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ec-council certification


It is a .Net machine learning framework which is combined with image and audio processing libraries written in C#. This framework consists of multiple libraries for a wide array of applications, i.e., pattern recognition, statistical data processing, and linear algebra. It includes the Accord.Statistics, Accord.Math, and Accord.MachineLearning.

Key Features:
• Consists of more than 40 non-parametric and parametric estimation of statistical distributions.
• Used for creating production-grade computer audition, computer vision, signal processing, and statistics apps.
• Contains more than 35 hypothesis tests that include two-way and one way ANOVA tests, non-parametric tests such as the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test and many more.
• It has more than 38 kernel functions.

More Information and Official Website:
Download : https://github.com/accord-net/framework/wiki/Getting-started