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Course Summary

This is the Advance level of the security subject. After the CEH certification student/professional can plan certification in ECSA. Latest version of ECSA is 10.0 also CEH latest version is 10.0.

ECSA V10 is belong to EC Council, After the ECSA v10 Exam, Certificate will come from the EC Council. Number of questions will be 150 in the exam, passing score will be 70 percent and duration will be 4 hours.

CEH 10.0 and ECSA 10.0 is the excellent combination is the IT Scenario, after these two certification people can plan his/her carrier in Government sector, Private Sector and other sector of Information Technology.

Syllabus has be designed on 40 hours, need to complete each and every course in 40 hours. Syllabus/outline is based on practical and real scenario.

ECSA V10 Exam Info

# Credit Towards Certification: ECSA v10
# Number of Questions: 150
# Passing Score: 70%
# Test Duration: 4 Hours

ECSA V10 Syllabus
1. # Introduction to penetration testing and methodologies
2. # penetration testing scoping and engagement methodology
3. # open source intelligence (OSINT) Methodology
4. # Social Engineering penetration testing methodology
5. # Network Penetration testing methodology-external
6. # Network Penetration testing methodology-internal
7. # Network Penetration testing methodology-perimeter devices
8. # web application penetration testing methodology
9. # database penetration testing methodology
10. # wireless penetration testing methodology
11. # cloud penetration testing methodology
12. # Report writing and post Testing Actions
13. # Penetration testing essential concepts
14. # password cracking penetration testing
15. # Denial-of-service penetration testing
16. # stolen laptop PDAs and cell phones penetration testing
17. # source code penetration testing
18. # physical security penetration testing
19. # surveillance camera penetration testing
20. # Voip penetration testing
21. # vpn penetration testing
22. # virtual machine penetration testing
23. # war dialling
24. # virus and Trojan detection
25. # log management penetration testing
26. # file integrity checking
27. # telecommunication and broadband communication penetration testing
28. # email security penetration testing
29. # security patches penetration testing
30. # data leakage penetration testing
31. # SAP Penetration Testing
32. # Standards and compliance
33. # information system security principles
34. # information system incident handling and response
35. # information system auditing and certification

Course Features

  • Duration : 60 Hours
  • Lectures : 30
  • Quiz : 10
  • Students : 15

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ECSA V10 Training Institute in Noida

Rating on Best Python Programming Training Institute & Certification in Noida 4.9 out of 5 based on 4000 Students Rating

The ECSA v10 program takes the tools and techniques one learns during the Certified Ethical Hacker course and elevates the ability into full exploitation. The main focusis on the methodology of pen testing. You now have the option of submitting a pen testing report. The main purpose behind these changes is to make ECSA more difficult and to make it more necessary certification.

This training will help you to understand various concepts like
- Password Cracking
Web Application Penetration Testing
SQL Penetration Testing and other related certifications

GICSEH is the best ECSA V10 Training Institute in Noida. Our trainers have several years of professional expertise in the same profile. If you are looking for the best ECSA training in Noida, then GICSEH is the best choice for your career.

Eligibility Criteria for ECSA V10 Training

The basic pre-requisites criteria for this course is just a basic knowledge of computers and a bachelor’s degree. Our modules are prepared in such a way that we provide the training from the basic concepts to the advanced level.

ECSA V10 Training Institute in India

ECSA V10 certification course helps the participant’s ability to use the talent learned in CEH. The course emphasis on hands-on learning. It offers you the live experience on
- penetration testing
- envelopes the testing of modern infrastructures
- application environment etc
GICSEH is among the leading ECSA V10 training Institute in India where you can excel on all the concepts with live training concept.

ECSA Jobs in India

The Global Institute of Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking gives you best ECSA Training in India by bringing in ECSA Certified Professionals from the industries having years of experience in the same field.

There is a handsome growth witnessed in this profile that marks a well-paid salary range for professionals to rise in this domain.

After the completion of the course, you can get a job as a:
- Information Security Analyst
- Senior Security Analyst
- Security Engineer
- Security Analyst
- Security Manager

Benefits of ECSA V10Microsoft Azure Training

- Greater industry acceptance - You will learn to analyze the outcomes from using security tools and security testing techniques

Why GICSEH to Become ECSA V10Training provider?

Learning ECSA V10 concepts with GICSEH is very advantageous as compared to enroll with any other institute because of below mentioned points

  • - We have well-defined industry standard learning course module
  • - We have a team of highly experienced professionals having years of experience in relevant profile
  • - At GICSEH, you will get comprehensive training with live sessions
  • - At GICSEH, we have Smart labs with all premium facilities
  • - At GICSEH, we have customized schedule of training sessions
  • - Interactive instructor-led Microsoft Azure Training in Noida
  • - We prepare the students with mock sample tests for better scores
  • - We offer hands-on practice on real life projects

Make Your Career as ECSA V10 Professional

After the ECSA certification you would be able to understand how to look for vulnerabilities in target systems and would also be able to implement the same knowledge and tools in a lawful and legitimate manner. There is a huge demand of ECSA V10 certified professionals in the market and it is definitely going to increase in the upcoming time.

If you wish to learn real ECSA V10 concepts and enroll yourself in ECSA V10Training then, contact the experts at GICSEH and take a step ahead towards a brighter future.