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Technology consists of hardware - computers, laptops, mobile devices, etc& software-programs that operate the hardware. IT refers to the use of technology in day to day life - complex calculations for businesses, operating machinery & equipment, communicating with customers, or even playing games on the Xbox.

IT is used in many industries today- manufacturing, retail, banking, airlines, telecom etc.

IT companies use various software are like, C, C++, Java, .Net to write code or programs for various functions.

As per NASSCOM reports, The IT industry in India is expected to add 30 million new jobs by 2020.

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GICSEH offers a variety of courses - technology courses for IT students, career programs for students wanting to enter the IT & Security sector, certification courses for IT & Security professionals to enhance their career and contribute to the national security.

Learn to work with software like C, C++, .Net, Java, C#, ASP.NET, Oracle 11g, Oracle SQL, Android etc. Get certified & add an extra edge to your IT career.

Also, learn certification courses like MCSE, MCSA, CCNP, Ethical Hacking, CCNA, A+, N+, RHEL 7 and more.

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In India & globally, the IT industry is large & continuously growing. As per a NASSCOM report, the IT-BPO industry is poised to grow in terms of industry revenues to US $225 billion by 2020. This will add 30 million new jobs to the industry in IT.

GICSEH has a dedicated Placement Cell that works round the year to ensure its students land great job placements.

The placement team helps successfully passed students interview with major software for various IT & Security job roles.

In addition, the institute regularly conducts placement workshops to prepare students to face job interviews & aptitude tests.

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The batch timings are flexible in order to be convenient to young students, graduates and working professionals. So you can complete your IT course along with studies, college, or a full-time job.

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The duration of these courses is different & batch timings are flexible in order to be convenient to young students, graduates and working professionals. Fees for courses also vary accordingly. To get the latest information on course fees, discounts (if available & applicable), visit here.