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ASP.NET Using C# Training

ASP.NET Using C# Training

Course Summary

ASP .Net developed by Microsoft to launch any kind of the website, to understand the web concept. There are some international exam for ASP.NET, the demand of this technology is too much in India As well as Abroad. Can understand web application, web services of the website related activity and technical things.

1. From ASP to ASP.NET
2. Web Forms
3. Web Services
4. ASP.NET Features

1. Page Class
2. Web Forms Life Cycle
3. Web Forms Event Model
4. Code-Behind

1. Request/Response Programming
2. HttpRequest Class
3. HTTP Collections
4. HttpResponse Class
5. Redirection
6. HttpUtility Class

1. Using Visual Web Developer
2. Visual Studio Forms Designer
3. Using Components
4. Shadow Copying
5. Using the Global.asax File
6. Data Binding

a. Session State
b. Application State
c. Multithreading Issues
d. Cookies

1. HTML Server Controls
2. Web Forms Server Controls
3. Rich Controls
4. Validation Controls
5. User Controls

1. What Is Caching
2. Page-Level Caching
3. Page Fragment Caching
4. Optimizing Your ASP.NET Application
5. Application Caching

1. Configuration Overview
2. Authentication and Authorization
3. Forms Authentication
4. Windows Authentication
5. Security and ASP.NET

1. Debugging
2. Application Tracing
3. Page Tracing
4. Error Handling

1. Most recent ASP.NET Controls
2. Menus
3. Master Pages

1. ADO.NET Overview
2. .NET Data Providers
3. Connections
4. Commands
5. DataReaders and Connected Access
6. Data Sets and Disconnected Access
7. Language Integrated Query

1. Data Source Controls
2. Connection String Storage
3. GridView
4. DetailsView
5. FormView
6. Object Data Sources
7. ListView
8. DataPager
9. sqlDataSource

a. Configuration Overview
b. Themes
c. Skins
d. Security in ASP.NET
e. Membership and Roles
f. Login Controls
g. User Profiles

1. Rich Client Applications
3. ScriptManager
4. UpdatePanel
5. AJAX Client Library
6. Remote Method Calls
7. AJAX Control Toolkit

Course Features

  • Duration : 60 Hours
  • Lectures : 30
  • Quiz : 10
  • Students : 15

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ASP.NET USING C# Training Institute in Noida

Rating on Best Python Programming Training Institute & Certification in Noida 4.9 out of 5 based on 4000 Students Rating

One of the most vital language of .Net Framework is C#. The language is most popular among the several professionals because of its syntax similarity with C++ and JAVA.

.Net Framework provides easy accessibility to all or any software system options and C# provides straightforward interface to beginners likewise as professionals who already have knowledge about C++ or JAVA.


At GICSEH, the best ASP.NET USING C# Training Institute in Noida, the course covers all basic topics and concentrate on developing applications and is especially designed for the professionals. Our training will help the students to work on the real-life scenarios. We at GICSEH, offers the best .Net training course in Noida with 100% placement support. By doing training from our institute, one will have the great knowledge regarding making applications and excellent base for learning ASP .NET using C#.

Eligibility Criteria for ASP.NET USING C# Training
There are no such pre-requisites for joining this course. Just a basic knowledge and interest in Computers is required. One can join this course along with the graduation or job as well.

ASP.NET USING C# Training Institute in India

The various progress of “c” leads to c++ and C#. .NET has the power to run at MS .NET framework. C Sharp.net has been made of totally different ingredients of object targeted development. Categories perform a very important role in C#.NET and this is the fundamental principle of OOP.

C#.net has some fantastic features such as: Interface, Abstraction and Delegates which have created this language the master of all development language. C#.net has all the central supply of OOP as Encapsulation, Polymorphism, Abstraction and Inheritance. This programming language provides many functions to decrease the sophisticated and enterprise problems into totally different logical easy units. These units are recycled in varied circumstances to touch upon the difficulty.

ASP.NET using C# training in India provided to permit you to win your goal by developing a scientific methodology to assess and improve network vogue, operations, support and management. you'll additionally get specialized on the event of technical sale, service for incorporated networking solutions. Cisco Routing switch work maps the Content to the ASP.NET using C# Routing and switch Certification. At The global institute of Cyber security and Ethical Hacking, the best ASP.NET using C# training institute in India, the ASP.NET using C# coaching will assist you to attain all the required Skills and you'll secure a bright future in IT sector.

ASP.NET USING C# Jobs in India
There is a huge demand of ASP.NET using C# in corporate sector as this language can be used to build applications and software. MNC's like Microsoft, Intel, cisco, JP Morgan Chase are based on C# and are ready to pay high salary package to developers based on their skills and working experience. Salary package varies from 3 lakh for a fresher up to 12 lakhs per annum for an experienced person.

Why GICSEH to Become Certified ASP.NET USING C# Professional?
Learning ASP.NET USING C# Concepts with GICSEH is very advantageous as compared to any other institute because of some major reasons:
• GICSEH offer well-defined industry standard learning course module.
• We have a team of highly experienced and security professionals having more than 10 years of experience in relevant space
• We offer comprehensive training with live sessions
• We provide complete assistance in job interview preparation and placement after the certification
• At GICSEH, you will get friendly work culture and learning environment
• We have customized schedule of training sessions

Make Your Career as a ASP.NET USING C# Professional
After this course a student can further go to learn Advance course of developing Web Application in ASP. Programming or any other advanced level course. One should never stop learning. ASP.Net is a course after which you will get ample of opportunities to learn and grow. Don’t delay, take a major decision today and move ahead towards a bright future with GICSEH.