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Winter Training Institute in Faridabad

Best Winter Training Institute in Faridabad

Rating on Best Winter Training Institute in Faridabad 4.9 out of 5 based on 4132 Students ratings.
Course Summary

Now a days our main focus will be on Carrier and job.

Let’s plan our carrier in India or Abroad(Gulf country, European Country, US and UK)

There are many students, belong to Technical field like BCA, MCA, BE, Btech, ME, Mtech, BSC(IT), MSC(IT) and some other technical degree. After the degree if students are planning to give the interview then professional knowledge and skills will be required for the job. Now a days in every colleges of technical they are asking for winter training and summer training. Actually one month duration will be there, after the student exam, so after the exam student can plan for one month training in any field. It depends on the student like if student want to go with Cyber security field, networking , software development, machine learning, ethical hacking field then during the college time can complete the winter or summer training so the chances of selection will be more. Student can plan cisco certified network associate course or CCNA course from any institute. Will be good for his/her carrier. If student has a time for one month then can plan for python training, most demanded course in the world. Student can also plan for the machine learning subject but before machine learning subject must have knowledge of python.

Student can plan for Android Development, this is once again very popular and demanded course in the world. Every company has a demand to create, maintain, develop and troubleshoot any kind of the application. Android divided in two parts, first is Basic Android and second is Advance Android. Before the Android subject candidate must have the knowledge of core java not advance java. Actually java divided in two parts, core and advance java. Before java language candidate must has knowledge of c programming completely.

Student can plan for python using machine learning subject. Python has again, basic python and advance python with 3.7 version or 3.8 version. Once candidate will get good knowledge of python then can plan for machine learning subject. Machine learning subject having two parts, first is machine learning1 and machine leraning2 means machine learning level 1 and machine learning level 2. This is very demanded course in the world.

Student can also plan for the Digital marketing course or SEO profile. This is very popular course in india or abroad, there are two important profile, one for SEO and other for the content writer. For digital marketing work SEO + Content writer team will be required. The role of content writer, to create the content and how content will reach to the people then will be job for SEO.

Student can plan for web development course, web development profile, is to create the website, maintain the website related work. The demand of we development is too much in india or abroad. In a department, there are some dependencies to the other person. Designer will be responsible for the designing part, content writer will be responsible for the writing the content. Server manager will be able to manage server related work of the website, network engineer, network administrator work is to manage and troubleshoot any kind of the network also need to manage the system.

For any subject and technology, one month will be not sufficient to the knowledge to need to go with fast track course, means classes should be regular like 6 days in a week or 5 days in a week. Most of the international courses has 40 hours or 80 hours duration along with the practical and real scenario. During this 40 hours and 80 hours, need to cover everything with practical and real scenario. If student has any international certification then will add more value otherwise student can get two certificate, one from the GICSEH and other from Cisco or Microsoft or Red Hat Organization.

Sometime organization will ask for the combination course, like Cisco and Microsoft. Or Cisco and Red Hat or Cisco, Microsoft and Red Hat. If student has all three certifications then the chance of selection will be more for any organization in india or abroad. In all the international organization there are some certification which belong to beginner level also called associate level certification, after the associate level of the certification can plan for the professional level of the certification then lastly can plan for the expert level of the certification.

Course Outline

Day2 - The Java Environment, Data Types, The String Class
Day3 - The StringBuffer Class, Arrays
Day4 - OOPs Feature and implementation in java
Day5 - Passing Data Types to a Method
Day6 - Constructors & Initialization
Day7 - Inheritance, Abstract Classes, Interfaces, Static Data
Day8 - Methods and Blocks, Wrapper Classes, I/O
Day10 - Packages, Managing Source & Class Files
Day11 - The javadoc Utility
Day12 - Documenting Classes & Interfaces, Documenting
Day13 - Fields, Documenting Constructors and Methods
Day14 - Running the javadoc Utility
Day15 - Jar Files
Day16 - Exception and user definedExceptionTry/catch/finally block
Day18 - Enhanced for Loop, Autoboxing and Auto-Unboxing
Day19 - Static Imports, varArgs, Typesafe Enums
Day20 - Formatted Strings, Specifier Syntax, Integer Example
Day21 - Formatted Floating Points Example, Strings Example
Day22 - Formatted Dates & Complex Formatted Example
Day24 - Introduction, Assertion Syntax
Day25 - Compiling with Assertions
Day26 - Enabling and Disabling Assertions, Assertion Usage
Day28 - Send and receive applet parameters
Day29 - Display fonts and colors in applets
Day31 - Rational for the Swing Components
Day32 - Java Foundation Classes, Lightweight Components
Day33 - Features of the Swing Components
Day34 - The AWT Components
Day35 - An Example Using the AWT Components
Day36 - Building a Minimum Swing Application
Day37 - Window Positioning, Handling Window Events
Day38 - Window Closing Styles, Inner Classes
Day39 - Anonymous Inner Classes
Day40 - JButton with Selected Fonts
Day41 - JButton with an Icon & Mnemonic
Day42 - The Icon Interface
Day43 - Labels, The Focus, Focus Traversal, Keyboard Input
Day44 - Keyboard Shortcuts, Keystrokes and Actions
Day45 - Flow, Grid, Border, Card
Day46 - GridBag Layout, Box, Overlay
Day47 - GridBagConstraints, Models, Views, and Controllers
Day49 - Introduction, The Arrays Class
Day50 - Searching and Sorting Arrays of Primitives

Course Features

  • Duration : 100 Hours
  • Lectures : 50
  • Quiz : 10
  • Students : 15

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