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IAF iso ec-council certification
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ec-council certification

Terms and Conditions

GICSEH Data Security Pvt Ltd

Terms and Conditions

1. A fee is strictly non-refundable if you have shortened, postponed, or cancelled your course for any reason.
2. In case of late payment of fees (Balance Payment/ Instalment), a mandatory fine of ₹500 per day will be charged to be paid by the student till the fee instalment.
3. We shall not be liable to you or to any third party for any modification, price change, suspension, or discontinuance of the services.
4. All information that you provide at the time of admission must be accurate and complete. We will use your contact details such as your mobile number and Email ID for official communication.
5. The student must behave in a professional manner both inside and outside the classroom.
6. Any misbehave or misconduct to any fellow students, teacher, and office staff will lead to termination of the candidature and no fee will be refunded in that case.
7. Students should reach the institution on time and attend the classes regularly. We are not responsible if any of the students comes late and his/her classes get skipped due to late coming.
8. Parents are requested to visit personally or virtually to know about the study status of their child.
9. If you want to take any leave during your course period, you must inform the concerning authorities before two days. You should apply for your leave through email to info@gicseh.com
10. Students are requested to complete their assignments on time for their respective courses.


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