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Common Myths about Careers in Software Development

Common Myths about Careers in Software Development

  • 20 Mar 2020
  • Admin

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If you are thinking that Software Development and Programming is a skill only few people have, then you might be wrong this time! It is not a skill that someone is born with, it needs to be worked upon and developed with practise. Besides this, people think that this field is dedicated to a particular niche of persons like geeks, maths whiz and tech prodigy. To pursue career in software development or programming is just the same as pursuing any other career option. It is important to mind that for success in any field, hard work is the driving force and not necessarily someone’s talent. But, besides this fact, there are a lot of misconceptions floating around in the minds of people. Today, we are going to address to some of these Myths or Misconceptions.

Myth 1: For Early Succcess, Learn the Best Programming Language
This is a complete myth as there is no “Best Programming Language” as such. The nature or requirements of the project determine which programming language or languages must be used. A collection of different languages can be used in a project depending upon the complexity of the project. Languages work together and not against each other. For example, In a particular project, JavaScript may be used as a front-end tool for designing User Interface while PHP may be used in the back-end of the project. Comparing Programming Languages is a foolish thing. These languages are developed for different tasks but they together they help to achieve a common goal.

Myth 2: Tech Jobs are Boring, Sitting in front of a computer all day!
This is a very common myth in almost everyone’s minds today. It is a misconception that we need to reflect upon carefully. According to Glassdoor’s report of 50 Best Jobs in America, 40-50% of them were from Technology background.

Every company today relies on technological applications in their business and hires tech savvy people in their organization. If you think jobs other than IT are less boring, then you may need to rethink. Think of a CA who analyses accounting statements and balance sheets whole day of various clients and draw various implications or think of a HR manager who had to process thousands of job applications everyday and filter candidates after conducting interviews. Surely, it seems to be a hefty and tiring work though. This was just two examples quoted, In any sector, most of the jobs seem boring to people who are not enthusiast or find their work interesting. But, if you are on the other side and love your work, you’ll end up loving programming too if you find it interesting.

Myth 3: You need to know about all the new Technologies
This however is also not true. Many software developers admit that they don’t necessarily keep themselves up to date with new technologies coming up or changes happening in IT sector. For instance, there are constant updates to JavaScript or Python every few months. You need to know that it is not an obligation to learn everything new that comes up. Don’t bear unnecessary pressure on your shoulders and just relax. However, it is equally important to keep your eyes open and be willing to learn new skills as and when required to remain on the competitive edge.

Myth 4: It is particularly for the Genius!
This is not true. Being genius is not necessary here. Anyone can become a software developer. Software developers become genius with constant practise while coding and brainstorming a project. Like in any industry, there are people with different talents and skills. Most of them are new entrants with less than three year of experience and are working to build their skillset. While remaining few are the ones with years of expertise and remarkable talent. So, in short, majority is of the ordinary people like you, who are new to programming and need time and hardwork to become experts.

Myth 5: Change your job every year for Increased Pay and Learning
Many experienced people advice young software developers to change jobs every year in order to maximize their learning experience and pay scale. But in reality, it is not true. There is no hard and fast rule to change jobs after a prescribed time period. Some may feel uninterested in their current job roles in less than six months while some may want to switch their jobs after two or four years. It is entirely dependent on the individual’s mindset and his interest. If you keep on changing jobs looking for an increase in package, then it may pose a negative impact to your profile in the long run. Finding a favourable job role according to your interest and investing your time in learning things there is the key. You’ll eventually find growth opportunities in the same profile only. If you don’t, then look around for other options.

The Bottom Line
Now, that you know the truth behind these myths, you can clear your mind’s doubts and develop confidence to pursue a successful career in the software development industry. If you invest you valuable time and efforts in a positive direction towards achieving your goal, there’s no way you can’t succeed. Now, its your turn to take the first step and start learning whatever may interest you.

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