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Winter Training Institute in Delhi

Best Winter Training Institute in Delhi

Rating on Best Winter Training Institute in Delhi 4.9 out of 5 based on 4132 Students ratings.
Course Summary

There are many professional courses in the world. Now a days in all the engineering colleges, BCA, MCA, and other technical colleges, they are demanding for winter training from the students. Normally winter training will start from November. Means normally winter training can plan by November, December, January and February. These are very crucial months for the winter training in all the colleges.

During the winter training can plan for following courses
1. Networking courses
2. Hardware courses
3. Security courses
4. Network security courses
5. Web security courses
6. Software languages
7. Apps development courses
8. Web development courses

Above will the backing course on behalf of IT industry. If will ask about the networking courses then there are many course from Cisco, Microsoft and Red Hat Organization. In Cisco there are Associate level of the certification, in Microsoft will be MCSA and MCSE and in Red Hat will be RHCSA and RHCE courses. Normally winter training duration will be one month and during this one month student can plan or choose any particular course for 30 days along with the industrial project so they can submit this project in colleges.

Hardware course also called A+ course, in this course student can learn card level assembling and dissembling of the computer parts, scanner parts, printer parts, laptop, some other devices including hub, repeater, switch, router and firewall. Students must have the strong knowledge about the hardware so can plan for the other advance course. Must have the knowledge of RAM, HDD, Processor, Motherboard, SMPS, CD, DVD, ROM and other parts of the computer. Actually need to start from the beginning also called A+ which is provided by CompTIA. CompTIA A+ 2019 is the latest one international exam also called global exam. There are some exam code from compTIA Exam codes 200-901 & 220-902 also if will talk about the core series then will be 220-1001 & 220-1002.

CompTIA A+ 2019 is the foundation of the IT field, if students will give the international or global exam then will add extra value is his/her resume. The chances of selection will be more if candidate is having local or international certification from the CompTIA.

There are many security courses, like ethical hacking course, cyber security course, network penetration testing course, web application penetration testing course. Now a days if will talk about the security in fact windows security so in windows security will be security about the user account, group account, shared folder, share files, group policy etc. In group policy there are many option will be based on user configuration and computer configuration. Once user will be login then user configuration will apply and if will ask about the computer configuration then once computer will start/restart or on then computer configuration will apply. If will take example of network level security then we need to discuss about the hub, repeater, patch panel, multiplexer, de multiplexer, switch, router, firewall and some other device. There are many commands need to configure on switch to provide the better security in fact there are many port in router like lan port, wan port, auxiliary port, console port, serial port and some other port. We need to provide all the security commands in different ports of the router and switches. Normally switches has lan ports, console port and power port. These are the logical security and before the logical security need to configure hardware security for the devices. There will be other security which is related to the website. Now a days every company is having website and there are so many content in the website, need to protect website and content which is running on some server. This is also called VAPT, Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing, it is the process in which the information & communication technologies(ICT), it is based on infrastructure, infrastructure will be based on multimedia devices, computers, networking devices, servers, operating system(Windows, linux, ubuntu and other operating system), and some other application. We need to scan all the devices and application then need to generate the report, also need to find where is the problem then need to correct and stop the vulnerability.

There are many software languages, software languages like c Language, C++ Language, Java, Oracle, Android, PHP, HTML, Python, Machine Learning, etc. Winter training course can plan for one month or two months course. Once will get the certificate from any organization and if will get certification from the international brand or organization then definitely value will be more once will plan for any kind of the interview in India or Abroad. Now a days the demand of Android is too much in india or abroad so if will discuss about the Android carrier path then we must have the knowledge of C Programming then need to prepare Core java and again Android divided in two parts. First will be basic android and other will be advance android. After learning the Android candidate will be able to launch, maintain, troubleshoot any kind of the application. The demand of Android developer is very good in Indian market so easily can get the job if candidate have strong knowledge of the subject with practical and real scenario.

Course Outline

Day2 - Version of Android
Day3 - Application APK file
Day4 - Process Architecture
Day5 - The Role of Java
Day6 - Operating System Services
Day8 - Android SDK, SDK
Day9 - AVD Manager
Day10 - Configuring the Emulator
Day11 - Eclipse
Day12 - Resources
Day13 - APK files
Day14 - Assets
Day15 - DDMS, ADB Command Shell
Day16 - Log Cat
Day18 - Activity Life Cycle
Day19 - On Create Method
Day20 - Layout and Views
Day21 - Toast and Web Kit
Day22 - Intent and Results
Day23 - Custom Application Classes
Day25 - XML Layouts
Day26 - Layout Perameters
Day27 - Layout inflater
Day28 - View and Adapters
Day29 - Form Widgets
Day30 - Working with lists
Day31 - Adapter View
Day32 - Simple Cursor Adapter
Day33 - Array Adapter
Day34 - List View
Day35 - Spinner
Day36 - Handling Item Selecting
Day37 - Custom Adapter
Day38 - Menu
Day39 - Option Menu
Day40 - Context Menu, Pop UP Menu
Day41 - Local Storage
Day42 - SQLite Database
Day43 - Environment Variables
Day45 - Bounded & Unbounded Services
Day46 - Asynchronous Task
Day47 - Multimedia
Day48 - Playing Sounds, Gallery
Day49 - Invoking the Camera
Day50 - Location Services and Maps
Day51 - Location Service
Day52 - Google Map, API
Day53 - Overlays
Day54 - Animation

Course Features

  • Duration : 108 Hours
  • Lectures : 54
  • Quiz : 10
  • Students : 15

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