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Digital Marketing Training Institute in Faridabad

Best Digital Marketing Training Institute in Faridabad

Rating on Best Digital Marketing Training Institute in Faridabad 4.9 out of 5 based on 4132 Students ratings.
Course Summary

Digital Marketing Course in Faridabad – GICSEH is the Best Digital Marketing Training Institute in Faridabad. GICSEH offers the best Digital Marketing Training in Faridabad and other cities with practical training of all the modules of Digital Marketing. Our Course modules are designed in such a way that it covers all the demands of Digital World. If you are looking for Digital Marketing Course in Faridabad then GICSEH is the only institute where you should be.

Our Course module includes the detailed concepts of – SEO, SMO, PPC, Google Ad-words and much more. GICSEH is the most reliable institute for Digital Marketing Training in Faridabad. If you wish to join Digital marketing training in Faridabad then you must not waste your time and join at the earliest ad move a step ahead towards a bright career.

Eligibility Criteria for Digital Marketing Training In Faridabad
There are no such eligibility criteria to learn Digital Marketing. Doesn’t matter what your age is, what your profession is, what is your education background, you can learn digital marketing and can open new options in your life at any time.

Benefits of Digital Marketing Training in Faridabad

• You will get Training from Industry Experts
• You can promote Your brand online
• Gain Depth Practical Training
• Get ready for Job
• Reduce cost for branding
• You can build your own Website & earn Money form Blogging

Why to choose GICSEH for Digital Marketing Training in Faridabad?
GICSEH offers an advanced training structure for new comers to learn Digital Marketing in Faridabad. We have designed a customized course structure as per the requirement of the students just to make sure that our students can understand all concepts very clearly and practically. We always keep our students as our priority and thus focus on their learning part rather than just the teaching part. We never try to just cover the syllabus, we always prefer to make our students understand the concepts, even if it delays the course a little bit.

We also provide one-o-one doubt sessions for the better understanding and backup classes so that our students never miss any part of their training.

Why to make a career in the field of Digital Marketing?
The career options for a Digital Marketer is limitless. It completely depends upon the understanding of concepts one has. At GICSEH, we assure that you will be completely prepared in all the modules of Digital Marketing. We give more preference to practical training of Digital Marketing Training in Faridabad, so that our students can use this knowledge into industry or in their business to grab more opportunities. Visit GICSEH to check why we are the Best Digital Marketing Institute in Faridabad.

There are various job options available in the Digital Marketing Profile once you complete your Digital Marketing training in Faridabad
• SEO Executive
• SMO Executive
• PPC Executive
• PPC Manager
• Internet Marketing Executive
• Internet Marketing Manager
• Social Analyst
• SEO Analyst
• Online Marketing trainer
• SEO trainer

If you are looking to make a bright career in the Digital Marketing Profile then you can go along with your decision to choose Digital Marketing as a career option, without any second thought. Join the Digital Marketing training in Faridabad and we assure you a bright future!!

Course Outline

Lable1 - Understanding about Internet , websites , domain , web server , web hosting etc.
Lable2 - Planning of a website
Lable3 - HTML Basic
Lable4 - About CMS and creating website in
Lable5 - Wordpress

Lable6 - What is SEO?
Lable7 - What are search engines and their functions ?
Lable8 - Understanding traffic , keywords etc.

Lable9 - What is onpage SEO?
Lable10 - Keyword Research With Google Keyword Planner
Lable11 - Domain Selection & URL Structuring
Lable12 - Head Section Optimization
Lable13 - Meta Tag Optimization
Lable14 - Redirection Tags
Lable15 - SEO Friendly Content Writing
Lable16 - Heading Optimization
Lable17 - Keyword Density, Spamming Stuffing
Lable18 - LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing)
Lable19 - Image Optimization
Lable20 - Video Marketing
Lable21 - Robots File Creation
Lable22 - Sitemap Creation & Submission (html and xml)
Lable23 - Website Tracking Tools (Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools)

Lable24 - What is Off page SEO?
Lable24 - Why Off page is Important
Lable25 - What are Backlinks?
Lable26 - Backlinks Creation Methods
Lable27 - Difference Between Do Follow and No Follow Backlinks
Lable28 - What is Google Page Rank
Lable29 - How to Increase Google Page Rank
Lable30 - Web Directory Submissions
Lable31 - Social Bookmarking
Lable32 - Article Writing & Submission
Lable33 - Press Release Writing & Submission
Lable34 - Comment Blogging
Lable35 - Classifieds Posting
Lable36 - Forum Posting
Lable37 - Link Exchange (One way, two way and three way)
Lable38 - Search Engine Submissions
Lable39 - RSS Feeds

