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Hardware and Networking Jobs

Hardware and Networking Jobs in India

  • 31 Oct 2019
  • Admin

This is the most demanded course in the world now. The combination of hardware and networking is very good for the industry. If you want to make your carrier in information technology then our base should be very much strong. How to make our base strong, can prepare the topics of hardware and networking. If you have 10+2 Qualification with minimum 50 percent of the marks from the recognised school and board then you are eligible for the same. If will check the hardware and basic networking syllabus, training and certification then need to prepare fundamentals of IT along with the operating system. The fundamental of information technology should be very mush strong. After this can move to the Basic of Electronics as well as microprocessor. We must have the strong knowledge of microprocessor as well as the electronic components. After this we should move to the computer assembling and troubleshooting. We must have the idea about the troubleshooting part of the computer. Once will get actual knowledge of the all hardware part as well as the networking module then need to start from the programming in c. C Programming again divided in two parts of the syllabus, first will be the basic module and second will be the advance module of c programming language. Will be good if you have strong knowledge and concept of Communication & Soft Skills. If you are giving interview anywhere in the world then must be the common language. Must have the strong knowledge of Communication, like how to explain any question with the help of examples and good practical.


Will be following point according to hardware and networking jobs in India.
1. Information technology fundaments and Different operating system
2. Basic of Electronics and Microprocessor unit
3. Computer Assembling and Troubleshooting part of the computer
4. Programming in C Language
5. Communication with Soft Skills
6. Hardware Lab with the help of computer assembling and troubleshooting
7. Computer Networking
8. Windows Server 2000/2003/2008/2012/2016/2019
9. Linux Administration with RHEL or FC
10. Database Administration with the help of oracle
11. Software lab with windows and Linux OS

There are many company in metro cities, who is recruiting the person, who is having zero to 2 years of jobs experience in hardware and networking.
Company list will be following
1. There are many Hardware company and manufacturing companies
2. There are many telecom companies
3. There are many colleges and universities
4. There will be many Hardware and Repairing Shops
5. There will be many banks
6. There are many call Centers
7. There are many system design companies
8. There are many hospitals
9. There will be many software companies

Will be following designation on behalf of Hardware and Networking Infrastructure
1. Router Operator and Manager
2. Hardware and Networking Executive
3. Hardware and Networking Engineer
4. Cabling Designer and Engineer
5. Backup Operator and Engineer
6. Storage and Specialist Manager
7. Hardware and Networking Consultant
8. Technical Support Engineer and Manager

If you are planning your job in Delhi/NCR then can plan your city in Delhi, Ghaziabad, Noida, Greater Noida, Faridabad, Gurgaon, Etc. If you are planning your job in Bangalore then you can plan for many cities, If you are planning of Mumbai then there are many places to join the job there. If you are planning for the West Bengal then there are many good cities to join and work with the organizations.
Need to study, about the following technology on behalf of training part as well as the certification part
1. Cisco Technology Training and Certification
2. Microsoft Technology Training and Certification
3. Red Hat Technology Training and Certification
4. EC-Council Technology Training and Certification
5. Comptia Technology Training and Certification