at command, if you want to repeat the schedule, like one day in week, two days in a week then in this case can use cron command. There will be fix schedule with at and cron command.
For at and cron command sequence will be following.
Need scheduling one time task with the help of at command
Need to practice, schedule one time task with the help of at
Scheduling recurring the jobs with the help of cron command
Need to practice scheduling recurring jobs with the help of cron
Schedule the system with the help of cron jobs
Practice scheduling system with the help of cron jobs
To manage the temporary files
Need to practice with temporary files
Test the scheduling future linux task

Now next module will start from access control list. Access control list use to give the permission for user, can set permission for the group, can set permission for the others too. There are many commands to set the permission for all the account.
If you want to configure access control list then sequence should be following
Configuring POSIX access control list for the user and group
Need to practice with interpret access control list
How to secure files with the help of access control list
Need to practive using access control list to grant and limit access
How to control access to files and access to the folders too

Course Outline

RHEL(Linux SylActivity us)-
Red Hat System Administration I (RHEL1) RH124
a) Assignment1 Task1 & Activity1 - Accessing the Command Line
b) Assignment2 Task2 & Activity2 - Managing Files From the Command Line
c) Assignment3 Task3 & Activity3 - Getting Help in Red Hat Enterprise Linux
d) Assignment4 Task4 & Activity4 - Creating, Viewing, and Editing Text Files
e) Assignment5 Task5 & Activity5 - Managing Local Linux Users and Groups
f) Assignment6 Task6 & Activity6 - Controlling Access to Files with Linux File System Permissions
g) Assignment7 Task7 & Activity7 - Monitoring and Managing Linux Process
h) Assignment8 Task8 & Activity8 - Controlling Services and Daemons
i) Assignment9 Task9 & Activity9 - Configuring and Security openSSH Service
j) Assignment10 Task10 & Activity10 - Analyzing and storing Logs
k) Assignment11 Task11 & Activity11 - Managing Hed Hat Enterprise Linux Networking
l) Assignment12 Task12 & Activity12 - Archiving and Copying Files Between Systems
m) Assignment13 Task13 & Activity13 - Installing and Updating Software Packages
n) Assignment14 Task14 & Activity14 - Accessing Linux File System
o) Assignment15 Task15 & Activity15 - Using Virtulized Systems
p) Assignment16 Task16 & La16 - Comprehensive review

Red Hat System Administration II (RHEL2) (RH134)
a) Assignment1 Task1 & Activity1 - Automating Installation with Kickstart
b) Assignment2 Task2 & Activity2 - Using Regular Expressions with grep
c) Assignment3 Task3 & Activity3 - Creating and Editing Text Fileswith Vim
d) Assignment4 Task4 & Activity4 - Scheduling Future Linux Tasks
e) Assignment5 Task5 & Activity5 - Managing Priority of Linux Process
f) Assignment6 Task6 & Activity6 - Controlling Access to files with Acess Control Lists (ACLs)
g) Assignment7 Task7 & Activity7 - Managing Selinux Security
h) Assignment8 Task8 & Activity8 - Connecting to network-defined User and Groups
i) Assignment9 Task9 & Activity9 - Adding Disks, Partitions and File systems to a Linux System
j) Assignment10 Task10 & Activity10 -Managing Logical Volume management (LVM) Storage
k) Assignment11 Task11 & Activity11 - Acessing Network Storage with Network File System (NFS)
l) Assignment12 Task12 & Activity12 - Acessing Network Storage with SMB
m) Assignment13 Task13 & Activity13 - Controlling and Troubleshooting the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Boot Process
n) Assignment14 Task14 & Activity14 - Limiting Network Communication with Firewalid
o) Assignment15 Task15 & Activity15 - Comprehensive Review of System

