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Networking training Course – CCNA

Best Networking training Course – CCNA

  • 27 May 2020
  • Admin

Why CCNA certification is considered important for Network expert?
CCNA certification program was designed to train human resource for the networking sector. This sector has grown tremendously over the past few decades. So according to the intensity of knowledge certification programs were divided into many certification programs. CCNA is a foundation certificate program which helps the person to attain core-level knowledge of networking. These programs were planned by Cisco which is a key player in the field of networking.

Training Course CCNA

Who is a Network expert?
A networking expert is a professional who has ample knowledge to design and integrate small to large networks, i.e. from simplest to complex and compound configuration. He must have good knowledge of routing and switching. With evolution and advancements in technology and business, the need for these professionals is increasing day by day.

The reasons why CCNA certification is a must for Network expert
• CCNA curriculum covers all required concepts
Cisco has planned and developed the curriculum of CCNA in such a manner that it gives basic Outlook to the student about networking concepts. It covers all the stuff of the foundational networking certification program- CCENT. Also, the most important concepts and skills needed to start a career in networking with an entry-level job are covered in CCNA.

• Important certification to learn other networking modules
CCNA is the basic foundation comprising concepts of CCNET. To polish the skill and learn other advance networking modules like CCNP and CCIE, one needs to qualify CCNA certification. So, it becomes necessary for the learner to prepare for CCNA.

• Global acceptance
This certification program is planned and conducted by a reputed tech organization- Cisco. According to Cisco’s vision, there will be a high demand for network engineers globally as the business will apply all the digital solutions to maximize revenue. So, to help the person to grab the job in top tech corporates, the curriculum is planned. Analysing the education system of all the countries, this certification program is designed to match the requirements of international recruiters. Hence, it is accepted internationally by al the reputed organizations.

• Opportunity to work with reputed organizations
The certification program sets the benchmark of technical knowledge. It is expected that the certified candidate has complete knowledge with the practical implementation of networking concepts in the real world. Therefore, the majority of recruiters prefer certified candidates over other candidates. This helps the candidate to secure a job and work with the renowned organization.

• Increases chances of promotion
CCNA curriculum is frequently revised according to the demand of the industry. Also, the certification is valid for a limited time duration. If you are already working in the IT industry then getting a certificate from a reputed organization like Cisco can increase the chances of an appraisal. This certificate will ensure a better understanding of networking also the current performance at the workplace will add value to the person as human resource.

If you are looking to make a rewarding career in networking profile then CCNA certification is a must for you. You can contact GICSEH for more information and career counselling. It is the best training institute for CCNA in Noida and other Cisco certification programs.

CCNA Certification & Job Opportunities
Cisco offers five levels of network certification:
• Entry level
• Associate level
• Professional level
• Expert level
• Architect level

Let’s have a look at the job prospects associated with them:
• CCNA routing and switching
This certification is for entry-level networking professionals. They will have to perform admin functions, be in the help desk, and provide support. This certification will bring you jobs like Network analyst, network administrator, and systems administrator.

This certification is meant for those aspiring to be design engineers and support technicians. If you possess this certification, you can bag a job of solutions designer engineer or an infrastructure engineer or a network design engineer.

• CCNA Collaboration
This certification covers CISCO’s Voice over IP telephony and video conferencing offerings. If you manage to acquire this certification, then you can get the job of either a collaboration engineer or a telecom engineer. You can also work as a VoIP engineer and a unified communications engineer.

• CCNA Cloud
MNCs are increasingly adopting cloud strategies. Hence, they need professionals who can work with both public and private clouds. This proper certification allows you to work as a Cloud Architect, cloud engineer, or a network administrator.

• CCNA Datacentre
If you possess this certification, then you can get the post of a data centre manager, data centre technician, or a data centre network engineer.

• CCNA Cyber ops
This certification will prepare you to do an associate-level job for cybersecurity.

• CCNA Security
It offers you with skills necessary for entry-level security jobs. You will get job offers for the position of a network security engineer, cybersecurity engineer, and security engineer and information security analyst.

• CCNA wireless
This certification is meant for the network admins who design and support a Cisco wireless LAN. You will get the post of a wireless network administrator, mobility engineer, or a field network engineer.

• CCNA service provider
You need to pass two exams to get this certification. You will work as a backbone support engineer, network engineer, or network infrastructure engineer.

• CCNA Industrial
This certification merges your world of IT with the world of factories, oil and gas facilities, chemical plants, etc. You will work as an industrial network engineer, industrial control systems engineer, or industrial network specialist.

If you reside in Noida or nearby and want to acquire CCNA certification and then you must be looking for CCNA training and certification in Noida. There are several CCNA training institutes in Noida, but the Global Institute of Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking is undoubtedly the no. 1 CCNA training institute in Noida. You will be making a hike in your career as well as salary package if you take CCNA certification from our institute.

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