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CCNP Troubleshooting

CCNP Troubleshooting

CCNP Troubleshooting course based on the routing and Troubleshootinging issues. Students will learn, how to solve the issues or problem in live scenario. Students will be able to resolve routing network and Troubleshootinging network like, how to solve issues between city to city networking and country to country networking. It is based on the international outline so student will be able to join anywhere jobs in India as well as Abroad.

1. Debug, conditional debug
2. Ping and trace route with extended options
1. Diagnose the root cause of networking issues (analyze symptoms, identify and describe root cause)
2. Design and implement valid solutions
3. Verify and monitor resolution
Solve Cisco Troubleshooting administration

1. SDM templates
2. Managing MAC address table
3. Solve Err-disable recovery
1. Access ports
2. VLAN database
3. Normal, extended VLAN, voice VLAN
1. VTPv1, VTPv2, VTPv3, VTP pruning
2. dot1Q
3. Native VLAN
4. Manual pruning
1. LACP, PAgP, manual
2. Layer 2, Layer 3
3. Load balancing
4. EtherChannel misconfiguration guard
2. Cisco Troubleshooting priority, port priority, path cost, STP timers
3. PortFast, BPDUguard, BPDUfilter
4. Loopguard, Rootguard
Solve IPv4 addressing and subnetting(Day20)

1. Address types (Unicast, broadcast, multicast, and VLSM)
2. ARP
3. DHCP relay and server
4. DHCP protocol operations
1. Unicast
2. EUI-64
3. ND, RS/RA
4. Autoconfig (SLAAC)
5. DHCP relay and server
6. DHCP protocol operations
• Solve static routing(Day 23)
• Solve default routing(Day 24)
• Solve administrative distance(Day 25)
• Solve passive interfaces(Day 26)
• Solve VRF lite(Day 27)
• Solve filtering with any protocol(Day 28)
• Solve between any routing protocols or routing sources(Day 29)
• Solve manual and autosummarization with any routing protocol(Day 30)
• Solve policy-based routing(Day 31)
• Solve suboptimal routing(Day 32)
1. Route tagging, filtering
2. Split-horizon
3. Route poisoning
Solve EIGRP ROUTING neighbor relationship and authentication

Solve loop free path selection
RD, FD, FC, successor, feasible successor.
Solve EIGRP ROUTING load balancing
1. Equal cost
2. Unequal cost
Solve OSPF NETWORK neighbor relationship and authentication
Solve network types, area types, and router types
1. Point-to-point, multipoint, broadcast, nonbroadcast
2. LSA types, area type: backbone, normal, transit, stub, NSSA, totally stub
3. Internal router, backbone router, ABR, ASBR
4. Virtual link
Solve BGP peer relationships and authentication
1. Peer group
2. Active, passive
3. States and timers

Solve eBGP

1. eBGP
2. 4-byte AS number
3. Private AS
Infrastructure Security
Solve IOS AAA using local database
Solve device access control

1. Lines (VTY, AUX, console)
2. Management plane protection
3. Password encryption

1. IPv4 access control lists (standard, extended, time-based)
2. IPv6 traffic filter
3. Unicast reverse path forwarding

Solve device management

1. Console and VTY
2. Telnet, HTTP, HTTPS, SSH, SCP
3. (T) FTP

1. DHCP client, IOS DHCP server, DHCP relay
2. DHCP options (describe)

1. Solve IPv4 Network Address Translation (NAT)

Solve tracking objects

1. Tracking objects
2. Tracking different entities (for example, interfaces, IPSLA results)

Course Features

  • Duration : 40 Hours
  • Lectures : 20
  • Quiz : 10
  • Students : 15