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Cisco Packet Tracer

Cisco Packet Tracer is the name of tool to configure any router, switch, firewall, computer, etc. If you want to give any command of the switch, if you want to give the command in the router, firewall then easily can practice. Cisco Website provided two kinds of the software, first will be the Cisco Packet Tracer and second will be the GNS3.

Both the software belong to the Cisco Organization, if you want simulation, if you want to test any network diagram then can use any of the tools or software https://packet-tracer.en.softonic.com/

this is the above link to download cisco packet tracer. This is available with the free version, can install and configure easily in any of windows or unix or linux, etc.

Cisco Packet tracer compatible to all the computer which is related to the laptop, desktop, tablet etc.