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ec-council certification

Analysis - Port & IP Scanner (GUI & Command-line)


Scan available IP Addresses and ranges, along with TCP and UDP ports of your networking devices, servers and desktops!

This tool works much like other port scanners, but with some added features that really set it apart from almost any other tool we’ve worked with.

This tool can be run either from the GUI or via command-line if needed and it gives insights into TCP/UDP port statuses, Resolves hosts names, MAC Addresses and even OS fingerprinting.


Some Features & capabilities include:
- Save Scan configurations for Future scans
- Define DNS Server for scanning
- Either GUI or Command-line based scanning
- Multi-Threaded Post scans!
and many more features!

More Information and Official Website:
Download link: https://www.solarwinds.com/free-tools/port-scanner