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Hardware Training Course

Hardware Training Course

Course Summary

Hardware training course is good for the basic knowledge about the computer. We must have the knowledge about the computer, monitor, printer, scanner, switch, router, firewall and operating system. If we are planning our carrier in different sector then firstly can plan for this course. Will be good for the job opportunity in Delhi or NCR or other part of the country.

Day 1 (Configure and apply BIOS settings.)
Day 2 (Differentiate between motherboard components, their purposes, and properties.)
Day 3 (Compare and contrast RAM types and features.)
Day 4 (Install and configure expansion cards.)
Day 5 (Install and configure storage devices and use appropriate media.)
Day 6 (Differentiate among various CPU types and features and select the appropriate cooling method.)
Day 7 (Compare and contrast various connection interfaces and explain their purpose.)
Day 8 (Install an appropriate power supply based on a given scenario.)
Day 9 (Evaluate and select appropriate components for a custom configuration, to meet customer specifications or needs.)
Day 10 (Given a scenario, evaluate types and features of display devices.)
Day 11 (Identify connector types and associated cables.)
Day 12 (Install and configure various peripheral devices.)

Day 13 (Identify types of network cables and connectors.)
Day 14 (Categorize characteristics of connectors and cabling.)
Day 15 (Explain properties and characteristics of TCP/IP.)
Day 16 (Explain common TCP and UDP ports, protocols, and their purpose.)
Day 17 (Compare and contrast wireless networking standards and encryption types.)
Day 18 (Install, configure, and deploy a SOHO wireless/wired router using appropriate settings.)
Day 19 (Compare and contrast Internet connection types and features.)
Day 20 (Identify various types of networks.)
Day 21 (Compare and contrast network devices, their functions, and features.)
Day 22 (Given a scenario, use appropriate networking tools.)

Day 23 (Install and configure laptop hardware and components.)
Day 24 (Compare and contrast the components within the display of a laptop.)
Day 25 (Compare and contrast laptop features.)

Day 26 (Explain the differences between the various printer types and summarize the associated imaging process.)
Day 27 (Given a scenario, install, and configure printers.)
Day 28 (Given a scenario, perform printer maintenance.)

Day 29 (Given a scenario, use appropriate safety procedures.)
Day 30 (Explain environmental impacts and the purpose of environmental controls.)
Day 31 (Given a scenario, demonstrate proper communication and professionalism.)
Day 32 (Explain the fundamentals of dealing with prohibited content/activity.)
Day 33 (Compare and contrast the features and requirements of various Microsoft Operating Systems.)
Day 34 (Given a scenario, install, and configure the operating system using the most appropriate method.)
Day 35 (Given a scenario, use appropriate command line tools).
Day 36 (Given a scenario, use appropriate operating system features and tools.)
Day 37 (Given a scenario, use Control Panel utilities)
Day 38 (Setup and configure Windows networking on a client/desktop.)
Day 39 Setup and configure Windows networking on a client/desktop.)
Day 40 (Explain the differences among basic OS security settings.)
Day 41 (Explain the basics of client-side virtualization.)

Day 42 (Apply and use common prevention methods.)
Day 43 (Compare and contrast common security threats.)
Day 44 (Implement security best practices to secure a workstation.)
Day 45 (Given a scenario, use the appropriate data destruction/disposal method.)
Day 46 (Given a scenario, secure a SOHO wireless network.)
Day 47 (Given a scenario, secure a SOHO wired network.)

Day 48 (Explain the basic features of mobile operating systems.)
Day 49 (Establish basic network connectivity and configure email.)
Day 50 (Compare and contrast methods for securing mobile devices.)
Day 51 (Compare and contrast hardware differences in regards to tablets and laptops.)
Day 52 (Execute and configure mobile device synchronization.)

Day 53 (Given a scenario, explain the troubleshooting theory.)
Day 54 (Given a scenario, troubleshoot common problems related to motherboards, RAM, CPU and power with appropriate tools.)
Day 55 (Given a scenario, troubleshoot hard drives and RAID arrays with appropriate tools.)
Day 56 (Given a scenario, troubleshoot common video and display issues.)
Day 57 (Given a scenario, troubleshoot wired and wireless networks with appropriate tools.)
Day 58 (Given a scenario, troubleshoot operating system problems with appropriate tools.)
Day 59 (Given a scenario, troubleshoot common security issues with appropriate tools and best practices.)
Day 60 (Given a scenario, troubleshoot, and repair common laptop issues while adhering to the appropriate procedures.)
Day 61 (Given a scenario, troubleshoot printers with appropriate tools.)

Course Features

  • Duration : 120 Hours
  • Lectures : 60
  • Quiz : 10
  • Students : 15

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Hardware Training Institute in Noida

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People who are making up their minds to seek after the most effective Hardware training institute in Noida should have some thought relating to what organizing is. In innovation, 'organizing' may be characterized as an association with a system of PCs to share the information. the internet could be a comparative reasonably administration, and new thoughts and higher frameworks are being created on daily basis.
The fate of systems administration is mounting and a confirmed tutorial category on systems administration opens the way to your splendid future profession. At GICSEH, the preparation information is flaunted to such an extent that the competitors are industry-sagacious.
GICSEH offers the best Hardware training in Noida and makes you job ready by the completion of your course.

Eligibility Criteria for Networking Training
Candidates who have completed their primary education up to school level, are eligible take admission in such programs.

Hardware Training Institute in India

After graduating there are several choices to decide on the most effective path for your carrier. If you opt for Hardware courses for your future there will be more edges ought to develop your skills and learn most of the fascinating domain.

We have highlighted our course details and information to accomplish everybody's vocation objective. In GICSEH’s Hardware educational program you’ll earn – Motherboards, Processors and Memory, Storage Devices and Power providers, Peripherals and growth, Display Devices, Custom Configuration, Networking Fundamentals and much more!!

Hardware Jobs in INDIA

The course empowers you to experience on-time challenges within the field of Hardware. The job options available for the students who complete the course are:
• Network support engineer
• System Administrator
• Server Administrator

A hardware certification holder generally earns around Rs. 17000/- to Rs. 25000/- at entry level and the package increase with the experience and skills.

Why GICSEH to Become Certified Hardware Professional?

In GICSEH’s hardware training courses you'll learn the following things –
• Introduction to Networks
• The Open Systems Interconnection Specifications
• Networking Topologies
• Connectors and Wiring Standards
• Local area network Specifications
• Networking Devices
• Introduction to web Protocol
• Scientific discipline Addressing
• Troubleshooting scientific discipline
• Physical and Hardware Security
• Wide space Networks
• Troubleshooting Tools
• Hardware Tools, observation and improvement.

Make Your Career as a Hardware skilled

Computer Hardware is that the best career within the IT business. Hardware career can be the one that gives wonderful career growth.
If you want to be told real networking ideas and enroll yourself in hardware training in Noida then, contact consultants from GICSEH and take a step ahead towards a brighter future.