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Fundamental Skills of C#

Fundamental Skills of C#

Course Summary

It is use for mobile application and web development for the students. It is very demanded course in the world. There are many job opening in Delhi/NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore and Abroad. Candidate should know the C Programming before learning this technology.

1. .NET Executables and the CLR
2. A .NET Test bed for C# Programming
3. Using Visual Studio

1. Hello World
2. Namespaces
3. Variables and Expressions
4. Using C#
5. Input/output in C#
6. .NET Framework Class Library

1. Data Types
2. Integer Types
3. Floating Point Types
4. Decimal Type
5. Characters and Strings
6. Boolean Type
7. Conversions
8. Nullable Types

1. Operator Cardinality
2. Arithmetic Operators
3. Relational Operators
4. Logical Operators
5. Bitwise Operators
6. Assignment Operators
7. Expressions
8. Checked and Unchecked

1. If Tests
2. Loops
3. Arrays
4. Foreach
5. More about Control Flow
6. Switch

1. Objects
2. Classes
3. Inheritance
4. Polymorphism
5. Object-Oriented Languages
6. Components

1. Classes as Structured Data
2. Methods
3. Constructors and Initialization
4. Static Fields and Methods
5. Constant and Read-only

1. Overview of Types in C#
2. Value Types
3. Boxing and Unboxing
4. Reference Types

1. Methods
2. Parameter Passing
3. Method Overloading
4. Variable-Length Parameter Lists
5. Properties
6. Operator Overloading

1. Characters
2. Strings
3. String Input
4. String Methods
5. StringBuilder Class
6. Programming with Strings

1. Arrays
2. System. Array
3. Random Number Generation
4. Jagged Arrays
5. Rectangular Arrays
6. Arrays as Collections
7. Indexers

1. Single Inheritance
2. Access Control
3. Method Hiding
4. Initialization

1. Virtual Methods and Dynamic Binding
2. Method Overriding
3. Polymorphism
4. Abstract Classes
5. Sealed Classes
6. Heterogeneous Collections

1. ToString
2. Format Strings
3. String Formatting Methods
4. Type Conversions

1. Exception Fundamentals
2. Structured Exception Handling
3. User-Defined Exception Classes
4. Inner Exceptions

1. Interface Fundamentals
2. Programming with Interfaces

1. Collections
2. IEnumerable and IEnumerator
3. Copy Semantics and ICloneable
4. Comparing Objects
5. Generic Types
6. Type-Safe Collections

1. Delegates
2. Anonymous Methods
3. Events

Course Features

  • Duration : 60 Hours
  • Lectures : 30
  • Quiz : 15
  • Students : 15

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C# Training Institute in Noida

Rating on Best Python Programming Training Institute & Certification in Noida 4.9 out of 5 based on 4000 Students Rating

C# is a very simple, general-purpose language that follows object-oriented programming language approach. C# pronounced as “C Sharp” developed by Microsoft Corporation. Using C# language one can develop big ERP systems and mobile applications in connectivity with MY SQL Server, MS Access SQL Server, and Oracle like big databases.


Remember, just your BCA, MCA, B.Tech degree may not be enough to give your career a right direction or help you with the right job with good salary package. You need to score extra and develop skills for certain programming language in order to get the right opportunity. C# language can be your start after C, C++ skills in-hand. You can start developing various applications and the same skills can bring a confidence in you to secure the desire job.

GICSEH is among Best C# Training Institute in Noida where you can learn fundamentals of C# with live training sessions and get hands-on training on how to design and develop various applications using C# language. We invite you to join us to learn developing various desktop and web applications using C# under the guidance of our expert faculty.

Eligibility Criteria for C# Training
If you are a Graduate fresher with having C/ C++ skills in hand, you can actually start learning C#. C# fundamentals are not too tough to understand and grasp. But having know-how of C, C++ language can be a bit advantage for you to understand the C# fundamentals more clearly.

C# Training Institute in India

GICSEH based out of Noida is India’s leading Institute for gaining certification in Microsoft C#. GICSEH is a group of highly qualified and Microsoft certified professionals with huge experience that guide you according to today multinational enterprise requirements. Every student at GICSEH gets to work upon real-time live project under guidance of the mentor. GICSEH hence is the leading C# training Institute in India where you can master on C# fundamentals with live training module.

C# Jobs in India
Programming is the vast field with endless career opportunities and continuous growth in relevant space. A Microsoft certified candidate with C# knowledge can always hunt for a bright career as a:

  • C# Developer, C# Programmer
  • Tech Lead – Development (C#, SQL)
  • Software Engineer
  • MVC, C# Architect
  • C# WPF Custom Control Coding
  • .NET Developer – C#/ SQL Server

Average salary of a C# developer or Asp.NET Software Engineer usually starts with ~25,000 Monthly in India which varies from company to company. In some MNC’s you may notice it to be above ~35,000 monthly for the right candidate.

Why GICSEH to Learn C# Programming Language?
Learning C# fundamentals with GICSEH is very beneficial as compared to learn from any other educational institute because of below underlining factors:

  • • Industry specific standardized learning module
  • • Learn from Microsoft certified professionals who have relevant degree and certification from authorized regulatory and huge years of experience in relevant space
  • • Comprehensive & customized designed training modules with live sessions
  • • Job assistance after the program completion and career guidance for further learning
  • • Easy to commute location that is hardly 1 minute walking distance from Noida Electronic City Metro Station.
  • • Well-equipped smart classroom and labs for all practical work with Wi-fi
  • • Enthusiast learning environment

Make Your Career as a C# Developer or Software Engineer with C# Language Skill Set
Microsoft is the biggest name that comes when it’s about software’s and applications. Digital era is all about new innovations and technology that continuously growing at very faster pace. C# is very basic and simple language that one can actually learn after C and C++ to further grow and make a career in software development and associate with a brand like Microsoft. Working on live projects will definitely gives you an additional advantage over other and you can excel in C# fundamentals and will be able to develop real-time applications after the training. This way you may also your doors towards freelancing community where you can get involve yourself in some freelancing assignment and earn a handsome amount of payouts for particular assignments.

If you wish to learn C# fundamentals with the experts, enroll yourself in C# programming language training at GICSEH. Contact software experts from GICSEH and take a step ahead towards a brighter future as software professional.