Lable40 - Understanding in organic search results
Lable41 - Introduction to Google adwords & PPC advertising
Lable42 - Overview of Microsoft Adcenter (Bing & Yahoo)
Lable43 - Setting up Google adwords account
Lable44 - Understanding adwords account structure
Lable45 - Campaigns, Adgroups, Ads, Keywords, etc.
Lable46 - Types of Advertising campaigns-Search, Display, Video
Lable47 - Difference between search & display campaign
Lable48 - How does adwords rank ads
Lable49 - Understanding adwords algorithm (adrank) in detail with examples
Lable50 - What is quality score
Lable51 - Why quality score is important What is CTR?
Lable52 - Why CTR is important Understanding bids
Lable53 - Advanced level bid strategies
Lable54 - Enhanced CPC
Lable55 - What are flexible bidding strategies
Lable56 - Understanding ad-extensions
Lable57 - Types of ad-extensions
Lable58 - Adding ad-extensions in our Campaign
Lable59 - Creating adgroups
Lable60 - Finding relevant adgroups options using tool
Lable61 - Creating adgroups using tool
Lable62 - Understanding keywords
Lable63 - Finding relevant keywords
Lable64 - Adding keywords in ad-group using keyword planner tool
Lable65 - Understanding types of keywords Board, Phrase, Exact, Synonym & Negative
Lable66 - Examples of types of keywords
Lable67 - Creating ads
Lable68 - Understanding ad metrics Display & destination URL
Lable69 - How to write a compelling ad copy
Lable70 - Best & worst examples of ads Creating ads
Lable71 - Tracking Performance/Conversion
Lable72 - What is conversion tracking Why is it important
Lable73 - How to set up conversion tracking
Lable74 - Adding tracking code in your website
Lable75 - Checking conversion stats
Lable76 - Optimizing Search Campaigns

Lable77 - What is social media
Lable78 - Understanding the existing social media paradigms & psychology
Lable79 - How social media marketing is different than others

Lable80 - Understanding Facebook marketing practical session
Lable81 - Creating Facebook Page
Lable82 - Increasing fans on fan page
Lable83 - How to do marketing on fan page (with examples)
Lable84 - Fan engagement
Lable85 - Important apps to do fan page merketing
Lable86 - Facebook Advertising
Lable87 - Types of Facebook advertising
Lable88 - Best practices for Facebook advertising
Lable89 - Creating Facebook advertising campaign
Lable90 - Targeting in ad campaign
Lable91 - Payment SEGMENT-CPC vs CPM-CPA
Lable92 - Setting up conversion tracking
Lable93 - Using power editor tool for adv.




Lable94 - Introduction to Google analytics
Lable95 - How Google analytics works
Lable96 - Understanding Google analytics account structure
Lable97 - Understanding Gooogle analytics insights
Lable98 - Understanding cookie tracking
Lable99 - Types of cookie tracking used by Google analytics
Lable100 - How to set up analytics account
Lable101 - Hot to add analytics code in website
Lable102 - Understanding goals and conversion how to setup goals?
Lable103 - Understanding different types of goals
Lable104 - Understanding bounce & bounce rate
Lable105 - Difference between exit rate & bounce rate how to reduce bounce rate
Lable106 - How to setup goals
Lable107 - Importance of funnels
Lable108 - How to integrate adwords and analytics account
Lable109 - Benefits of integrating adwords & analytics
Lable110 - Measuring performance of marketing campaigns via Google analytics
Lable11 - Understanding filters & SEGMENTs
Lable12 - How to set up filters & SEGMENTs
Lable13 - How to view customized reports
Lable14 - Monitoring traffic sources
Lable15 - Monitoring traffic behavior
Lable16 - Taking corrective actions if required

Lable17 - Understanding Mobile Devices
Lable18 - Mobile Marketing and Social Media
Lable19 - Mobile Marketing Measurement and Analytics
Lable20 - Fundamentals of Mobile marketing
Lable21 - App Store optimization
Lable22 - Creating mobile website through wordpress
Lable23 - Advertising on mobile (App & Web)
Lable24 - Targeting ads on Apps Targeting via location
Lable25 - Targeting ads on search engine
Lable26 - Content Marketing on mobile
Lable27 - Mobile strategy-SEGMENTations option targeting and difference
Lable28 - SMS marketing

Lable29 - What is Adsense
Lable30 - How to get approved for Adsense
Lable31 - Cool trick to get Adsense approval by Google
Lable32 - Using your adsense account interface Placing ads on your blog
Lable33 - Creating blogs with our Free theme
Lable34 - What is Blogging
Lable35 - How to Blog
Lable36 - What is Wordpress and How to Create with Wordpress
Lable37 - Wordpress Themes and Plugins





Course Features

  • Duration : 40 Hours
  • Lectures : 20
  • Quiz : 10
  • Students : 15

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