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Make a bright future in Azure | Azure Certification, Jobs & Salary

Make a bright future in Azure | Azure Certification, Jobs & Salary

  • 11 Dec 2019
  • Admin

Microsoft Azure is the most popular cloud computing service offered by Microsoft for various reasons. It includes building, managing, testing and deploying services and applications through the fully managed data centers. It is necessary to know that Azure supports lots of frameworks, programming languages, and tools. If you wish to build your career in Microsoft azure profile, it is advised to get azure training from a reputed training centre. It is really mandatory to understand what is azure before joining any sort of training for it.

Azure is one of the Top IT trending courses. With the passage of time, Microsoft Azure is getting bigger and better with more and more inclusions of tools and functionalities in it.

Azure Certification

Importance of Microsoft’s Azure in Businesses
Microsoft Azure can help any organization to run its business effectively and efficiently in the following ways:

• Azure Requires No Capital Investment
Since Azure is an online product and requires no hardware, so the question of high investment cost as capital does not arise here. As stated above, a user just needs to pay only for the Azure services which he has used and enjoy a subscription-based model, which does not put pressure on his cash flow. To use Microsoft Azure’s services, a person has to just set up an Azure account, which is also an easy process. A person simply needs to register himself on Azure Portal and select his required subscription after which he is set to use Microsoft Azure services.

• Azure Involves Less Operational Costs
Since Azure runs on its own servers whose only job is to make the cloud functional and bug free all the time, it has a very low operational cost, which makes it more reliable than a person’s own, on location server.

• Microsoft Azure is Cost Effective
To set up a server on our own is a long and lengthy process as it involves hiring a tech support team to monitor them and work on its operations. But, worry not because if a person uses Azure cloud services then he is free from all the load or worries related to its functions, issues problems as it is not his headache. Even if Azure faces any problem, it will be solved in less time compared to the in-house query resolution team.

• Azure has an Easy Backup and Recovery Option
Azure safely backs up all the valuable data. In case, a person loses his data, he can recover all of it in a single click. An organization actually saves a lot of time and avoid large upfront investment due to cloud-based backups and recovery solutions.

• Azure is Easy to Implement
Implementing business models in Azure is very easy. A person is good to go by performing a couple of on click activities. And, to make this implementation learning and deployment faster several tutorials are also available too.

• Microsoft Azure Offers Better Security
Microsoft Azure’s security is far better than the local servers. A user can stay carefree and relaxed about this data and business applications as it stays safe, sound and secured in Azure Cloud. The Cloud is on and available 24×7.

• A Person can Work from Anywhere with Azure
Azure offers to its users the freedom to work from anywhere and everywhere as the only requirements it has is that of an internet connection and credentials. Where these two things are available, Azure can work smoothly. And, Azure Cloud Services offering mobile applications, a user can now use Azure services on multiple devices.

• Increased Collaboration with Azure
If an organization deploys Azure in the organization, then various teams or individuals can access, edit and share documents/files from anywhere and at any time. Another best example of Azure services is that it preserves records of activity and data and example of which is Timestamps. Timestamps helps in improving team collaboration by enhancing accountability and imposing transparency.

Get professional Azure training
If you are thinking of making a career in Azure, then you are absolutely right as it holds a promising and a balanced future. If you want a career in Azure and earn Azure certification from a renowned institution then there is only one whom you can blindly trust upon and i.e. SSDN Technologies. If you are a fresher and want to know more about Azure for beginners, then contact SSDN Technologies today and get all your queries answered to your satisfaction.

Who benefit from azure certification course?
Microsoft provides the heaps of quality training to aids you in becoming certified. Every training course is dedicated to helping learners to get more from cloud services. The Microsoft platform provides effective training for azure jobs. Following are the job options after the Azure certification.

• Azure Administrators
• Azure Stack Operators
• Azure Solution Architects
• Node.js Developers
• .NET Developers
• AI Developers

Services Offered by Microsoft Azure
Following are some of the exceptional services offered by Microsoft Azure, which its users can take advantage of and run their businesses smoothly –

• Compute Services
Compute services by Azure includes Virtual Machines, Batch for containerized batch workloads, Virtual Machine Scale Sets, Functions for serverless computing and many more.

• Networking
If a person uses Azure services, he can catch hold of a variety of networking tools, like the Virtual Network that can connect to on premise data centers; Application Gateway; VPN Gateway; Load Balancer; Azure DNS for domain hosting, and many others.

• Storage Services
Storage services of Azure provides Queue, Blob, File and Disk Storage along with Data Lake Storage, Backup and Site Recovery.

• Mobile Services and Web Services
Web + Mobile services of Azure includes several services required for building and deploying applications, which are very useful in creating Web + Mobile applications easily.

• Containers Services
Microsoft Azure comes with a property that includes Container Service, which supports Kubernetes, DC/OS or Docker Swarm and Container Registry, as well as tools for microservices.

• Databases Service
Several SQL based databases and related tools are also offered as Azure services.

• Data Service and Analytics Service
Azure services also comprise of some Big Data tools like HDInsight for Storm clusters, R Server, HBase and Hadoop Spark.

• Cognitive + AI Services
With the help of this service, Azure is developing applications with artificial intelligence capabilities, such as the Computer Vision API, Face API, Video Indexer, Language Understanding Intelligent and Bing Web Search

• Internet of Things
Under this service, Azure offers IoT Edge services and IoT Hub which can be merged with a variety of analytics, machine learning and also communication services.

• Security Services and Identity Services
This service of Azure includes Multi Factor Authentication Services, Azure Active Directory, Security Center, Key Vault, and.

• Developer Tools Services
Developer tools services offered by Microsoft Azure consists of cloud development services like Azure DevTest Labs, Visual Studio Team Services, Xamarin cross platform mobile development, HockeyApp mobile app deployment and monitoring and many more.

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