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Android Development

Android Development - A Booming Career Option

  • 15 Aug 2020
  • Admin

Join GICSEH and get the best experience of learning the concepts of Android Training in Noida. We’ve often seen people in a dilemma when they start working with the android applications. It is a huge platform that has not only taken over a good share of the mobile industry but also has opened many ways for the android app developers to learn via various techniques and tricks. When it comes to programming, almost every other programmer prefers to work with the latest Android software development kit(SDK) and a familiar IDE that helps them understand the programming techniques in a better way.

The Android Operating System
Base on the Linux kernel, Android is developed in an open-source project lead by Google.


The Android operating system is divided into four levels:
● Applications: such as camera, music, phone, gallery, etc.
● Application Framework: it is an API that allows high-level interactions with the android system.
● Libraries & Runtime: It contains the common framework functions.
● Linux Kernel: it is a communication layer for the hardware

Android Applications
An android application is the well summarized final product of all the code that has been implemented to convert it into a single unit that can be installed and operated single-handedly. A basic Android application consists of configuration files, Java source, and resource files. There are a lot more other components that add up to an android application such as application, activity, service, a broadcast receiver, content provider, etc.

You can gain the expertise of the working of an Android app along with these features with the Android Training in Noida at GICSEH!

Along with all these features that make programming in Android an easy task, it also provides a lot of benefits to the developers who are seeking a career in Android App Development.

The pattern of how Android has been evolved has undoubtedly benefited millions and millions of users. Android has not only benefited the mobile phone industry but has also given a tremendous amount of opportunities to the ones seeking a career in the software development field. Its open-source system is what gives it an extra edge when it comes to Android Application Development.

For all the people who wish to build their career in Android app development, it has opened several doors by providing the means for anyone to use and modify it alongside.

Some Of The Benefits Of Android App Development Are:

Always On Top:
We all know that Android holds a great share in the Smartphone industry, and you’ll be glad to know that according to Google, people download approximately 82 billion Android Apps on monthly basis and that is “HUGE”! Knowing these statistics you can’t deny the reason for this language being always on top.

It’s Easy And Hassle-Free:
With the amazing android software development kit (SDK) and a familiar IDE that is provided by Google, developers can easily design and build apps for business, entertainment, and gaming purposes.

Customizable UI:
Just think of the number of opportunities that you get when you can customize the user interface with your own choice. Android allows you to customize the UI according to your needs and the changing trends to get the best out of it.

Hardware Compatibility:
Unlike some other operating systems, Android apps are compatible with every hardware that supports the Android operating system and provide the same user experience throughout making it global and accessible to everyone.

Freedom For Innovation:
Android has always welcomed the developers to put their imagination and creativity to use and come out with interesting and engaging apps. There is no other software development platform that offers this amount of creative freedom.

There is a lot more than this for an android app developer which you can only explore with the right Android Training in Noida.

What’s in for Android App Developer?
In order to delve into the app development, one should have a proper Android Application Development Course in Noida which you can get at GICSEH – The Best Android Training Institute in Noida. We offer Android App Development Training in Noida with the acknowledged setting and unrestricted access to all the latest technologies will only help to gain the expertise under the leadership of highly trained professionals.

Whenever it’s about learning a new language, you can always depend upon us. We offer the best Android App Development Training in Noida that will ensure your growth and your position in the IT industry for the next 30 to 40 years down the line. We make sure that you grasp each and every concept of our Android Course which is specially designed according to the current IT needs under the guidance of the experts. Join us today!

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