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We are all familiar with this term in this modern era as we are all more or less using smart phone. So android is basically a mobile operating system developed by google. It is based on a modified version of linux kernel and other open source software. With the help of android operating system our smart phone mainly works which is based on android and it have made our everyday life very easier.

Initially developed by Android Inc., which Google bought in 2005, Android was unveiled in 2007, with the first commercial Android device launched in September 2008.

We are using android each and everyday like e-shopping(ordering clothes, materials),food-ordering from, cab-booking, bill-payments, railway-reservation, live scores of any sports etc. All of these things are possible due to android and it have made our life so easier. All this thing is supported through a app(or application) of a android which can be downloaded from android store and can install in our mobiles. Nowadays there are more and more are being developed and creating our life very easier. There are thousands of app present in the world. Each and every app is very unique to each other .

Another great usage of android is Social Networking mainly Facebook and whatsapp. This is possible in every smart phone where we can download those two app and can be install in our smartphone. The impact of Social Networking through android is very large. We are most of the time dependent on this two platform- Facebook and Whatsapp. Through facebook and whatsapp we all get information about office, college, organization, news etc. without any problem and mode of spreading is very fast. Main thing of this two platform is that it is absolutely free, so there is no problem to use this. Nowadays many application for android are used for video calling which is free and its very demanding and helpful. One living outside of the country or outside of his/her home can easily contact their parents with the help of this. Thus android have help a lot and made our life very smooth and easy.

There are many versions of android. Day by day its getting upgraded. Current stable version of android is android 9 “Pie”. Android started from version 1 and its has reached to version 9 now.

Introduction To Mobile Appsk(Day1)
# Why we Need Mobile Apps
# Different Kinds of Mobile Apps
# Briefly about Android

Introduction Android(Day2)
# History Behind Android
# What is Android?
# Pre-requisites to learn Android
# Brief Discussion on Java

Android Architecture(Day3)
# Overview of Android Stack
# Android Features
# Introduction to OS layers

Deep Overview in Android Stack(Day4)
# Linux Kernel feature
# Libraries function
# Android Runtime checking
# Application Framework

Installing Android Machine(Day5)
# Configuring Android Stack
# Setting up Android Studio
# Working with Android Studio
# Using Older Android Tools

Creating First Android Application(Day6)
# Creating Android Project
# Debugging Application through DDMS
# setting up environment
# AVD Creation
# Executing Project on Android Screen

Android Components(Day7)
# Activities
# Services
# Broadcast Receivers
# Content Providers

Hello World App(Day8)
# Creating your first project
# The manifest file
# Layout resource
# Running your app on Emulator

Building UI with Activities(Day9)
# Activities
# Views, layouts and Common UI components
# Creating UI through code and XML
# Activity lifecycle
# Intents
# Communicating data among Activities

Advanced UI(Day10)
# Selection components (GridView, ListView, Spinner )
# Adapters, Custom Adapters
# Complex UI components
# Building UI for performance
# Menus
# Creating custom and compound Views

# Toast, Custom Toast
# Dialogs
# Status bar Notifications

# Using Java Mutithreading classes
# AsyncTask
# Handler
# Post
# Writing an animated game

Styles And Themes(Day13)
# Creating and Applying simple Style
# Inheriting built-in Style and User defined style
# Using Styles as themes

Resources and Assets(Day14)
# Android Resource
# Using resources in XML and code
# Localization
# Handling Runtime configuration changes

Intent, Intent Filters and Broadcast Receivers(Day15)
# Role of filters
# Intent-matching rules
# Filters in your manifest
# Filters in dynamic Broadcast Receivers
# Creating Broadcast receiver
Receiving System Broadcast(Day16)
# Understanding Broadcast action, category and data
# Registering Broadcast receiver through code and through XML
# Sending Broadcast

Data Storage(Day17)
# Shared Preferences
# Android File System
# Internal storage
# External storage
# SQLite
# IntroducingSQLite
# SQLiteOpenHelper and creating a database
# Opening and closing adatabase
# Working with cursors Inserts, updates, and deletes
# Network

Content Providers(Day18)
# Accessing built in content providers
# Content provider MIME types
# Searching for content
# Adding, changing, and removing content
# Creating content provider
# Working with content files

# Overview of services in Android
# Implementing a Service
# Service lifecycle
# Inter Process Communication (AIDL Services)

Multimedia in Android(Day20)
# Multimedia Supported audio formats
# Simple media playback
# Supported video formats
# Simple video playback

Location Based Services and Google Maps(Day21)
# Using Location Based Services
# Finding current location and listening for changes in location
# Proximity alerts
# Working with Google Maps
# Showing google map in an Activity
# Map Overlays
# Itemized overlays
# Geocoder
# Displaying route on map

Web Services and WebView(Day22)
# Consuming web services
# Receiving HTTP Response (XML, JSON )
# Parsing JSON and XML
# Using WebView

# How Sensors work
# Using Orientation and Accelerometer sensors
# Best practices for performance

# Monitoring and managing Internet connectivity
# Managing active connections
# Managing WiFi networks

Telephony Services(Day25)
# Making calls
# Monitoring data connectivity and activity
# Accessing phone properties and status
# Controlling the phone
# Sending messages

# Taking pictures
# Media Recorder
# Rendering previews

# Controlling local Bluetooth device
# Discovering and bonding with Bluetooth devices
# Managing Bluetooth connections
# Communicating with Bluetooth

# Fragments
# Material Design

Android Application Deployment(Day29)

Course Features

  • Duration : 80 Hours
  • Lectures : 40
  • Quiz : 15
  • Students : 15

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The Global Institute of Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking provides the best Android training in Noida by bringing in Android developers from the industries having years of experience in developing applications. This gives students the scope of learning the cutting-edge technologies and latest trends and demands in the industries.

A certification in Android development open up new opportunities to work in MNC’s and many reputed organizations. The demand for Android developers in various organizations has recently changed due to which the technical shift of consumers from computer desktop to mobile applications had increased.

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