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Network Penetration Testing - NPT

Network Penetration Testing - NPT


Network penetration testing is the higher module of security. If any student want to get higher knowledge in security and can plan for all the modules in Network Penetration Testing. In NPT can learn, how to protect the network device in local area network and wide area network.

Networking Penetration Testing Syllabus

About Penetration Testing
Networking security consists of the provisions and policies adopted by a Networking administrator to prevent and monitor unauthorized access, misuse, modification, or resources.

As per as to the configuration of Laptop, 32/64 bit, provide VMware, and any Penetration testing OS like Kali/Backbox, Windows XP SP2, Windows 7 Setup VMware, OSs on it using Bridge Connection

1. Passive Information Gathering in depth.
2. Scanning target using nmap advanced features.
3. Vulnerability Scanning.

1. Exploiting Windows and Linux System
2. Application of Metasploit
3. Creating malicious files (standalone binaries) using msfvenom
4. Outgoing through browser
5. Evading Antivirus
6. Bruteforcing on Ports
7. Exploiting using different File Format

Studying ARP, RARP, how it works and how it can be modify to mount sophisticated outgoings is made extremely easy to understand. The Sniffing is a technique that you will be able to fully grasp in its most practical aspects.

Experienced instructors have come up with a proven methodology to conduct thorough Exploitation of remote internal Networking through advanced Post exploitation techniques. Once the candidate is comfortable with most recent exploitation techniques, will be exposed to the cyclic steps of a successful Post exploitation phase.

Penetration testers rarely need to cover their tracks. However there are times when testing the efficiency of the target organization incident response team is within the scope of a Penetration tester’s engagement.

Social engineering module will guide you through the most modern social engineering outgoing techniques. Real world outgoings will be illustrated by exploiting the potential of social Network such as Facebook, Spokeo or Twitter. Almost one hour of video lessons will teach you everything you need to know to master the most important tool in the field

In this module, the candidate will study the Metasploit architecture and the framework, and will learn how to create, add or modify custom Metasploit modules. Thanks to our virtual labs, the candidate will also have the chance to practice against real vulnerable machines.

After the target Networking has been identified, the next step is to configure our apps in order to sniff and intercept the traffic. This is a very important step for all the outgoings that come here after.

The following module focuses on the outgoings that can be executed on Wireless Network. The candidate will learn how to outgoing and access remote Wireless Network, obtain keys, password and more, as per as to their configuration and security mechanism. We will first start exploring the outgoings against WEP and then focus our tests on more secure Network: WPA, WPA2 and WPS.

In the last module, of the Wireless section, the candidate will learn how to use Wireless as an outgoing vector. It means that we will not outgoing Wireless Network, instead we will use Wireless in order to create fake Network, obtain credentials, run MitM outgoings and more

Course Features

  • Duration : 80 Hours
  • Lectures : 40
  • Quiz : 10
  • Students : 15

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Network Penetration Testing Course in Noida

Rating on Best Python Programming Training Institute & Certification in Noida 4.9 out of 5 based on 4000 Students Rating

Network Penetration Testing is a well-known subject which intended to identify potential vulnerabilities in the various network systems and network devices. Network Pentesting usually done in order to secure the networks before a hacker or exploiter enters in to the system and harms any confidential set of data or information. It is a job-oriented training course in the field of networking specially designed for the networking professionals and students who want to make their career in networking with a highly paid salary. This course gives you in-depth knowledge of various network penetration techniques as NPT is the higher degree of networking course or concepts. GICSEH is the leading training center where you can get live training on Network Penetration Testing Course in Noida and explore your skills to secure the personal and business networks from the hacker community.

NPT can be done using generally 2 methods:

  • a. Internal Network Penetration Testing: It includes testing for all kind of possible reasons of network breakdown from any internal source.
  • b. External Network Penetration Testing: It includes identifying the security issues from external network which are on public domain.

Eligibility Criteria for Network Penetration Testing Course

Although there is no such predefined eligibility criteria for a person who is interested to lean network penetration testing but basic understanding of the networking concepts and Linux operating system is must to master the course modules.

Network Penetration Testing Course in India

With increasing dependency over the internet networks for various kinds of personal or business transactions on daily basis, it is the basic requirement for any infrastructure to maintain the highest degree of security among the networks. There are many underlining security protocols which can be implemented in order to safeguard the network and network devices from potential vulnerabilities. No doubt, Network Penetration Testing Course in India is a thriving training course which increases the demand of network penetration tester worldwide.

Network Penetration Testing Jobs in India

Candidates having good knowledge of network security and protocols can have numerous opportunities in various networking and IT security areas and can play a keen role as:

  • - Security Administrator
  • - Network Administrator
  • - System Administrator
  • - Network Engineer
  • - Senior Penetration Tester
  • - Security Consultant or Architect
  • - IT Security Head or Consultant
  • - IT Manager

Average salary of Network Penetration Tester is recorded as ~ $81,356 per annum which is considered to be a handsome payout in the IT industry and at last it always increase depending upon the job role and experience upon time.

Why GICSEH to Become Network Penetration Tester?

There are many reasons to join GICSEH to become network penetration tester. Some of the most considerable reasons are as below:

  • - Industry experts having huge experience will share their real knowledge with live demo
  • - Complete practical training on live projects in relevant areas
  • - State of the art infrastructure and digital classroom
  • - Know-how about penetration testing tools and techniques
  • - Great career opportunity after the training and placement assistance
  • - Globally demanding job role

Make Your Career as Network Penetration Tester

A network penetration tester will be able to do below things

  • - Discovering all systems in network that can be accessed and identified for any possible threat
  • - Using various manual testing techniques which assure identification of possible vulnerabilities within the system and among networks
  • - Conducting security assessments of servers, system and devices on network
  • - Identifying possible loop holes or weakness in the system or networks
  • - Fixing all security issues among network or within the systems among network
A network penetration tester has wide range of job opportunities in various government and private sector. In order to enroll yourself for the Network Penetration Testing course, contact the experts at GICSEH and clear all your queries regarding the course after having a small know-how session from the expert faculties and prepare yourself to grab those golden opportunity in the field of Networking & IT Security Professional.