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Benefits of Android Application Development Course in Noida

Know the Benefits of Android Application Development Course in Noida

  • 18 Aug 2020
  • Admin

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There might be many reasons to opt for Android when it comes to software development. But we here at GICSEH would want to give more and a clear perspective on why you should join our Android Application Development Course in Noida.

In the current scenario, the development of Android is completely based on Linux system and when we look at the history of it, it has shown continuous improvements in its operation, interface, details and a lot of other aspects with the additional benefits of the open-source system which has ultimately defeated Symbian which was once the most dominant mobile phone system in the software industry.


The pattern of how Android has been evolved has undoubtedly benefited millions and millions of users. Android has not only benefited the mobile phone industry but has also given a tremendous amount of opportunities to the ones seeking a career in the software development field. Its open-source system is what gives it an extra edge when it comes to Android Application Development.

For all the people who wish to build their career in Android app development, it has opened several doors by providing the means for anyone to use and modify it alongside. One of the other reasons to pursue Android Application Development Training is its unlimited advantages which are as follows:

● Most of the Android applications offer strong compatibility i.e. an application that can be used in a 5.1-inch screen can also be used in a 3.1-inch screen which the same efficiency and adaptability.
● Android has wide users and models, which makes it easier for its users to switch between the models.
● Android hosts the largest play store with a very large number of applications. According to the statistics, the number of applications is expected to reach 1 million in a very short time. Isn’t this huge for someone who’s thinking of going for the Android application development as it’ll give them endless opportunities to design and develop the applications the way they want.
We’re not saying that there is only one mobile operating system when it comes to development where you can prove your skills as a software developer but opting for Android application development has its very own advantages over the other platforms.

Here is a list of some of the main advantages of Android Application Development Course in Noida with us.
Android’s Market Share:
As mentioned earlier, Android owns an extensive share of users with a high presence in terms of reachability which is directly proportional to its market share. Android owns 84% of the market share when it comes to mobile operating systems.

So the main advantage of being an Android application developer is that you can develop applications for round about 2 million active users per month.

It’s Cheaper:
When it comes to seeing the Android app development on a monetary basis, Android has proved to be better than other platforms. The company provides the SDK for free so the only charges are for deploying and the app testing. This makes the developers invest less in that part of the app which directly affects the ROI, less investment always means more ROI making the project more profitable.

Apps for Everyone:
With the 1 million apps in the Google play store, Android has housed apps for everyone according to the different needs.

Easy Adoption for Developers:
For the software developers, they need to learn Java in order to develop apps for Android, and since Android is mostly built in Java; it is easier and faster to adapt.

Since Android is an open-source platform, it provides a lot of benefits to the developers to customize their apps in a quick and hassle-free way allowing the more diverse features and updates.

What’s in for Android App Developer?
In order to delve into the app development, one should have a proper Android Application Development Course in Noida which you can get at GICSEH – “The Best Android Training Institute in Noida”. We offer Android App Development Training in Noida with the acknowledged setting and unrestricted access to all the latest technologies will only help to gain expertise under the leadership of highly trained professionals. Get in touch with us today and take the first step towards a bright career. We assure the best in industry training and rewarding career.

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