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CCNA Training Institute

CCNA Training Institute in India

  • 13 Oct 2019
  • Admin

CCNA 200-301 is the Latest version from the Cisco, will be updated by 24th February 2020. If you want to appear in new CCNA exam then after this data can plan for the international exam. Once will get the international exam then the validity of this certificate will be for 3 years. After three years we have option to give exam again otherwise can give professional level of the certification. Once will give professional level of the certification then will get new certificate from the Cisco and Latest CCNA certificate also will renew. CCNA exam will be based on following topics, Cisco has updated Network Fundamentals topics in the new Syllabus of CCNA, After this, Network access has been updated from the Cisco then need to move to the Internet protocol connectivity, in this ip connectivity need to cover all the five classed like

Class - Range
Class A : 0-127
Class B : 128-191
Class C : 192-223
Class D : 224-239
Class E : 240-255

We can assign ip address from class A, Class B and Class C. In class A there is 8 bits for the network and 24 bits for the host means in 24 bits can assign ip to the computer or other networking device. If will discuss about the class B range then class B has 16 bits for the network and remaining 16 bits for the host. Network bits means address between the router is called network address. If will talk about the Class D address then class D use for the multicast, means take example of RIP routing information protocol has fix multicast address to send information like one to many nodes or router. If RIP will send the multicast address then multicast address will be take example of EIGRP Enhance interior gateway routing protocol use for Cisco Router, it has multicast address if will talk about the OSPF open shortest path first then will use to send the multicast information within area and one area to the other area can user from one area to the other area. Class E reserved for the future use but future will not come because now we are using ipv6 address to assign the address for networking device. If will talk about the CCNA Training institute in India then in new CCNA also called CCNA 200-301 will be main focus on following topics on behalf of international exam

- Network Fundamentals
- Network Access
- Internet Protocol Connectivity
- Internet Protocol Services
- Security Fundamentals of network
- Automation and Programmability for the network

Compare to old ccna now in new ccna topics has been increased for CCNA 200-301, Now they have more focus on IP access list along with ipv4 and ipv6 addressing too. They have more focus on vlan configuration in case of cisco switches. 200-301 CCNA certification exam duration will be 120 minutes, during this time need to attempt all the questions, all the questions will be based on online. Approximately 20 percent questions will come from network fundamentals topic, if will discuss about the remaining 80 percent of the questions then 20 percent again questions will come from the network access, now we have completed 40 percentage of the questions of international exam. After this need to cover ip connectivity to attempt 25 percent of the remain syllabus so now we have completed 65 percent of the syllabus. Once will cover ip connectivity then will move to the ip services, during the international exam approximately 10 percent questions will come so completed 75 percent of the topics on behalf of international exam. Now need to start security fundamentals to cover 15 percent of the exam topics then lastly will be automation and programmability to cover the whole syllabus of the online outline. As per as CCNA 200-125 is concern then they have focus on ipv4 addressing but now they have mainly into ipv6 addressing. Ipv6 has more flexibility compare to ipv4 addressing. Ipv4 has less ip address for allocation but ipv6 has more and more ip address for the allocation. Ipv4 has 32 bit means less bit so will be less processing and less security but ipv6 addressing has 128 bit so will be more processing and more security compare to ipv4. If will talk about the ipv4 loopback address and ipv6 loopback address so loopback address use for testing purpose. Means if you want to check any device for self connectivity like device has connectivity or no then check the address like below

- Ping (can user for testing purpose in ipv4 address)
- Ping ::1 (Can use for testing purpose in ipv6 addressing)
- Ping 0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1 (Can use for testing purpose in ipv6 addressing with full syntax)
- Ping 0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0001 (Can use for testing purpose in ipv6 addressing with complete syntax)

IPv6 addressing represented by colon and double colon means : and :: symbol, if will talk about the exact syntax then will be four zero then in between need to give colon symbol also four zero can replace with single zero then if will be all times zero then will be replace with :: symbol. If you want to implement the security in switches then must have the vlan configuration and port security configuration. If you want to implement the security on router then can implement with access link command to stop one computer, multiple computer as well as all the computers. If you want to stop the port number of application layer or if you want to stop application layer server then also can stop via access list command. Apart from this security also can implement with the help of security command in all the ports of router. Need to implement all the security command in all the ports of devices. If you want to assign ipv4 address and ipv6 address to any computer like windows 7, windows 8 computer, windows 10 computer or any server computer then can assign both the address with same time then also it is called dual stack address. Also can use for backup purpose if ipv4 address will not work then on that cast ipv6 address will work.