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Web Designing For E-commerce

Importance Of Web Designing For E-commerce

  • 16 September 2021
  • Admin

In recent years, the internet is being developed with great growth as a new commercial channel in a market with a target of more than 1400 million people and more than 70000 million.com websites. In the world, the opportunities of trading are almost infinite and an increase of competence is there. The starting point of the answer could be by understanding what users want. For this reason there has been a growing body of research focused on the factors that affect the success of an e-commerce website from the user's perspective. In this line many studies have identified that web design is a key factor for the development of a good interface to satisfy consumer needs.

Is web design important in order to obtain high levels of satisfaction with the website or to increase the online purchase intention of the consumer?


Factors Affecting Ecommerce Website Success
In the last years, a great number of researches have made efforts in order to establish which factors may lead to the success of a website in the sense the marketing literature has stressed the user's point of view to define how an e-Commerce website must be for being successful in general terms and in the context of electronic e-commerce a successful website “A website which attracts the customers and is easy to use with streamlined content and information relevant to customers searches”. Following this concept, some authors have emphasized the consumer beliefs and perceptions of the value created by the characteristics of the website while others have pointed out the main features of website quality from a consumer’s view. Besides, several research lines have been developed with the aim of remarking those determining factors and emphasizing the importance of achieving online customer satisfaction and impact on his purchase intention.

Importance of web design for the E-Commerce
From the point of view of the consumer, the website should be designed with all these characteristics in mind in order to awaken the emotional state of the user and to enhance their online visits for purchase intention like the website with a structured form, the website which is planned, artistic, coherent, purposeful, and useful. As the internet and e-commerce evolve, are there different points of view on what are the key elements of web design? Usability of a website is the ease with which the user can learn to manage the system and memorize the basic functions, the efficiency of the design of the site, the degree of error avoidance, and the general satisfaction of the user.

Things to remember for the successful e-commerce business
Taking into account the high competition in the electronic environment and the growing interest of businesses in developing websites that satisfy the users as much as possible here is a paragraph in order to suggest adequate structures and design of the website.

In this line the literature review allows us to state the importance of web designing to get perfect results with customized website development is not that much easy. There are a lot of factors to take into account. It emerges as a challenge for businesses since the Limited dimensions of the computer screen amplify the designers' need to carefully manage the design alternatives, displaying the options that reflect the distance of the website in the best way and satisfying the user and Consumers need.

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