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Features And Advantages Of Python

Features, Advantages, And Applications Of Python

  • 08 November 2021
  • Admin

As we all know, Python is a high-level dynamic interpreter and autonomous open-source programming language. It is generally both object-oriented as well as general-purpose programming. Python was created by Guido van Rossum and released in 1991. Python is a language that can be used on various platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. The syntax of Python is much similar to the English language, which makes it somewhere easy and familiar to learners. Today we will discuss the basic features of Python, what Python can do, its advantages, and many more. So, let's give beginners a basic understanding of Python that they are going to learn.


What are the goals of Python programming
• To make language powerful along with easy and natural.
• To make it free open-source so that anyone can contribute to its development.
• To make it much more familiar and plain like English.
• To make it more effective, to perform daily tasks efficiently.
Nowadays, Python is claiming to be the third most popular programming language across the globe.

Amazing features of Python
Python's features include –
Understandable language- Python language is the language that is easily understandable with more clearly defined codes.
Simple language- This language can be taught to the students quickly due to its simple structure, keywords, and spelling out syntax.
Portable language- Python language has the movable feature. It can easily run on a variety of hardware platforms, possessing the same port for all platforms.
Flexible language- This programming language has the feature of being easily extendable as programmers can customize their tools to make it more efficient.
Easy maintenance- Codes of Python language are indeed easy to maintain as it does not require much maintenance.
The object-oriented language- Python language was originally designed with object-oriented features; it greatly helps in working with classes.
Beginner's language- Python is a vital part of learning as it helps in supporting the development of a variety of applications.
An interactive language- Python is a language that provides actual interaction as you can write your coding directly sitting at the Python prompt.
An interpretative language- You do not need to compile your program before accomplishing it.

Aside from the above-mentioned features of high-level programming language, here is a list of some more advanced features of Python-
• It encourages automatic garbage collection machine programs.
• It offers a high level of dynamic data and supports dynamic data type checking also.
• Python programming can be used for the creation of large applications by compiling to byte code.
• It can be associated with Java, C, C++, COM, ActiveX, and COBRA.

Advantages of Python Programming language
• High-level programming language
• Free open source
• Object-oriented
• Portable and easy maintainable
• Dynamic in nature
• Third-party
• Easy to understand
• Interpreted language
• Prototype as offers more functions in less coding
• Highly efficient as it can highlight complex mathematics and have NumPy for numerical calculations and pandas for data analytics.

What are the applications of Python?
• Application in the Operating system.
• Database access.
• Application on business and enterprise
• Application on web framework
• Development of software
• Prototyping
• Application on GUI based desktop
• For graphics, games, and computer application
• In education (excellent method for program teaching)

Name of organizations that uses Python
• Spotify
• Youtube
• Yahoo
• Google
• Mozilla
• Dropbox
• Microsoft
• Cisco
• Quora

Well, we discussed the basic goals of Python, its features, advantages, and on which different fields it has its applications. We even disclosed some of the most reputed companies which use Python programming in their application. Python is highly in demand in today's era, as it is used in developing software, learning machines, automating tasks, etc. GICSEH, i.e, the Global Institute of Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking plays an important role in creating your base for Python by helping students to provide hands-on experiences. So join GICSEH today for speedy-career development.

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