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Networking Training Institute in Faridabad

Best Networking Training Institute in Faridabad

Rating on Best Networking Training Institute in Faridabad 4.9 out of 5 based on 4132 Students ratings.
Course Summary

Networking training course will be included, many courses like A+, N+, CCNA, MCSA, MCSE, CCNP, RHCSA, RHCE, Etc. If we are giving any interview at fresher level or as a experience person then knowledge and experience will be the matter for any candidate. It depends how many courses we have done in networking track. For basic level A+ and N+ will be the good combination. A+ course, will be about the hardware part of the computer, laptop and mobile. N+ Networking course will be included basic and little bit about the advance part. Actually student can not start CCNA Directly, so before CCNA candidate must have the knowledge of A+ and N+, will be good for the Basic concept.

CCNA is very popular course from the cisco, validity of CCNA certificate will be for 3 years, after 3 years we have two options. First can give next paper of CCNP exam, means only one paper, CCNP Route or can again need to give CCNA exam. Now a days CCNA 200-125 Exam code is going on, CCNA full form is Cisco Certified Network Associate. Questions will be based on single choice and multiple choice. It depends on the company, sometime they are asking for the international certificate, and sometimes they can consider GICSEH Certificate.

for CCNA Can check this link - Best CCNA Training Institute in Faridabad

if you want to check about the linux training course then can check - Best Linux Training Institute in Faridabad

if will discuss about the networking combination then CCNA and MCSA is very good combination. CCNA Belong to Cisco and MCSA belong to Microsoft. Microsoft has two certification in server level, first will be the MCSA and second will be MCSE. There are three subjects in MCSA, means from basic to advance and there are five papers in MCSE, last two papers will be belong to the designing part of the course. Linux has linux 8.0 version, this is the latest version from the Red Hat organization. Recently it has launch. There are two parts from the Red Hat, RHCSA and RHCE. RHCSA will cover first two books of the linux also called RH1 and RH2, will cover Ex-200 Exam code and if will discuss about the RHCE Part then will be only one last book. RH3 also called EX-300 Exam code.

If will discuss about the combination in networking and advance networking then ccna, mcsa and linux will be the excellent combination but definitely will be good if candidate has knowledge of A+ and N+ strong knowledge of the subject. Previous that was linux 7.0 but now it is linux 8.0 version. If will talk about the advance networking module then CCNP can plan. Cisco certified network professional. Cisco certified network professional will be the higher level of the certification, will be based on routing, switching and troubleshooting paper. There are three international exam from the cisco, need to give three exam, first need to give route paper, once will be cleared route paper then can give switch paper then last will be the tshoot paper. After the CCNP Exam can plan for the CCIE Exam. CCIE has two portion, first will be the lab exam and second will be the theory exam. CCIE has many track, will be based on security, will be based on routing and switching, will be based on service provider, will be based on wireless technology.

It depends on the candidate, candidate has interest in which field of the area. If we have interest in wireless then can go with wireless certification from the cisco. There will be two certification will be included. First will be CCNA Wireless and second will be CCNP Wireless. After the CCNP wireless certification can appear for the CCIE Wireless exam. Before all the certification exam candidate must have the certification of CCNA. After the CCNA certification exam can plan for any other exam of the cisco. Cisco has many level of the certification, cisco has Associate level of the certification, cisco has professional level of the certification, then lastly cisco has expert level of the certification. We need to go with the sequence. First need to go with associate level of the certification, then can go with professional level of the certification then can plan for expert level of the certification.

Course Outline

Basic Of Computer

Assignment, Concept & Lab1 - Generations of Computer
Assignment, Concept & Lab2 - Block Diagram of a Computer
Assignment, Concept & Lab3 - Number System
Assignment, Concept & Lab4 - Functions of the Different Units
Assignment, Concept & Lab5 - Input Output Devices
Assignment, Concept & Lab6 - Registers [Types of Registers]
Assignment, Concept & Lab7 - Cache Memory
Assignment, Concept & Lab8 - Primary Memory
Assignment, Concept & Lab9 - System Software
Assignment, Concept & Lab10 - Application Software
Assignment, Concept & Lab11 - Software hierarchy and dependence between
Assignment, Concept & Lab12 - the different layers
Assignment, Concept & Lab13 - Computer Languages

