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Drawbacks of Accessibility

Drawbacks of Accessibility to Avoid

  • 27 December 2021
  • Admin

It is not necessary whatever is designed on the website will be liked by every visitor. What one visitor may consider useful, maybe seem annoying by the other. Despite this variability and complexity, you still attempt to make your site as accessible as possible to the people you are trying to reach. Nonetheless, we will be discussing some accessibility pitfalls to avoid improving the function of your site for all users.


Users do not support captchas because most of them are either impossible to read or unnecessarily complicated. Moreover, captchas often represent a serious roadblock for the vision-impaired.

Avoid using "ALT" attributes on images
By placing useful alt text for images on your site, users can view your images as they are represented with equivalent text. Otherwise, all browsers deal with the same attribute, in the same way, many developers confuse the purpose of ALT and the title.

Using Pop-Ups for Content
If your content comes in the form of a pop-up, it gets blocked by most browsers. However, in these cases, you risk losing several potential users who, realizing that your site is not compatible with their configuration, move. There are only a few visitors who are the most dedicated ones, who investigate the problem in your website’s help pages to discover how to solve the problem.

Incorrect labels
Just labeling modules on any website with simple text is not enough. Label elements should be used to maximize usability which not only provides easy-to-select fields but also guarantees that screenshots and autofill functions work properly with modules.

Unidentifiable connections
The label element should be used to maximize usability, which not only allows for easy selection. Popular ways to differentiate links include color contrast, underlines, and hover effects. By employing all three methods can dramatically increase usability because users can clearly see where to click if they wish to access more content.

Wave Link Text
When scanning a page, your eyes are probably more focused on the differentiated links than on the rest of the text because they stand out. Some may think that the call to action “click here” is what inspires you. However, without reading the entire paragraph or phrase correctly, the option "Click here" does not motivate the user to call to action because he is not sure where it leads.

Western Content And Insufficient Spacing
Do not crack your content or do not include an extravagant amount of images or text. Small business owners usually make this mistake and include paragraph after paragraph of information that no one will ever read. The information on your page should be clearly organized and easy to understand within seconds.

Changing the Font Size Shouldn't Break the Layout
Many users often need to increase the default text size to make a page more readable. The layout is completely destroyed, leading all the navigation links to run together, buttons stay miles apart from their associated text and the ads running on the pages disappear completely. This type of oversight can put a lot of visitors aside.

Dissimilarity between Text and Background
Sometimes clients require you to use a stock photo with zero-copy space, but it is the job of the designer to figure out how to integrate easily readable text with the image. Use bold letters, lines, drop shadows, color bars, and whatever else you can think of to make your message stand out from the background.

Overuse of Flash
Flash has brought the web to a level of richness that can fulfill a developer's wildest dreams. However, be very careful when embedding so much Flash in your website.

Complicated Pull-Down Menus
There is a thin line between a useful menu and an overloaded one. On one hand, they are providing users with easy access to their full range of products. Conversely, they offer users a lot more content than they are used to in a simple drop-down menu. The point is that overloaded menus usually spring from an attempt to increase ease of use due to the excessive amount of information that must be filtered to get to where you want to go.

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