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Ethical Hacking Training Institute in Faridabad

Best Ethical Hacking Training Institute in Faridabad

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Course Summary

We need to check, our bank account is secure, our credit card, atm card, other cards are secure, our mobile, our laptop, our multimedia devices are secure, our network and our server are secure, our internet connectivity or modem are secure.

We must have the cyber security engineer, cyber security administrator, cyber security expert to manage the security part which including network portion and web portion. If we are installing any software, any application, any system program and any application program then must be secure otherwise will be not good for the security. Now a days in every small or big company has very good demand for the cyber security or ethical hacker so they can protect the network or other thing.

Can check the below link about the syllabus or outline for CEH 10.0

CEH 10.0 or CEH v10 based on network portion and the web portion. Take example of the DHCP Server, This is responsible to provide ip address to the client or any other device. Can provide ipv4 and ipv6 address. Ipv4 is basically 32 bit address and ipv6 is 128 bit address. DHCP works on behalf of DORA process, the meaning of DORA is Discover, Offer, Request and Acknowledge. If will start any computer in the network then system will search ip from the network. Will contact to the DHCP server and information will be broadcast means one to all communication. If there is a DHCP Server in the network then server will send acknowledge to the client for ip. This is also called discover. Will send the broadcast message via address. Then server will find the client then client again will request for the ip and finally server will reply to the client for ip. Ip can be ipv4 and ip can be ipv6.

If any client want static ip or fix ip from the network then client will send mac address to the server, server will enter the mac address of the client in the database then will generate the ip and will provide ip to the client. This process is called dhcp reservation. Dhcp can provide ip address for the lan network and for the wan network. Dhcp relay agent is the process to provide different network address to the client. Client can be system or client can be any mobile.

As a security advisor need to provide security for the dhcp network because any outsider will come to the range and will get ip from the wireless dhcp server and can communicate to any computer. We need to fix the boundary for the DHCP Server so no body can misuse the server support from the ISP(Internet service provider).

Can take example of DNS server. DNS use to resolve ip to hostname and hostname to the ip. DNS is combination of two zones basically, first is forward lookup zone and second is reverse lookup zone. Forward lookup zone is responsible to resolve query for ip to the hostname and reverse lookup zone is responsible to resolve hostname to ip. Can use following command to resolve the issue about the dns and dhcp server.
# Nslookup www.google.com
# Nslookup ip of www.google.com
# Nslookup www.gicseh.com
# Nslookup ip of www.gicseh.com
# Ipconfig /release
# Ipconfig /renew

Above command can use for basic troubleshooting for network about the security. Basically we need to provide the security from the system level, after the system level then will come to the switch level, after the switch level then will reach to the router and modem level also operating system security is very important for the network and server. Ipsec internet protocol security is very import protocol which is use for the security, to stop one ip, to stop many ips and to stop all the ips of the network. Ipsec is very much compatible to the routing protocols and switching protocols. Via ip sec communication will be the secure communication for the network. Ipsec also can use with tunnelling in vpn netwok. Can use some important protocol like pptp and l2tp. Point to point tunnelling protocol and layer2 tunnelling protocol. Vpn is virtual provide network required internet connection both side, modem connection both side and also server network both side to communicate with each other.

Course Outline

Course Features

  • Duration : 40 Hours
  • Lectures : 20
  • Quiz : 10
  • Students : 15

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