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Ethical Hackers

How to differentiate between different types of Ethical hackers?

  • 09 Nov 2022
  • Admin

You can never be completely secure, no matter how many precautions you take to secure your systems. There are criminals who take advantage of these weaknesses to their advantage. However, there are people who can find these weaknesses and fix them. And those are Ethical hackers.

Zero-day vulnerabilities are flaws in the systems and vulnerabilities that the vendors are still unaware of. Whether they are doing it maliciously or with good intentions, these hackers use it to exploit the organization's system. Some of them are spyware that is used specifically to find these vulnerabilities and may be sold to people in order to sell the data needed to spy on citizens. GICSEH has the best ethical hacking courses in Noida for students to learn ethical hacking.

Let's discuss what is hacking.
Hacking is the practice of using computer expertise to address a specific issue.

Hackers are those who gain access to your system using their computer expertise and then potentially use it for malicious purposes. Let's go over each one individually.

Black hat hackers are hackers who also commit online crimes. These hackers locate the weaknesses and illegally compromise the system. They access the system without having permission. Once they identify a weakness in your system, these hackers use viruses or other malware to break in and take advantage of you. ransomware attacks where they hack the system and exploit it and then extort money or exploit the data system.

For instance, Pegasus is a spyware that hackers use. The hackers spied on the world's political leaders using this spyware. This spyware collected data from Facebook and Whatsapp. logged into the apps repeatedly, took screenshots at specific intervals, and continued to observe people.

White hat hackers- These are hackers who may have worked for the business. They are permitted to use the system. They pinpoint the system's flaws before figuring out how to repair them. and make the system's security stronger. They mean well, they really do.

One of the cases of ethical hacking in the white space. Hackers recently identified a flaw in the political party's campaign app in Germany. This hacker informed the political party about it. The vulnerability was such that it might have allowed the information of up to 20,000 people to be stolen. Their personal information, including email addresses, postal addresses, pictures, and Facebook IDs, may have been exposed to hackers. But despite having access, this hacker didn't use the information for his own gain; instead, he informed the political party. GICSEH has the best ethical hacking course in Noida for students to study ethical hacking and get good jobs.

Gray hat hackers: these hackers do not have permission from the company. However, they might not be maliciously motivated. They identify the opening, and they might break into the system. Now, some of them notify the organization about the vulnerability, while others might not and demand payment before providing all the information.

The distinctions between black-hat, gray-hat, and white-hat hackers
The main distinction between grey hat, white hat, and black hat hackers is their goal. Black hat hackers use the vulnerability without authorization with malicious intent in order to gain something. The goal of white hat hackers is to find weaknesses in an organization's security and report them to the appropriate authorities without any malicious intent. By doing this, they assist the organization in fortifying its overall security. The grey hat hackers fall in the middle. They still break into your system despite not having your knowledge or permission; they might even report a vulnerability or not fully exploit it. Alternatively, you could trade the information for cash.

There are other hackers too and they are discussed below.
Green hat hackers are inexperienced hackers who have the technical know-how to hack; they are not black hackers. To hack your system, they primarily use phishing and social engineering.

Hackers who want to combat black hat hackers are known as red hat hackers. They break into the network of black hat hackers or their online groups.

Blue-hat hackers are those who work for the organization. They are employed by organizations, and part of their duties entail conducting penetration tests in order to find the system's weak points and strengthen its security.

Although the system has tight security, there are still weaknesses, and the organizations need ethical hackers to strengthen the system.

GICSEH offers ethical hacking courses in Noida. so that you can learn ethical hacking techniques, employ them to get better jobs, and use them to make your organization's security systems stronger.

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