N+ Networking Concept and implementation
Assignment, Concept & Lab1 - Introduction to Datacomm and Networking
Assignment, Concept & Lab2 - Datacomm Networking fundamentals
Assignment, Concept & Lab3 - OSI reference Model
Assignment, Concept & Lab4 - LAN fundamentals
Assignment, Concept & Lab5 - WAN fundamentals
Assignment, Concept & Lab6 - Network Devices
Assignment, Concept & Lab7 - Firewall Application Gateways
Assignment, Concept & Lab8 - Designing Implementing Structured Cabling
Assignment, Concept & Lab9 - Ethernet standards
Assignment, Concept & Lab10 - FDDI token Ring Standards
Assignment, Concept & Lab11 - Digital Subscriber Line
Assignment, Concept & Lab12 - Deploying a Networking and security Measures
Assignment, Concept & Lab13 - LAN troubleshooting techniques and Tools
Assignment, Concept & Lab14 - TCP/IP Model
Assignment, Concept & Lab15 - IP Addressing

CCNA Networking & WAN Network
Assignment, Concept & Lab1 - IPV4 Addressing
Assignment, Concept & Lab2 - IPV4 Saving Techniques
Assignment, Concept & Lab3 - Cisco Router Introduction Theory
Assignment, Concept & Lab4 - IP Routing
Assignment, Concept & Lab5 - LAB
Assignment, Concept & Lab6 - Dynamic Protocal & Dynamic Routing
Assignment, Concept & Lab7 - OSPF(Open Shortest Path First)
Assignment, Concept & Lab8 - Type Of Table In OSPF
Assignment, Concept & Lab9 - LAB
Assignment, Concept & Lab10 - Helpful Command Use In LAB
Assignment, Concept & Lab11 - EIGRP(Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocal)
Assignment, Concept & Lab12 - LAB
Assignment, Concept & Lab13 - Helpful Command Use In LAB
Assignment, Concept & Lab14 - How To Manage Cisco Devices
Assignment, Concept & Lab15 - Discribe Following Terms
Assignment, Concept & Lab16 - LAB
Assignment, Concept & Lab17 - IP Services DHCP
Assignment, Concept & Lab18 - Packet Filtering Via ACL
Assignment, Concept & Lab19 - NTP
Assignment, Concept & Lab20 - Advanced Topics
Assignment, Concept & Lab21 - LAB
Assignment, Concept & Lab22 - LAN Switching Technology
Assignment, Concept & Lab23 - Bridge & its Function
Assignment, Concept & Lab24 - VLAN & its Function
Assignment, Concept & Lab25 - STP Convergence Components
Assignment, Concept & Lab26 - STP Convergence Steps
Assignment, Concept & Lab27 - LAB
Assignment, Concept & Lab28 - Networking Device Security
Assignment, Concept & Lab29 - WAN Technologies
Assignment, Concept & Lab30 - Introduction of PPP & Its Feature
Assignment, Concept & Lab31 - Frame-Relay Logical Topologies
Assignment, Concept & Lab32 - LAB
Assignment, Concept & Lab33 - Ipv6 Addressing
Assignment, Concept & Lab34 - Ipv6 Packet Type
Assignment, Concept & Lab35 - LAB
Assignment, Concept & Lab36 - OSI(Open System Interconnection)& TCP/IP

Advance Networking with Professional Certification
Assignment, Concept & Lab1 - Implement an EIGRP based solution, given a network design and a set of requirements
Assignment, Concept & Lab2 - Implement a multi-area OSPF Network, given a network design and a set of requirements
Assignment, Concept & Lab3 - Implement an eBGP based solution, given a network design and a set of requirements
Assignment, Concept & Lab4 - Implement an IPv6 based solution, given a network design and a set of requirements
Assignment, Concept & Lab5 - Implement an IPv4 or IPv6 based redistribution solution, given a network design and a set of requirements
Assignment, Concept & Lab6 - Implement Layer 3 Path Control Solution
Assignment, Concept & Lab7 - Implement VLAN based solution, given a network design and a set of requirements
Assignment, Concept & Lab8 - Implement a Security Extension of a Layer 2 solution, given a network design and a set of requirements
Assignment, Concept & Lab9 - Implement Switch based Layer 3 services, given a network design and a set of requirements
Assignment, Concept & Lab10 - Prepare infrastructure to support advanced services
Assignment, Concept & Lab11 - Implement High Availability, given a network design and a set of requirements
Assignment, Concept & Lab12 - Maintain and monitor network performance
Assignment, Concept & Lab13 - Troubleshoot Multi Protocol system networks

Microsoft Networking Concept and Implementation
Assignment, Concept & Lab1 - Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012 At Course Completion - Exam Code 410
Assignment, Concept & Lab2 - Administering Windows Server 2012 - Exam Code 411
Assignment, Concept & Lab3 - Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services - Exam Code 412

Course Features

  • Duration : 40 Hours
  • Lectures : 20
  • Quiz : 10
  • Students : 15

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