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Artificial Intelligence Training Institute

Artificial Intelligence Training Institute in India

  • 05 Nov 2019
  • Admin

Artificial Intelligence is the similar formm of Machine learning technology. Artificial Intelligence technology divided in two parts, first will be the basic part and second will the advance part. Artificial Intelligence also called AI, AI is similar to the simulation of the Human intelligence. It is specially provided by the machine in fact will be good for the some related technologies. Will be helpful for the processing any networking infrastructure also will be good for the self correction of any technology.

Now we are using AI for different purpose for different reasons for the same. Artificial Intelligence is the part of science also can say part of the computer science. If will take example of face recognition with the help of many multi media devices, can take example of problem solving of the network or any other kind of the application. An take example of learning and planning about the network infrastructure and networking designing. There are many multimedia devices also there are many computers, there are many mobiles which has enable AI features for the same. Devices are really smart feature also there are many new features available with the hardware as well as the applications too.

Artificial Intelligence

AI Artificial Intelligence has the capability and also has ability to learn the program also about the thinking capacity of the technology. It is also trying to make the device smart. AI has a features like if inputs are coming from any of the resources then machine has a capability like how to answer. AI is based on the algorithm and time to time they have a features to change, manage and manipulate the options for all the applications.
There are some kinds of the AI(Artificial Intelligence) are following
1. Reactive Machines Technology
2. Limited Memory Technology
3. Theory of Mind Technology
4. Self Awareness Technology
5. Artificial Narrow Intelligence Technology
6. Artificial General Intelligence Technology
7. Artificial Super Intelligence Technology

Siri is the developed by the SRI International Artificial Intelligence center. Actually it has enabled with iphone 4s version, also has implemented with higher version of the Apple phone. First time Siri was release in October 2011. The manin challenge of AI will be making device upto the intelligent level. If will make any networking device or some other device then will be broken in to some other problem. Actually this technology is very advance and definitely will take more time to come upto that level.

It is based on the advance algorithm, it has many function of the mathematical operation, it has many features of visual perception. Can take example of speech recognition, can take example of decision making, can take example of translation from one language to the other language for the same. Artificial Intelligence is the method to create the technology which is based on the computer science and will make machine ready and will behave like the intelligent system. There are many disadvantage of the Artificial Intelligence. Take example of first disadvantage, will be very high cost, if you want to configure and launch any Artificial intelligence technology then will be really very high cost because technology will be based on very complex for the machine configuration, etc. Will be no any Replicating to the humans. Actually thing is intelligence is gifted by the nature of God. There is a example like there will be no any improvement on behalf of experience with the help of technology. Will be no any creativity for the technology, will be no any unemployment for the technology. AI is the name of the technology, which works on behalf of computer science programming language. It has ability to analyse the problem with surrounding and will be capable to solve the issue also will be capability to solve to trouble. AI will be capable to take the control of the planet, AI will be able to manage the human species for the resources.

It is invented in 1955, by the name of John MCCarthy, this technology is really very typical or complex so from 1955 to 2019, process is going on but will take time to understand the technology also will take time for the purpose of improvement for all the application and resources of the technology. The word AI is based on the intelligence like, depends upon the technology need as well as the technology requirement for the same. We are the human body now we are thinking, what will be good for us, what will be the bad for us, we can develop, maintain and troubleshoot any kind of the application. We are expecting to take all the decision by the machine with the help of machine intelligence with correct decision, we need to put the programming language or many kinds of the program in the machine also need to install and develop many kind of software and need to configure install, maintain many kind of the software program in the machine. We should know, what will be good, what will be bad. What will be the advantage to taking any decision, what will be disadvantage to taking any decision with the help of machine. Later machine will perform the task of human, we can use for different purpose with different reason for the same. Different purpose or different reason like, can use for the education purpose to take any class, to take any presentation, to ask question from the student, to ask any question from the candidate. AI has ability to give any answer to any candidate, AI has capability to give any answer to any student. Can use for the medical reason, to check the blood test, to check the medical report for any person or for any people, can use for the operating any operation for the ladies or any gents. Now take the example of home residence, with the help of remote can use any electronic device to watch the movie, to open any electronic device, to close any electronic device. If we are driving any car, if we are driving any byke or any two wheelers or four wheelers then definitely can use for the same with the help of AI. Will no any need to interact with the human, everything will be operated by the machine.