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All you need to know About CEH Certification Training

All you need to know About CEH Certification Training

  • 29 Nov 2019
  • Admin

Certified Ethical Hacker certification is for the IT professionals who seek a career in the security let that be System security, Network security, Server security, Web application Security, Cloud Security or Mobile Security. The CEH professional easily understands the loopholes and vulnerabilities that are found in a computer network or security system. He or she then uses the information to improve the system. The ethical hacker, as the CEH certified professional may be said to be working as, thinks just like a criminal hacker in many ways, finding out the weaknesses of a computer and network. But the focus here is towards giving system and processes more teeth in lieu of the security threats. The EC-Council University is a fully accredited institution and is a leading cyber security education centre, and its certifications are recognized throughout the world.


Purposes the CEH Certification Solves
• Establishes and governs the minimum standards towards information system security.
• Shows and informs that the person possesses the minimum requisite skills for preventing IT hacks.

Eligibility for Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)
In order to learn ethical hacking concepts and do the certification in ethical hacking, one should have either a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology subjects or an advance diploma in network security and good working knowledge of OS, Networking, Servers, Security protocols etc.

Why CEH Certification is important for Your Career
• Is the first step in the line of a lucrative IT security profession, as the certification will help you attain the higher certifications as well.
• Helps you gain extensive and comprehensive knowledge of the tools that the hackers use towards hacking purposes.
• Makes you proficient at securing the web applications, networks, and assets of a company or organization.
• Helps you think like a hacker. The IT professionals who are adept at using the “white hat” techniques can easily get a glimpse into the mind-set of the criminal hacker and predict their next move.
• Helps you to attain the higher certifications in the security domain, like the LPT or Licensed Penetration Tester.
• The comprehensive course helps you understand all the risk, vulnerabilities and risks that may be associated with a security system. You can easily judge and solve the issues that an organization faces while conducting its daily and routine activities and operations.
• Makes you expert at finding the security loopholes. You would be able to understand the exploit lifecycle fully and may be able to forecast the attackers as well.

CEH hence makes you an expert at password cracking, perimeter defences, hacking tools, firewall evasion and intrusion detection among other areas that are very prominent and important towards IT security.

CEH Certification Course Contents
The CEH course and certification involves task domains like ethics, mitigation, reporting, security testing, system development, design, analysis and management, and security testing. Knowledge domains include security, background, analysis and assessment, ethics, policy, procedures, and tools among others. Much more than mere penetration testing, the CEH course also involves a host of other issues, subjects, and topics.

You will learn:
• The incident management procedures
• Footprint and the countermeasures
• Enumeration techniques and centre measures
• Trojans, their analysis and counter measures
• Steganography and steganalysis attacks and the covering of tracks
• Malware, worms and viruses, their functioning and detecting of the SQL injections
• DDoS attacks and tools used for the purpose, countermeasures of the attacks
• Defining the IT network
• Mobile OS security, vulnerabilities of the Android OS, and Windows OS vulnerabilities
• Structure of honeypot, IDS and Firewall, tools related to their evasion and the countermeasures

Future Prospects
The CEH certification will help you earn more, and will take you to next heights in the IT security professional domain. Below are some jobs they get, and all of these requiring CEH as the base qualification of the candidate.

• Information security analyst
• Security consultant (computing/IT/networking)
• CEH or Certified Ethical Hacker
• Penetration tester
• Security engineer
• Cyber Security Professional
• Network & Server Administrator
• Network Security Specialist
• IT Security Head or Consultant
• IT Auditor
• Computer Forensic Analyst
• Penetration Tester
• IT Manager

There is also a big working opportunity for certified ethical hacker as a "freelancer". They can earn handsome salary based upon appropriate assignments and KRA's. Average salary of ethical hacker on initial stage is recorded as 4.8 lakhs per annum which can easily scale up to Rs. 30 lakhs per annum or even more depending upon job role and experience.

Certified ethical hacking is the best course to make your career in IT Security. It has endless opportunity for the learners and yes, very highly demanding job in IT and Security industry. If you choose to make your career as ethical hacking, you will be opening your doors to various jobs and opportunities in various government and private sector.

In order to enrol yourself for the ethical hacking course, contact the experts at GICSEH and clear all your doubts regarding the course after having a small counseling session from the ethical hacking trainers and get ready to start your journey towards IT Security Professional.

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