Red Hat System Administration III RHEL3 (RH254)
a) Assignment1 Task1 & Activity1 - Controlling Service and Daemons
b) Assignment2 Task2 & Activity2 - Managing IPv6 Networking
c) Assignment3 Task3 & Activity3 - Configuring Link Aggregation and Bridging
d) Assignment4 Task4 & Activity4 - Network Port Security
e) Assignment5 Task5 & Activity5 - Managing DNS for Servers
f) Assignment6 Task6 & Activity6 - Configuring Email Transmission
g) Assignment7 Task7 & Activity7 - Providing Remote Block Storage
h) Assignment8 Task8 & Activity8 - Providing File –based Storage
i) Assignment9 Task9 & Activity9 - Configuring MarisDB Database
j) Assignment10 Task10 & Activity10 - Providing Apache HTTPD Web service
k) Assignment11 Task11 & Activity11 - WritingBsh Scripts
l) Assignment12 Task12 & Activity12 - Bash Conditionals and Control structures
m) Assignment13 Task13 & Activity13 - Configuring the Shell Enviroment
n) Assignment14 Task14 & Activity14 - Linux Containers and Dockes

Course Features

  • Duration : 40 Hours
  • Lectures : 20
  • Quiz : 10
  • Students : 15

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Linux Training Institute in Greater Noida

Rating on Linux Training Institute in Greater Noida 4.9 out of 5 based on 4132 Students ratings.

Linux certifications are nowadays leading certification in the IT industry. Our Training modules are designed to be performance based just to make sure that our students get on job environment in the classroom. It is one of the best certifications for professionals in various kinds of related roles, including database administrators, developers, and support technicians.

GICSEH, The Best Linux Training institute in Greater Noida will teach you to work in a Linux environment, including the following aspects:
• Manipulating files and directories
• Command shells
• The roles of and choice of desktop managers
• System maintenance
• Use of tools for creating, monitoring and debugging and much more.

Your search for Best Linux Training Institute in Greater Noida comes to end with GICSEH. We are the Leading Linux training institute in Greater Noida. We offer the best LINUX training with practical projects. LINUX Trainers in our institute are Experienced, Certified. GICSEH is the leading Linux institutes in Noida where the students learn real concepts of the Linux and make their career as a Linux professional.

Eligibility Criteria for Linux Training in Greater Noida

There are no such eligibility criteria for to join Linux training but it is recommended to have good computer knowledge in order to excel the Linux concepts. Our course is designed to build theoretical knowledge.

Job Opportunities After doing Linux Certification
Linux is a vast field with numerous career opportunities and continuous growth. A Linux certified candidate can seek a good career as a:
• Senior Linux Administrator
• DevOps Engineer.
• Linux Engineer
• Linux Systems Administrator

With the Linux certification in your hand you can help you stand out of the folks who are also looking for the same job profile and you can achieve a good job with a good package. Also, in the profile of Linux you would get various learning options which will help you to grow in your carrier.

Why GICSEH to Become Certified Linux Professional?
Learning Linux Concepts with GICSEH is very advantageous as compared to enroll with any other regular institute because of below factors:
• We have well-defined industry standard learning course module
• We have a team of highly experienced Linux and security professionals having more than 10 years of experience in relevant space
• At GICSEH, you will get comprehensive training with live sessions
• We assure you complete assistance in placement after the certification
• We have Smart network labs with all premium Linux tools
• Our friendly work culture and learning environment
• We have customized schedule of training sessions as per the need of the students

Make Your Career as a Linux Professional
India's Best LINUX training institute in Greater Noida offers Excellent quality course that is exclusively designed from Basics concepts to Advanced level Concepts. Our training sessions are mainly focused on practical knowledge rather than just theoretical concepts. We train the students by using Realtime Methodologies. We also offer Live Project and Interview Guidance.

If you are looking to make a carrier in the LINUX profile, then don’t think before moving further. Just join the best institute, gain as much knowledge as you can and succeed in your professional life. Join GICSEH and ensure a better future. We are always there to help you grow!