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Hacking Vs Ethical Hacking

Hacking Vs Ethical Hacking: What Makes Them Different

  • 18 Feb 2021
  • Admin

Whenever anyone first listens to words Hacking the first thing that will come to their mind is malicious or illegal cyber practices. Well, that’s not completely true though? Here In this article, we will discuss Hacking vs Ethical Hacking comparing these two terms will help you to understand their meaning better.

Everybody’s First Impression Of Hacking And Ethical Hacking
In simple words, Hacking is referred to as the illegal or malicious practice of accessing someone's private data stored in any system by experts. These experts are known or called, Hackers. These hackers have all the knowledge related to programming and how to invade privacy and its concepts. The mistakes that are done by programmers while developing or working on software used by the hackers as a loophole in a system to break through the security framework of the software.

While on another hand Ethical hacking is done by hackers as well but their intention is different behind hacking as it is not for malicious purposes. Their services and knowledge are used to check and build on software security and to help to develop a strong security system framework in a business or organization to prevent potential threats. In the IT domain, Ethical hackers are Known and called White Hats, who end up protecting companies and other organizations from the Black Hats who are unethical hackers. Today Ethical hacking is adopted by almost every organization.

What makes them Different

Objectives Of Black Hat Hackers:
● Getting valuable information from another user
● Stealing money through transactions and accounts
● Even downloading free hacking software is an illegal activity
● Invade the privacy and stealing information from military/navy organizations etc
● To invade the access restricted networking spaces

Objectives of White Hat Hackers’ :
● To design a strong security framework in a system
● To developing high-security programming language like Linux
● To develop most of the strong security software for organizations
● Keep on checking and updating security software

Some Popular Methods of Hacking

There is a high chance that you had already heard about Phishing. Who doesn't know about phishing hackers then these hackers use their skills to hack passwords of emails or websites. Hackers who use this method mostly send Phishing emails in inboxes. And their main aim is to usually steal the login information of the users by their email ids by asking them to log in and redirecting it to their website.

This is done by robots, robots do the hacking job through botnets.

Very few people have heard about this new technique as it is a relatively new technique and it is adopted by hackers to breach information. So in this method hackers install a device on a motherboard port and then whatever will be returned through the keyboard will be stolen.
● Hacking can also be done on software by using software patches
● Carders are types of hackers who attack ATM or credit cards to steal user information
● Script Kiddies are Hackers who want to attack computer systems to steal important information

Hackers vs Crackers
Now, let's understand the difference between hackers and crackers. It is generally believed that Hackers help to build security and crackers aim to break security. But there is a big difference between the working method of both although they both engage in the hacking of some sort.

But Hackers have an advanced level of knowledge regarding computer security and acquire all the technical knowledge required regarding the same.

On the other hand, crackers are known for their illegal methods and are well aware of criminal activities so they try to cover their tracks. Crackers are highly skilled in breaching systems but professional hackers can restore the security of the breached system as they are experts and even catch the cracker with their skills and competency.

Crackers can be proved as a serious threat to internet security. So in a nutshell, hackers are ethical professionals whereas crackers are those who hack into systems illegally and without consent. Apart from this major difference, there is also a difference in their understanding of systems and cybersecurity. Like hackers can write codes in many languages and they acquire in-depth knowledge of computer languages like C, C++, HTML, and Java. Crackers are not this good in computer programming.

In simple words, hackers break into systems to check for loopholes in them and fill them to secure the systems whereas crackers are those who break into systems to steal and exploit for personal gains. What crackers do is not only unethical but is also illegal and criminal activity. White Hats are specially employed by organizations to do hacking ie to make the security system strong and rectify every loophole.

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