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Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Course Summary

Machine learning is the Subject which getting computers to act after programmed. In the past time machine learning has self driving car, bike, any other device, vastly improved understanding of human. There are many things about the cyber security and to link with the advance level of programming e.g python. Now a days machine learning and python will be the awesome combination in IT scenario and Banking sector. Before machine learning candidate should know the python language and before python, candidate should know the c programming.

Getting Started

This module

# Python Program(Day1) # Python Identifiers(Day2) # Python Keywords Lines and Indentation Multi-Line Statements Quotation in Python (Day3) # Python Comments in Python Multiple Statements on a Single Line Command Line Arguments(Day4)

# Assigning Values to Variables (Day5)
# Multiple Assignment(Day6)
# Standard Data Types(Day7)
# Python Numbers(Day8)
# Python Strings(Day9)
# Python Lists Data Type Conversion(Day10)

# If…else Statement(Day11)
# The elif Statement
# While Loop
# Break Statement
# Continue Statement
# The Infinite Loop
# For Loop

# Define a Function
# Calling a Function
# Passing by Reference Vs Passing by Value
# Global vs. Local variables
# Locating Modules Packages in Python

# Difference between machine learning and Artificial intelligence
# Talking about data
# Installation of anaconda and path setting
# Tsv vs csv

# Data manipulation using pandas
# Data frame handling
# Dara series
# visualisation using mathplotllib
# seaborn over mathplotlib
# Introduction to numpy
# What Is A Python Numpy Array?
# Creating numpy array
# Introducing nd array
# Understand the data

# What is machine learning?
# Relation between machine learning and data analysis
# Introduction to sci-py
# Introduction to scikit-learn

# Introduction to regression problems
# Linear Regression
# Logistic Regression
# Polynomial Regression
# Decision Trees Regression problem

# Introduction to classification problems
# Classification problems with python

# What is cluttering?
# How could we handle this?
# Image processing using minist package

Course Features

  • Duration : 80 Hours
  • Lectures : 40
  • Quiz : 15
  • Students : 15

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Machine learning training in Noida

Rating on Best Python Programming Training Institute & Certification in Noida 4.9 out of 5 based on 4000 Students Rating

Machine learning is a technique of information analysis that automates analytical model building.” In alternative words, it permits computers to search out perceptive data while not being programmed wherever to seem for a specific piece of information; instead, it will this by using algorithms that iteratively learn from data.

So, put simply, the iterative side of machine learning is the ability to adapt to new information. this can be possible as programs learn from previous computations and use “pattern recognition” to provide reliable results.

Machine Learning and AI are speedily turning into crucial aspects of the technology landscape these days, and it’s nice that you’re fascinated about learning about them. At a high level, machine learning will be represented as a kind of computer science that enables computers to boost or “learn” from the frequency of playacting an activity. They acknowledge patterns and are ready to improve while not being re-programmed anytime they complete an activity or request.

There are several things regarding cybersecurity and to link with the advance level of programming e.g. python. Currently, machine learning and python are going to be the perfect combination in IT and Banking sector. Before the machine learning candidate should know the python language and before python, the candidate should know the c programming.

Why Machine Learning?

To better perceive the uses of machine learning, take into account a number of the instances wherever machine learning is applied: the self-driving Google car, cyber fraud detection, on-line recommendation engines—like friend suggestions on Facebook, Netflix showcasing the films and shows you would possibly like, and “more things to consider” —are all samples of applied machine learning.

All these examples echo the important role machine learning has begun to require in today’s data-rich world. Machines will aid in filtering helpful items of knowledge that facilitate in major advancements, and that we are already seeing however this technology is being enforced in an exceedingly wide range of industries

Few advantages of machine learning are:

1. Machine learning ensures refined pattern recognition
2. It'll additionally cause improved/enhanced client expertise
3. There'll be less count of errors, mistakes and even blunders in a business
4. With machine learning, you'll be ready to create intelligent selections
5. With machine learning, you'll be able to interpret past client behavior and modify your product/services consequently.

scope of machine learning:
Machine Learning is presently one in every of the most well-liked topics in IT. Technologies like digital, big data, computer science, automation, and machine learning are progressively shaping the way forward for work and jobs. It is a specific set of techniques that alter machines learn from information, and create predictions. ... once the biases of our past and present fuel the predictions of the longer term, it is a task to expect AI to work severally of human flaws.

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