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AWS Training Institute in Noida

AWS Training Institute in Noida

  • 28 Oct 2019
  • Admin

Winter Duration for the Technical Training will be good for the Future Professional. Let’s take example of AWS Training. During the Winter time, can start the training as well as finish the training. Can plan any one course which is related to Digital Marketing, Cyber Security, Ethical Hacking, Networking, Hardware, Software, Content Writing, Azure, etc.

First we need to validate about the knowledge and certification of AWS Course. Need to understand about the AWS Cloud, About the Global infrastructure about the AWS. Once will be able to manage, prepare and troubleshoot AWS Cloud then can come to the AWS Cloud Architectural Principles. This will explain about the rule and policy of architectural policy. One will be able to prepare this topic then will move to the AWS Cloud value proposition, in this module will learn about the theoretical portion of the Cloud Value Proposition.


After the cloud proposition, will move to the AWS platform and what will be the exact use of cases means about the compute and analytics. We need to understand about the data storage in the cloud, technical term which is situated in the cloud. Once will cover this topics then will move to the Security and Compliance part of the AWS Network. There is a model of AWS about the Three tier security standard. We need to define the billing information of the AWS Network as well as the infrastructure. One will be able to cove this model then will come to the billing part of AWS, Account management of AWS, also Pricing model of AWS. Actually it is something related to the Security Audit.

Next will be, Documentation part of AWS, Source part of AWS, or Technical Assistance of AWS Network and infrastructure. If you want to deploy any operating system in the cloud then can use any operating system, we can deploy any operating system in the cloud, if you want to deploy client operating system like windows7, windows8 or windows 10 then can deploy with the help of server. There are many servers in the Microsoft which use to deploy the operating system. Can use RIS Means remote installation services, if you want to use RIS then we need, DHCP server too.

One this part will be completed then will move to the Abilities validated by the certification of AWS. We must have ability, to demonstrate the knowledge of architect as well as the deploy secure and robust application with the help of AWS Technology. We need to find the solution, using architectural of the design with the principles on behalf on client requirements. As a professional or as a student, we have to practice the guidance based on the practices for the organization with the help of life cycle of the project.

If you have previous knowledge of following then will be good for the understanding
1. Practical experience using the compute with AWS, networking with AWS, Storage with AWS, Database with AWS Services
2. Practical experience of Deployment of AWS Networking with operating system, practice on management services
3. Practical experience on AWS Services and need to meet the requirement for the technical scenario
4. Practical on recommended the secure building and reliable application of the AWS Platform
5. Practical Experience of AWS along with Global infrastructure
6. Practical experience of network technologies as well as the AWS Related work
7. Practical experience on Security support features, tools and AWS Provides also will be related to the traditional service of network

Next module will be based on Deploying, Managing, Operating highly available with the fault tolerant with AWS System. one will cover this module then will come to the Implementing and control the flow of Data with the help of AWS Technology.

This is just example of AWS similar can plan for other course in the Information Technology field. Can plan for the Data Structure Language with one month duration, can plan for html programming language with one month duration, sql programming language with one month fast track course, etc. Hope so this information will help to the student to study about all the subjects during 30 days or 45 days of winter duration. Student can take the decision for his/her carrier in information security as well as the information technology field.