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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Course Summary

Digital Marketing Course is one of the popular course in the world. We can easily reach to the people of every country, every city and every state via Digital Marking Process or SEO. The demand of this position is everywhere in the organization. There are many activities need to advertise and can reach to the people. Content is also very important for the SEO Activity. After the Graduation Student can plan for this course otherwise if any person want to change the carrier then can plan accordingly.

# Day 1 (Digital Marketing Overview)
# Day 2 (Website planning & Creation)
# Day 3 (Email Marketing)
# Day 4 (Lead Generation)
# Day 5 (Google AdWords)
# Day 6 (Google Analytics)
# Day 7 (Facebook Marketing)
# Day 8 (LinkedIn Marketing)
# Day 9 (Twitter Marketing)
# Day 10 (Video Marketing)
# Day 11 (Instagram marketing)
# Day 12 (Pinterest Marketing)
# Day 13 (Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) )
# Day 14 (Online Display Advertising)
# Day 15 (Ecommerce Marketing)
# Day 16 (Mobile Web Marketing)
# Day 17 (Content Marketing)
# Day 18 (Online Reputation Management)
# Day 19 (Affiliate Marketing Basics)
# Day 20 (Adsense & Blogging)
# Day 21 (How To Grab Freelancing Projects)

Advance Optimisation/Marketing Techniques & Strategies

This course makes you stand apart from the whole crowd & a real digital marketing expert.
# Day 22 (Spying on Competitors Marketing Strategies )
# Day 23 (Influencer Marketing)

# Day 24 (Email Marketing) # Day 25 # Day 26
How to Write Killer subject Line to Ensure High Open Rates
Optimisation Techniques
Ensuring High Inbox Delivery (How to escape spam filters)
Email Marketing Strategies

# Day 27 (Lead Generation), Day 28
Optimising Landing Pages
A/B Testing
Sales Funnels

# Day 29 # Day 30 (Facebook Ads)
Optimisation Techniques
Advance Scaling Strategies

# Day 31 # (Twitter Marketing)
Multiple Strategies to Increase Organic Reach with Examples.
Twitter Cards

# Day 32 (Instagram Marketing) # Day 33
A Proven Case Study - How a brand reached from 0 to 1,00,000 followers organically
Growth Hacking
Steroids for SEO
Google Adwords

# Day 34 (Advanced Optimisation of Campaigns)
Competitors Analysis

# Day 35 (Decoding Google Adwords Algorithm)
Scaling Strategy that works
# Day 36 (Media Buying using Programmatic and Google Double Click)
# Day 37 (Massive list of 500+ Digital Marketing Tools used by Top Digital Marketers Worldwide)
# Day 38 (Affiliate Marketing)

# Day 39 (Affiliate Marketing can be scaled to a million dollars a month with 50% profits margins in no time. All one needs is how to)
Find profitable offers
Spy on other affiliates
Run profitable campaigns
Scale successful campaigns to multiply earnings
Tools used by super affiliates

# Day 40 (Deep Blogging Secrets that makes money in 2018)
# Day 41 (A combination of three successful methods to make money with blogging. No hustling around with writing good content, doing SEO & getting organic traffic from google. But a proven method that is known only to a handful of affiliates & bloggers that can be scaled to a profitability of more than $1000 everyday).

Black Hat Techniques (6 hours)
# Day 42 (Black Hat techniques that work in 2018 known only to renowned digital marketers worldwide)

Course Features

  • Duration : 60 Hours
  • Lectures : 30
  • Quiz : 10
  • Students : 15

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Digital Marketing Course in Noida

Rating on Best Python Programming Training Institute & Certification in Noida 4.9 out of 5 based on 4000 Students Rating

Digital marketing has become one amongst the foremost ordinarily used phrases these days For a few it’s another name of “Internet Marketing” whereas some describe it as marketing using electronic gadgets.

Digital Marketing outlined as a term to attain your business objectives and goals using the online platforms which include, however aren’t restricted to search engines, social media, content optimization & advertisement to engage & market your product or service to potential consumers.

Global Institute of Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking, Noida provides you the best Digital Marketing knowledge through practical training on live projects.

Eligibility Criteria for Digital Marketing Course
No, there is no eligibility criteria for digital marketing course however you must have some basic knowledge to operate the computer system. If you want to learn digital marketing course, GICSEH is the best Digital Marketing institute in Noida.

Various Modules included in our Digital Marketing Course are-
• Introduction to Digital Marketing
• Website Designing
• Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
• Display Advertising
• Mobile Marketing
• Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
• E-commerce marketing
• Social Media Marketing (SMM)
• Web Analytics
• Content Marketing
• Online Reputation Management
• Email Marketing
• Affiliate Marketing
• Growth Hacking
• Marketing Automation
• Influencer Marketing

Let's learn about these modules in depth:

Introduction to Digital Marketing
In this course, you will learn everything there is to know about digital marketing from scratch.

Who this course is for:

• Businesses who are struggling in bringing traffic to their site or selling products
• People who want to run their own digital marketing agency
• People who want to work as a freelancer in the digital marketing
• Businesses & people who need a highly effective website for marketing
• Businesses/people who are interested in this domain and want to delve into it.
• People who want to get a job in this profile but can't find one because of inadequate knowledge
• People who are working in this field but want to learn new things.
• Students and housewives who want to start their career.

Also by the end of the course, you will become the master of digital marketing and will also receive your "Digital Marketing" certificate so you can use it on your resume to increase your salary.

