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Computer Training Centre in India

Computer Training Centre in India

  • 04 Nov 2019
  • Admin

There are many courses in India or Other part of the Country for Computer. There are many programming languages, there are many courses offering on behalf of hardware and basic concept about the computer, there are many courses on behalf of networking and advance networking too. There are many international organization, who is providing training part of the subject, after the training also providing the certification for the same subject. There is web development courses, Android development courses, some other account related courses. Firstly need to decide our main ambition for the course. If you have any interest with Account Department then can plan for the Tally course. There are many category for the computer courses in India or Noida.

Computer Training Centre in India

Best Computer Training Institute in India

Will be good if you will start the course after 12th Pass or Can start the course after the Graduation Degree. If any candidate belong to BA/BCOM/BSC then also can plan for the carrier in Information Technology. If any candidate belong to BCA/MCA/BSC-IT/MSC-IT then can plan for the professional course for the computer training. If you want to learn from the basic then can start from the MS Word, once MS Word will be over then can plan for the MS Excel. If Microsoft Excel will be completed then can move to the Advance Excel part of the MS Office. After the Advance Excel can plan MS Access then will be good the basic knowledge as well as some advance knowledge of the subject. We need to learn the internet and email too, now a days internet usage and email usage has basic requirement for the industry. One will be over these basic module then can plan for the Unix operating system, once will learn unix operating system then can plan for the C Language for the programming. Once C Programming will be done then can plan for the C++ Programming language then can also plan for the visual basic, once visual basic will be over then will move to the visual c++ Programming language.

If we have good understanding level of Visual C++ then can plan for the java programming language, also then after the java programming language can plan for the financial accounting, if you have any interest in Accounting section of the finance. If you want to move to the Desktop Publishing then will start with Computer fundamentals of concept. Once computer fundamental concepts will be completed then will come to the MS-Windows module of the course, After the MS-Windows module of the course can move to the DTP-Page Maker, Photoshop and Project. If will check about visual tools then in this tools, MS-Windows will be the first topic then after the first topic can move to the visual studio. Unix and C Programming content will be important for the student and candidate, can move to the unix module, once unix module will be over then we should move to the C Programming and C++ Programming language.

Next module will be web designing part, once web designing part will start then will come to the Content part of the module, in this module will start from the HTML, After the HTML will mode to the Front Page, Once Front page will be completed then will move to the DHTML Programming language too. After the DHTML Programming language will start the module of Java script and VB Script, then will plan for the XML programming language. If you want to go with the Backend with Front end then will plan for Oracle with Visual Basic content.
Will be Cover following topics in Basic Computer and Applications
1. Architecture of computer basic
2. DOS and Advance DOS Module
3. Hardware and Software module
4. About the register module
5. About the capacitor module
6. About the soldering and De-Soldering
7. About the Logic and Gates
8. About the number systems

Above modules are the part of basic computer for any student or any candidate.