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Diploma in Networking Development

Diploma in Networking Development

Course Summary

Each and every day we communicate with each other may be friends, family, relative etc. through either mobile phone sot any sort of electronic device which is possible for communication. The whole communication process is possible due to networking and the availability of network in the regions. So basically a network is a group of two or more communication system linked with each other either by wireless or by wired which in LAN(Local Area Network) connection. The term networking means the act of interacting with each other through any device and to exchange information with each other. In computer network data exchange takes place between the nodes. To get familiar with networking and its basics we need to learn some few concepts of network otherwise networking is not possible.

Firstly we should have a clear idea about IP Addressing because computer networking involves the IP address. We should have a knowledge all the classes of ipv4 address and their range and the network and host id of each ip address how they are getting divided. These are the basics things of networking. Then we have to know about the subnet mask of the ip address and which subnet mask belongs to which class. Once we have a clear idea of all of these then we can begin with the basics of networking.

To begin with networking, there are many ways that you can learn but the most valuable way to get a depth of knowledge in networking is by doing the course of CCNA. CCNA is a certification course of cisco which stands for Cisco Certified Network Associate which is very valuable in today’s world if you choose network engineer as a profession. CCNA certification is an information technology certification from cisco and is an associate level certification from cisco. They are very valuable and there are many job opportunities through this certification. The salary of ccna is also very good. Through this course you will gain knowledge about networking, routing and switching. You will know how to configure routers manually in a local area connection and in the wide area connection. You will gain knowledge about the switches which takes part in networking for communication of computer. Thus this course is very valuable and there are many job opportunities for this. Another thing is that this is not the only course. There are some advance level of ccna course also which can be opted once you have completed the ccna otherwise you will not be able to cope up with that.

So all the above content features about basic networking and from where to begin. But there are also another way in the networking field. You have to know the basics obviously like ip addressing and ccna but its your choice whether you want to know the advance part or not. If you know it is nothing harmful as no knowledge is waste and knowledge is power. So the other part is network security part. We can all build the network, configure the router but whether they are secure or not to the outside world that depends totally on us. Our network can be compromised if it’s not configured properly with proper security settings and today network security are of great concern. Lots of data may get stolen and also with many private information. So to avoid this type of things we should have a clear knowledge about network security part and how it works. Network security can be learn by opting the course of network penetration testing and also by having a clear knowledge about the iptables which is the linux inbuilt firewall. Network penetration testing will teach you the offensive part and iptables will teach you the defensive part of the network. You should have idea of both .

Network security is also very valuable as everyone tries to secure its data and information from theft and its our responsibility to make it secure.

Getting Started
  • Know about complete course curriculum here
  • Know about complete course curriculum here
  • Know about complete course curriculum here
  • Know about complete course curriculum here
  • Know about complete course curriculum here

Course Features

  • Duration : 1 Year
  • Lectures : 285
  • Quiz : 100
  • Students : 15

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Diploma in Netwoking Development in Noida

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Diploma in Networking Development is the comprehensive course structure that enables a person to excel in skills starts from hardware concepts of managing and configuring computer systems to network management to operating systems and various security protocols. There are many course modules that come under networking development umbrella. Diploma in networking development is a complete package that makes an individual an IT and Security professional who will be incapability to manage complete IT infrastructure of a company along with securing the networks and confidential data. A typical networking professional journey starts from learning hardware concepts where he gain basic knowledge of computers to setting up a personal computer and connecting or configuring various devices and further basic to advance knowledge of networking components and devices and concepts to secure higher level certifications like CCNA and MCSA and at last mastering operating system frameworks like RHEL Linux and more.

Diploma in networking development is the most demanding course worldwide which gives an individual in-depth knowledge of computers, networks, operating systems, security protocols and even more.

Consult with the network and security experts at GICSEH to secure your Diploma in Networking Development in Noida. GICSEH is the leading networking training institutes in Noida where you are learn from zero and excel in complete networking concepts by undergoing comprehensive hands-on training session along with live sessions and real-time projects directly from the industry experts and make your career as networking professional.

Eligibility Criteria for Diploma in Network Development
There is no such eligibility for diploma in networking development as it starts from basic of computers and hardware to networking concepts. An individual having keen interest in computers, and networks can definitely go for this diploma and after gaining good experience can seek a great career opportunity in respective field.

Networking Development Diploma Institute in India

Diploma in Network Development is very interesting course module that has been designed keeping in mind basic to high level requirements in an IT infrastructure related to computer hardware to network management. Networking is the basic requirement in any industry that use to communicate through any media for their regular business or individual transactions or data exchange. You can earn Diploma in Networking Development at GICSEH which is among India’s top institute to master hardware and networking concepts from the root. GICSEH is among the leading Networking Development Diploma Institute in India.

Diploma in Networking Development Jobs in India

Networking Development is the ever growing field in IT and Security and we have recorded 10 to 15% growth every year in the jobs and requirement of networking professional across the globe which is very good as compared to other courses. This shows that being a networking professional you can actually comes in the crowd wherein at one hand you have endless opportunity but also on another hand very challenging or competitive too. This is the only reason that being just a networking professional with a degree in not enough, you need to secure some certifications and diploma in order to stand among the crowd. With good experience you can seek a good career in networking field as a:
- Network Specialist and Consultant
- Network Technician
- Network Administrator
- Network Analyst
- Network Manager
- Network Engineer
- Network Solutions Architect
- IT hardware and Networking Support
- IT Supervisor
- Networking CCNA Engineer

Initial salary of a networking developer with having diploma usually starts with ~35,000 INR Monthly. The salary package of a networking professional can vary from job role to experience and yes the starting may be in five figures for the right talent.

Why GICSEH to Secure Diploma in Networking Development?

Learning Networking Concepts with GICSEH is an additional benefit because the networking professionals and experts at GICSEH are full throttle with all networking and security concepts which are the basic and need of the cyber security. Some highlights why you should join GICSEH are as below:
• Customized course module specially designed to do masters in networking field
• Networking professionals with huge experience in relevant field as faculty
• Work only on live projects and create your own case studies
• Complete job/ placement assistance after diploma
• Fully loaded computer labs
• Great opportunity to interact with networking professionals and ethical hackers who will guide you through network fundamentals and possible vulnerabilities and hacking attempts

Make Your Career as a Networking Professional

Networking is something that is all around us in almost all kind of media which is used to establish any kind of communication or data exchange. Every small or big transaction of data requires network and security. Diploma in Networking Development is the comprehensive course that designed keeping in mind the current requirements of the IT and Networking Industry.

If you wish to secure diploma in networking development we suggest you to discuss the complete course module with experts at GICSEH and only then make a strong move towards a bright future ahead.