Website Designing
The first thing you are going to learn is how to set up a WordPress website. You will start with a WordPress theme and also learn some specific digital marketing skills. In addition, you will build powerful landing pages to increase sales, online shops, product pages, and much more.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
The next topic you will learn here is SEO (search engine optimization), how to bring your webpages to rank on the first page of Google. We will start this section by teaching more about keywords and how you can opt for the best possible choice and the tools that will help you in the process.

Display Advertising
In this module, you will learn the important role played by design in digital marketing. This type of marketing combines text, images, and URLs to advertise the product. We will teach you the various aspects of design, such as typography, colors, and themes.

Mobile Marketing
As the name suggests, mobile marketing means marketing through mobile. In this type of marketing, we target audiences using apps on tablets, smartphones, etc. You will learn how to analyze mobile web analytics and increase app engagement.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Search Engine Marketing or SEM will teach you how to increase the website visibility on a search engine’s result page (SERP) through paid efforts. This course will teach you how to carry out SEM activities via Google Ads platform and PPC methods.

E-commerce Marketing
In this part, of course, we will teach you about e-commerce, its types, and how to create an e-commerce website. You will also learn strategies to drive traffic to your online stores. E-commerce marketing involves managing an e-commerce store and its activities to ensure a positive customer buying experience.

Web Analytics
In this section, you will learn how to track and analyze a visitor’s actions using a very important tool which is Google analytics. When you start working on a live project, you will face lots of problems, and Google Analytics will help you fix those problems and suggest the best possible solution.

Content Marketing
Content Marketing is an important part of this digital marketing course. It is a strategy of planning, writing, and publishing content via channels such as social media, blogs, websites, and more. We will teach you how to write a powerful and hooked title, or how to write seo friendly content to reach your target audience and increase reach. You will also learn how to interlink pages for SEO purposes and use keywords within the content.

Email Marketing
Email marketing is one of the hard ways to do digital marketing. In this course, we will teach you how to automate emails and how to extract information from email campaign analytics. Email marketing is the technique of using electronic mail to convey your messages to the targeted audience. In this you will learn about the types of emails and how to create an appealing email to drive conversion or an action from a customer.

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is the process where you promote a product or service in return for a reward or commission on the sales you generate. It strictly depends on your strategy. It is an advertising model in which a company uses an audience to generate an audience. The promoters are affiliates, and the incentives encourage them to find ways to promote the company.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)
Social Media Marketing (SMM) involves organic as well as paid marketing techniques on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube. In this part of course, you will learn to target the right audience, run a social media campaign, and drive more traffic to a company’s website. If you want to specialize in social media, then you can learn the following two topics more thoroughly:

Instagram marketing:
In which you will learn how to improve and grow your page, how to improve your content quality, and how to make your post viral. You will also learn some Instagram automation tools.

Facebook marketing:
Where we will teach you how to build a page and grow it using specific digital marketing strategies. More importantly, you will learn how to run a Facebook advertisement and campaigns.

Why Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the most advanced way to grow and reach your goals that may vary from any of the following:
• Promoting Your brand online
• Targeting a large quantity of individuals quickly
• Reduce cost for branding
• Think More & earn More
• Build your own Website & earn form Blogging
• Grow on-line community

Digital marketing Institute in Noida

Digital marketing is the fast-evolving domain with daily changes happening across varied channels particularly Social Media, which's integral part of Digital Marketing. whereas there isn't any substitute of expertise to create proficiency in digital marketing, there are various approaches you can do to simulate live experience:
a.) Begin a Blog: This can assist you learn about Blogging, WordPress and Content Writing
b.) Promote your Blog: Use all potential forms including SEO, SEM, Social Media (including FB Ads), Email Marketing.
c.) Measure your Performance using Google Analytics: GA is a Free tool and this can assist you learn the activity aspect of Digital Marketing.
We provide you the best Digital Marketing knowledge through practical training on live projects. GICSEH is one of the best Digital Marketing institute in India.

Digital Marketing Jobs in India

With a rising demand for digital marketer’s in the industry, employers pay well. Usually, a digital marketer can earn up to 20,000 -3,50,000 per month. According to pay scale, average pay for digital marketing manager is Rs. 5,09,607 per year.

Various job options available after doing Digital Marketing Course are:
• Digital Marketer
• Content Strategist or Content Marketer
• SEO Specialist
• Social Media Manager
• Paid Ads Manager or Paid Marketing Manager
• Partnership Marketer

Digital Marketing Training in Noida

GICSEH provide the most advanced digital marketing content, with an exposure to real projects and learning. We provide our students the access to original google analytics data, AdWords, webmaster tool, so that they get to know the real working knowledge of the tools.

At GICSEH our digital marketing trainers having worked for real business have decent exposure to revenue aspect and thus carry the foremost distinctive exposure of what the industry expects.

Every digital marketing batch gets to work on a real time live campaign on Google AdWords. This ensures our students confidence in running live AdWords campaigns.

Our students have access to paid email platforms to find out email automation.

GICSEH Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Ad campaigns are managed by students in the live classroom.

Our Trainers support for any issues faced in real time stays with you always even after the completion of the course.
• Digital Marketing Training from Industry Experts
• Depth Practical Internet Marketing Training
• Get ready for Job/ great client appeal
• Reputation and credibility
• Course syllabus/content
• Training delivery method
• Faculty expertise
• Placement and internship assistance
• Certifications
• Add-on benefits etc...

If you wish to finally enroll yourself for the Digital Marketing course, contact the experts at GICSEH and clear all your questions regarding the course and its benefits and get ready to learn the insights of the security industry with the experts.