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IT Jobs in India

IT Jobs in India

  • 30 Oct 2019
  • Admin

Information Technology Jobs in India

There are many jobs in India for Information Technology Field. You can plan for the jobs in retail sector, can plan in corporate sector, can plan in MNC Company, can plan in other places of the industry. According to the survey of following job portals
1. According to Naukri job portal
2. As per as Monster job portal
3. According to Timesjob portal
4. As per as shine job portal
5. Can check with myamcat job portal
6. Can check with indeed job portal
7. As per as livemint job portal

IT Jobs

These are famous job portal in india as well as abroad too. There are some other job portal in the industry. If you want to search any job in any field then can apply your job with above portals. It is completely free, need to make the profile in job portal website, once will make complete profile in the website then need to make the percentage like profile should be 100 percent complete on the portal. You need to upload the resume also resume format should be in proper or professional format. You need to verify your email id also you need to verify your contact number. Definitely there is a process to verify your mail i’d also there is a process to verify your contact number. If you will register your mail i’d to the website then link will come to the email i’d then we need to click on that link to verify the mail i’d same thing will be applicable with the contact number. Otp will come to the registered mobile number then same otp code need to enter in that website portal. Then will be verified from the job website about the profile.

Now this is not a time to move from one place to the other place physically. If you want to give the interview then can give the interview via online too. There are some steps of the interview, some round can cleared via telephonic then once telephonic round will be cleared then can come for the face to face discussion also can come for the final round of the selection. There is a capacity of the job limit of all the website portal. In the naukari can apply 50 jobs in a day also 300 jobs in a month, if you will apply any jobs in the job website portal then will goes to directly to the recruiter. Once resume will seen by the recruiter then they will email to the candidates also they can call to the candidates. If they will call to the candidate then first round will be the introduction round. Means normally will ask the question like, please tell me briefly about your self. Then in this case need to explain about the name, educational background, if you have any experience then also can explain the experience as well as the way you have done some work with the company. You can also explain about the live project if you have completed some live project for the company.

You can also explain about the awards if you have any awards any reorganization from the college, from the school, from the company then definitely will be added more value in your resume. In the interview, if you are explaining about the questions answers with the help of example also with the help of practical examples then the chances of selection will be more for the company or industry for the same.

One more thing is very important for all the candidates, need to carry the physical resume means hard copy resume to the recruiter, so actually this is the protocol to follow for the interviews.