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Android Training Institute in India

Android Training Institute in India

  • 10 Nov 2019
  • Admin

Android is now very popular for all the mobiles, tablets and some other multi media devices. Android is the operating system which is use with all the smart mobiles, it is developed by Google. Now a days this operating system use by many tablets. Android operating system will be based on the linux kernel operating system. Apple IOS inter networking operating system is the open source means no need to pay any amount to use this device and system. if you want to edit, if you want to modify then easily can edit also easily can modify the same.

Android Training Institute

There are many Android code name, there are many version numbers, there are many initial release date with the help of All the Android Features and support. Android has Oreo with 8.0 and 8.1 version. this version has launched in august 21 2017. Now will move to the next code name will be Pie, Pie has latest version 9.0 and has launched in august 6 2018, there are one other code of Android, Android 10. Latest version is 10.0, Has launched in September 3rd 2019. There will be next code name which is Petit Four with 1.1 and has launched in February 9 2009. After this version there was Cupcake with the help of 1.5 version has launch in April 27th 2009.

Donut has many version, but latest version was 1.6 has launched in September 15, 2009. After the Donut, there was Eclair with 2.0 version and 2.1 version which is launch in October 26 2009. Now will come to Froyo with the help of two more new version and in between there were many versions for the same, there was 2.2 and 2.2.3 version which is launched in many 20 2010. Let’s move to the next version of Android, it is called Gingerbread with the help of 2.3 version and 2.3.7 version for the same. Launched in December 6 in 2010.

Android devices are running android operating system with the help of list of software, actually it is called array in the term of technical. Many software will be combined with the single array, there are many well known companies, take some example of Android company, take example of Acer company, it has very big opportunity for the android. Now will come to the HTC company. It is the big brand in information technology, it has many devices also it has many android versions for the same. Now will come to the next company this is called Samsung company, Samsung manufacturing many devices, also it has many operating systems with android version. now will come to the LG, LG is the big manufacturing company to produce hardware for the mobile also there are many models available in the market and information technology. This LG has many operating system version with android, previous market situation was very good but now the market situation is not good compare to the other telecom company. Telecom company need to update on daily basis in terms of operating system, in terms of android version, in terms of model number. Now come to the Sony Ericsson for all mobile devices. Previous, before five years, it was very popular but now a days, demand is very less due to competitive market of the industries. Motorola was on of them, Motorola was very popular in terms of telecom industry. Previous there was many mobiles from the Motorola company, now a days, if will talk about the scenario of the latest version of the android in case of Motorola then its poor compare to the other vendor of telecom. Now in india, Samsung and MI is most popular devices to provide and produce many kind of the mobile and many kind of the model numbers too.

If will check with the Samsung brand for the same, then Android operating system was developed and pre owned by the google. So Samsung phone using all the android operating system which is provided by the Samsung company. If will take the example of following brands
1. HTC has Android operating system which is provided by the Google
2. Samsung has Android operating system which is again provide by the Google
3. Sony is the International brand, using Android operating system which is provided by google
4. Motorola is again international brand, using Android Latest operating system with latest update which is also provided by the Google
5. LG is again international brand which is provide the Google Android operating system, google in not providing only Android Operating system, Google Also providing day to day update and security update too.

Android Training Institute

Take example of Android 9.0 also called Android Pie. Actually there was some phone, some other multi media devices which is launch by the google. If will check Android Pie then by default it is available with the google phone. Actually it is inbuilt with the hardware devices which is manufacturing by the same company. There is option to upgrade the android version. if you are using any phone from any company may be ole mobile or new mobile then time to time google and some other vendor company will provide the updates for the operating system. will provide support to the operating system, time to time they will release the new version of operating system. it is completely free for all the user. If you will purchase any devices from any company then on that case the cost of operating system will be nothing.

If you are taking updates from the Google or some other vendor then on that case there is no any extra cost for the upgrade will be nothing. If you are using any operating system like take example of windows operating system, linux operating system, unix operating system, android operating system then need to use genuine operating system for the same. If you have genuine operating system then can update the security also can update the patches on daily basis, can update on weekly basis also can update on monthly basis.