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IOT Training Institute in Delhi

IOT Training Institute in Delhi

  • 05 Nov 2019
  • Admin

Internet of Things, is the New technology in Information which is responsible to provide data transferring process without interacting to human also without interacting to the machine too. It is completely related to the computing devices, mechanical devices, digital infrastructure and devices. Actually it will provide UIDs Unique identifier numbers to all the devices, all devices will communicate to each other with the help of 128 bits UIDs number. IPv6 Address, works on behalf of 128 bit Address. IPv6 has more and more address for the allocation, can provide all internet protocol address to all the networking devices, all the mechanical device, all the hardware device, all the electronic device, etc. If you want to access, if you want to monitor, if you want to troubleshoot then on behalf of internet protocol address can access from anywhere to anywhere.

Internet of Thinks

This is completely new technology for the industry, will reduce the man power cost for the organization and business. The actual process of Internet of Things, all devices will exchange the data or information between the country, between the state, between one place to other place, one organization to other organization, networking infrastructure can use as per as Cisco standard, Microsoft Standard, Red Hat Standard, etc. If will check with the vmware technology, if will check with the EC-Council Organization then IOT will use all the different technology with each other. IOT can works on behalf of all the different technology also will share the information or data among them. There will be many kind of the application, there will be many kind of the software which is use via IOT software. IOT will use Embedded system software, partner systems, middleware system software, etc.

Means can say, individual and master applications will be the responsible for the data collection also can say information collection. One device will be integrated to the other device, also one device will be replicated to the other device with the help of satellite, wired or wireless connectivity. Internet of Things will allow the data with the help of wireless connectivity, with the help of satellite connectivity, with the help of wired connectivity. If we are transferring any data then data will be stored in the cloud. Data will come in different form, data can be audio, data can be video, data can be image, data can be anything, data should be secure so can also use for the EC-Council Concept like Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking Concept. Take some best example of Internet of things, Wireless Cellular Device is the best example for IOT. Wireless Cellular Device using around the world since last few years. Customer is connected to the devices which is related to the Smart TVs, there are some smart Speakers, there are some smart toys, there are some smart swarables and there are some smart appliances. We can also use smart meters, we can also use commercial security devices system, also can use smart city technologies. If you want to monitor those traffic and if you to check the weather conditions then Internet of things will help you a lot. There are many platform they are using IOT Technology
1. Microsoft Azure IOT Technology
2. Amazon Web Services or AWS Technology
3. Google Cloud Platform Technology
4. ThingsWorx Technology
5. Cisco IOT Cloud Connect Technology
6. P’s Universal of Things Technology
7. SAP Cloud Platform Technology
8. Oracle Internet of Things Technology
9. BOSCH IOT Suite Technology
10. IBM Watson Internet of Things Technology

These are the digital platform, which use to provide all the digital technology which is related to the Cloud as well as the security media. There are many application use for the IOT also can use for the Industrial Automation. Can use following applications for the IOT
1. Factory Digitalization Process
2. Product Flow Monitoring tools
3. Inventory Management tool
4. Safety & Security tools
5. Quality and Control Tool
6. Packaging and Optimization tool
7. Logistics and suppy chain optimization tool

If will take about the smart phone which is belong to any company now like apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Motorola, etc. These are not a smart devices. For that capability wise smart phone is equivalent to that but will be not a exact features for the same. Can say they have the 1 or 2 percent of the feature but not more than that. According to the objects and embed sensors have the less feature and support of Internet of things.

There are many smart devices, has capability to share the information between the network infrastructure also they have the feature to give the access for the remote network via locally as well as the remotely. Take example of some commonly use devices like tablets phone, phablets, smartwatches, smart glass, in fact other personal devices. There are some multimedia devices which has features and capability to connect with the network also they have the connectivity to access and share the network for the same.

Can take some practical example of current players which is use with IOT voice also can take example of Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Microsoft with the help of Cortana & the Google Assistant. If will take example of Siri has upgraded and they the features of synchronization between the technology also between the devices.

If will check the futures of IOT then there are many devices in the world now, which is connected to the internet of things also connected to enabled IOT Devices and Application, this is not about the future, running time, we are using IOT technology. Day by day will increase the usages and feature of the internet of things technology.

IOT will reduce the task and activity which is perform by human or any person. Will be fully automated so will be operated by the machine to machine so AI, Machine learning technology features will come for the day to day life also will come for the industry.

There are many benefits of IOT Manufacture with the help of Application
1. Can use for the Digital Connected Factory
2. Can use for Facility Management factory
3. Can use for the production flow and monitoring
4. Inventory with the help of management
5. Pant and safety with the help of security
6. Quality control & management
7. Packaging and optimization tool
8. Logistics and supply chain optimization tool

So coming future will be based on IOT which is Internet of Things.