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Web Application Penetration Testing, WAPT

Web Application Penetration Testing Course C | WAPT


Web application penetration testing is again higher knowledge of security about the Audit, how to check vulnerabilities of the website, backdoor of the website and other trouble for the website. Now a days, there is a wide demand in India and abroad for the WAPT Course.

Course Content:

Lesson 1 ==> Penetration Testing Process(Day 1)
Lesson 2 ==> Introduction to Web Applications(Day2)
Lesson 3 ==> Information Gathering(Day 3)
Lesson 4 ==> Cross-Site Scripting(Day 4)
Lesson 5 ==> SQL Injection(Day 5)
Lesson 6 ==> Authentication and Authorization(Day 6)
Lesson 7 ==> Session Security(Day 7)
Lesson 8 ==> Flash(Day 8)
Lesson 9 ==> HTML5(Day 9)
Lesson 10 ==> File and Resource Attacks(Day 10)
Lesson 11 ==> Other Attacks(Day 11)
Lesson 12 ==> Web Services(Day 12)
Lesson 13 ==> XPath(Day 13)
Lesson 14 ==> Penetration Testing Content Management Systems(Day 14)
Lesson 15 ==> Penetration Testing NoSQL Databases(Day 15)

1. Activity(Activity)(Day 16)
2. Information Gathering - 2 Challenging Activity(Day 17)
3. Cross Site Scripting - 7 Challenging Activity(Day 18)
4. SQL Injection - 10 Challenging Activity(Day 19)
5. Authentication and Authorization - 14 Challenging Activity(Day 20)
6. Session Security - 9 Challenging Activity(Day 21)
7. Flash Security - 1 Challenging Activity(Day 22)
8. HTML5 - 4 Challenging Activity(Day 23)
9. File and Resources Attacks - 4 Challenging Activity(Day 24)
10. Other Attacks - 1 Challenging Activity(Day 25)
11. Web Services - 4 Challenging Activity(Day 26)
12. XPath - 5 Challenging Activity(Day 27)
13. Exploiting Wordpress - 5 Challenging Activity(Day 28)
14. From Static Analysis to WordPress Exploitation - 1 Challenging Activity(Day 29)
15. Chaining Vulnerabilities To Remotely Extract WP Admin Credentials - 1 Challenging Activity(Day 30)
16. Redis Exploitation - 3 Challenging Activity
NoSQL Injections Against MongoDB - 4 Challenings Activity
CouchDB Exploitation - 2 Challenging Activity

Course Features

  • Duration : 80 Hours
  • Lectures : 40
  • Quiz : 20
  • Students : 15

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Web Application Penetration Testing Course in Noida

Rating on Best Python Programming Training Institute & Certification in Noida 4.9 out of 5 based on 4000 Students Rating

Web Application Penetration Testing is a popular subject in which the tester tries to identify the possible vulnerabilities in web applications using penetration testing and certain security protocols. There are humungous web applications online which can easily steal your confidential data or information and make a dent on your business or personal image. WAPT is the best methodology to identify all security loop holes and vulnerability areas that can actually hamper your business values. This course is basically important for all web developers’ penetration testers, QA Analysts, System Architects, IT security professionals, and for all the people who wish to make their career as a web pentester.

Web Application Penetration Testing usually done to identify the security weakness among various kind of web applications and associated components including source code, database, back-end scripts and plug-in. It is a highly paid job-oriented training course in the field of IT Security which can be even done to take your security skills to next level as well. This course gives you in-depth knowledge of various techniques and strategies and tools that can be used for Web Application Penetration Testing. GICSEH is the best training institute where you can get complete training on Web Application Penetration Testing Course in Noida and make a successful career in IT Security.

Eligibility Criteria Web Application Penetration Testing Course

There are not as such any pre-requisites before learning web application penetration testing but in-depth knowledge of computer operating systems and good know-how of network and security systems will make it easy for a person to learn web application penetration techniques.

Web Application Penetration Testing Course in India

Understanding the digital security threats, web applications are the foremost areas where the hackers or exploiters used to attack and steal important information which can lead to huge business loss and personal brand image. It is also true that being in digital era we cannot stop ourselves to rely more and more on internet and digital assets which make it even more crucial to implement appropriate web application security protocols in order to safeguard the potential data. This is where Web Application Penetration Testing Course in India comes into play and ensures the safety of web applications and programs through which we can do secure business transactions and communication.

Web Application Penetration Testing Jobs in India

If you want to make your career in IT security then learning web application penetration testing techniques is something that can give your resume an edge and you can definitely see a super kool future with highly paid salary among top MNC's. You can work in any government or private organization as:

  • - Security Administrator
  • - Network & Server Administrator
  • - Network or System Engineer
  • - Senior Penetration Tester
  • - Security Consultant or Architect
  • - IT Security Head or Consultant
  • - Senior Web Developer
  • - IT Manager or Auditor

It is recorded that an Web Application Penetration Tester can easily withdrawn an average salary of about ~ $81,000 per annum which is really a attractive payout in the IT industry and as with any other profession the salary or consultation fee keep on increasing as per experience and job role.

Why GICSEH to Become Web Application Penetration Tester?

GICSEH is the right choice for those who want to become web application penetration tester because of many reasons some of which are mentioned below:

  • - Real-life Pentester’s used to share the knowledge and experience with real case studies
  • - No theoretical session. We believe on extensive practical training
  • - Digital classroom with exposure to penetration testing tools and strategies
  • - Job assistance after the completion of the course
  • - Access to free resource and library for selected candidates

A Web Application Penetration tester has a pool of opportunities in various government, semi-government and private organizations. If you wish to finally enroll yourself for the Web Application Penetration Testing course, contact the experts at GICSEH and clear all your questions regarding the course and its benefits and get ready to learn the insights of the security industry with the experts.