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Internet Security in India

Internet Security in India

  • 05 Nov 2019
  • Admin

Internet is connected to world wide network. Now a days every different country is connected to other country with the people. All the people are connected and interacting with other people with the help of social media. People are chatting with each other, talking over phone or other social media. We are sending and receiving the data with different form, like message, segment, packet, frame, bits and bytes.

Internet Security in India

We are the user, we are the customer also we are the end user, need to protect our device, need to secure our network, our server or other multi media devices. Many person, they are using antivirus to protect the computer, to protect the mobile or other multi media devices. You can use Norton antivirus, can use mcafee antivirus, can use Norton family premier antivirus, can use kaspersky internet security antivirus, can use AVG internet security antivirus, can use quick heal for the purpose of server protection, for the purpose of mobile protection, for the purpose of other devices protection.

There are many command which is use with Microsoft windows server and client for the purpose of security, there are many commands which is use with linux operating system for the purpose of security. Linux is very secure operating system compare to the Microsoft or other family operating system. there are many command in the router can use for the security, there are many command in the switch also can use for the security, there are many commands in the firewall also firewall only design to put the security for the networking infrastructure.

If you want to give the strong security then antivirus will be the good option for the mobile, for the laptop also for the computer or other multi media devices. There are some ports of cisco switches also some security features for the cisco switches can implement for the same. Can implement port security for cisco switches, can also implement mac addressing binding option to bind or link the mac address to the port number of device. Once will be linked mac address to the port number of the device then if will change the mac address means if other computer will connect to the network then that mac address will not work. Will not take ip from the server also if you will assign static ip address to the computer then the lan ports of the computer will be disabled.

If you want vlan security then also can implement security for the same. Vlan is the logical network which is use for the logical security for the lan infrastructure. All the computers in the switch by default present with vlan1 then it is called native vlan. If you want to create the vlan then there will be the command to create the vlan. First need to create the database for the vlan, vlan database, will be the first command then vlan 2 name sales, vlan 3 name hr, vlan 4 name finance. These are the command which is use to configure the vlan for the purpose of security. One computer in the vlan can not communicate with the other computer which is available in the other vlan due to security. Means we have both the option, if system want to communicate then definitely will communicate otherwise if system don’t wont to communicate then will not communicate to the other device. There is a process of interval means all the computer connected to the switch and switch connected to the cisco router. On the router physical port, need to create or can divided this physical ports in the logical port and need to assign the logical ip address to the same port to communicate between the vlan network.