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N+ Networking

N+ Networking

N+ Networking

N+, Networking+, this is the basic course in networking. Student can not start from the ccna or mcsa or linux, student must have the strong knowledge of basic networking. After study of N+, student will be able to understand advance networking syllabus or outline like CCNA 3.0, MCSA 2016 Server, Linux 8.0

N+ Training Course Content

Network Theory(Day1)
A. Networking Terminology(Day2)
B. Network Categories(Day3)
C. Standard Network Models(Day4)
D. Physical Network Topologies(Day5)
E. Logical Network Topologies(Day6)

Network Communications Methods(Day7)
A. Data Transmission Methods(Day8)
B. Media Access Methods(Day9)
C. Signalling Methods(Day10)

Network Media and Hardware(Day11)
A. Bounded Network Media(Day12)
B. Unbounded Network Media(Day13)
C. Noise Control(Day14)
D. Network Connectivity Devices(Day15)

Network Implementations(Day16)
A. Ethernet Networks(Day17)
B. Wireless Networks(Day18)

Networking Models(Day19)
A. The OSI Model(Day20)
B. The TCP/IP Model(Day21)

TCP/IP Addressing and Data Delivery(Day22)
A. The TCP/IP Protocol Suite(Day23)
B. IP Addressing(Day24)
C. Default IP Addressing Schemes(Day25)
D. Create Custom IP Addressing Schemes(Day26)
E. Implement IPv6 Addresses(Day27)
F. Delivery Techniques(Day28)

TCP/IP Services(Day29)
A. Assign IP Addresses(Day30)
B. Domain Naming Services(Day31)
C. TCP/IP Commands(Day31)
D. Common TCP/IP Protocols(Day32)
E. TCP/IP Interoperability Services(Day33)

LAN Infrastructure(Day34)
A. Switching(Day35)
B. Enable Static Routing(Day36)
C. Implement Dynamic IP Routing(Day37)
D. Virtual LANs(Day38)
E. Plan a SOHO Network(Day39)

Course Features

  • Duration : 40 Hours
  • Lectures : 20
  • Quiz : 10
  • Students : 15