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How to Change MAC Address of the Device ?

How to Change MAC Address of the Device ?

  • 7 Aug 2019
  • Admin

In this video I am going to use a python script to change the mac address of my device. So before changing what is MAC address ?

MAC address is a Media Access Control address which uniquely identifies a hardware in a network. For example a Ethernet card may have a MAC address of 00:0a:33:15:44:aa The manufactures of the particular hardware place a special serial number by which they can uniquely identify the hardware in the network. These number is known as OUI (Organizationally Unique identifier). The first three section of the MAC denotes to the vendor. It means if you by a NIC (Network Interface Card) from any vendor say tp-link the first three section will denote to tp-link and the last three section will be your unique number.

So if you can spoof the MAC address of any hardware you will able to bypass any security in which the hardware belongs or you can clone a particular device which you wants to by using the MAC address of that particular device

So in this process I will built a MAC changing script using python and its sub process module.