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N+ Networking

N+ Networking

N+ Networking

N+, Networking+, this is the basic course in networking. Student can not start from the ccna or mcsa or linux, student must have the strong knowledge of basic networking. After study of N+, student will be able to understand advance networking syllabus or outline like CCNA 3.0, MCSA 2016 Server, Linux 8.0

N+ Training Course Content

Network Theory(Day1)
A. Networking Terminology(Day2)
B. Network Categories(Day3)
C. Standard Network Models(Day4)
D. Physical Network Topologies(Day5)
E. Logical Network Topologies(Day6)

Network Communications Methods(Day7)
A. Data Transmission Methods(Day8)
B. Media Access Methods(Day9)
C. Signalling Methods(Day10)

Network Media and Hardware(Day11)
A. Bounded Network Media(Day12)
B. Unbounded Network Media(Day13)
C. Noise Control(Day14)
D. Network Connectivity Devices(Day15)

Network Implementations(Day16)
A. Ethernet Networks(Day17)
B. Wireless Networks(Day18)

Networking Models(Day19)
A. The OSI Model(Day20)
B. The TCP/IP Model(Day21)

TCP/IP Addressing and Data Delivery(Day22)
A. The TCP/IP Protocol Suite(Day23)
B. IP Addressing(Day24)
C. Default IP Addressing Schemes(Day25)
D. Create Custom IP Addressing Schemes(Day26)
E. Implement IPv6 Addresses(Day27)
F. Delivery Techniques(Day28)

TCP/IP Services(Day29)
A. Assign IP Addresses(Day30)
B. Domain Naming Services(Day31)
C. TCP/IP Commands(Day31)
D. Common TCP/IP Protocols(Day32)
E. TCP/IP Interoperability Services(Day33)

LAN Infrastructure(Day34)
A. Switching(Day35)
B. Enable Static Routing(Day36)
C. Implement Dynamic IP Routing(Day37)
D. Virtual LANs(Day38)
E. Plan a SOHO Network(Day39)

Course Features

  • Duration : 40 Hours
  • Lectures : 20
  • Quiz : 10
  • Students : 15

Networking Training Institute in Noida

Rating on Best Python Programming Training Institute & Certification in Noida 4.9 out of 5 based on 4000 Students Rating
Are you dreaming to become a networking professional? Networking is the communications between nodes which established in order to exchange some sort of information. Computer networking involves exchange of data or information between the nodes using certain media like wires, optic fiber cables, wireless etc. A Computer network consists of more than 1 computer systems which are linked together for changing the required information or data. Learning networking can be the biggest career option in this digital era as it is the entry level course if you wish to enter into IT & Networking World.

N+ is a networking certification by CompTIA, which gives in-depth knowledge of networking concepts and after this certification, you will be able to take participate in learning most advanced courses of networking like CCNA, MCSA 2016 and more.

Your search for Best Networking Training Institute in Noida comes to end with GICSEH. GICSEH is the leading networking institutes in Noida where you are learn real concepts of the networking and make your career as a networking professional.

Eligibility Criteria for Networking Training

There are no such prerequisite eligibility criteria for gaining but it is recommended to have good computer knowledge and A+ certification or training in order to excel the networking concepts. After N+ networking course one can go for higher level of knowledge or certification in networking concepts which are highly demanding in the IT and Networking Industry.

Networking Training Institute in India

CompTIA N+ Networking Certification is among the top trending certification course in the field of IT and Networking. Microsoft also included Networking+ Certification in the MCSA program. You can learn networking concepts from many institutes in India but the wise decision would be choosing the institute where you can earn live training and practical exposure. GICSEH is among the leading Networking training Institute in India where you can excel on networking concepts with live training module and you will be able to:
- Managing & troubleshooting network infrastructure
- Installation & configuration of various network types – LAN, WAN
- Managing network devices
- Contribution towards IT security

Networking Jobs in India

Networking is a vast field with numerous career opportunities and continuous growth. A networking certified candidate can seek a good career as a:
- System Administrator
- Network Engineer & Administrator
- Technical Support Desk
- IT Administrator
- IT Security Analyst and Consultant
- Network Support Technician

Being a certified network professional you can also contribute towards the security of the networks and the computer systems and secure it from various kind of hacking attempts.

Average salary of a network professional with having CompTIA N+ certification usually starts with ~60,000 $ annually which use to increase as per future experience, knowledge and job role.

Why GICSEH to Become Certified N+ Networking Professional?

Learning Networking Concepts with GICSEH is very advantageous as compared to enroll with any other regular institute because of below factors:
• Well-defined industry standard learning course module
• Team of highly experienced networking and security professionals having more than 10 years of experience in relevant space
• Comprehensive training with live sessions
• Complete assistance in job interview preparation and placement after the certification
• Smart network labs with all premium networking tools
• Friendly work culture and learning environment
• Customized schedule of training sessions

Make Your Career as a Networking Professional
Networking is the basic need of the digital era and it is spreaded across all digital devices which used to establish connectivity among each other. Networking comes up with many advantages to open up your doors for other IT and Security courses and job roles in future. Off course a networking professional with the required skill set have no bar for the salary in any industry because securing the networks is the foremost step that any company would take. There is a huge demand of networking professionals in every industry so making your career as a networking professional with additional knowledge and certification like N+, CCNA and MCSA will definitely going to give your career an edge over the others.

If you wish to learn real networking concepts and enroll yourself in N+ Networking Training then, contact networking experts from GICSEH and take a step ahead towards a brighter future.