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Networking Jobs In India

Networking Jobs In India

  • 31 Oct 2019
  • Admin

There are many jobs in India on behalf of Hardware and Networking Course. Networking now a days have many training course as well as the certification course. If you want to join any where job in India as a System Administrator, Network Engineer, IT Engineer then you must have the knowledge of Networking Protocol, Local Area Network Management, Wide area network management, Will be good if you have knowledge of System Administration. Some organization asking for certification like Microsoft Certified Information Technology Professional, They are also asking for Cisco Certified Network Associate, They are asking for Red Hat Certified System Engineer and ITIL too. As a Network Engineer will be the following task, which need to manage for the company.

Networking Jobs

1. Managing & Leads of the implementation as well as the support for the Information Technology Infrastructure
2. Installing the system, installing the system patches, upgrading the hardware module as well as the software part too
3. Networking Administration such as Manage Local Area Network, Wide Area Network, Router, Firewall, switch, etc
4. Need to solve the problem of system software
5. Need to perform assignment of the project, need to manage the staff for the system related assignment
6. Need to provide the analysis of the existing and the new process with the help of continuing improvement
7. Need to implement the security, need to maintain the security, need to measure the security, need to integrity of the organizational as well as the data resource also need to prevent the unauthorized access of the network as well as the system.


Day to day we have to solve the issue which is related to the network, which is related to the system, which is related to the application, which is related to infrastructure. Suppose some time there is a problem with the mouse of the computer, some time there is a problem with keyboard of the computer, then in this situation, need to swap the mouse, also need to swap the keyboard with other computer, then will check, whether this is working with other device or not. If will work with the help of other device then your keyboard will be ok, also your mouse will be ok means no need to change the parts of the computer. If there is a problem with any device then that part need to replace means that part we have to buy. Repairing cost always will be high compare to the new device cost. Some time internet is running but also some time internet is not running then in this situation, what we can do, we have to check the internet from the ISP internet service provider to the modem, is it any problem between modem and ISP otherwise need to connect with customer care number of Service provider.
1. Service provider can be Airtel
2. Service provider can be Reliance
3. Service Provider can be JIO
4. Service Provider can be Vodafone

If there is a problem with our internal network then can check with the DHCP Server. In DHCP server we have to check the pool ip, we need to check the scope of the server, etc. If will be the problem with DHCP Server then server will not give the ip to the client then definitely will be the problem with the client to access from one computer to the other computer also will be the problem to access the internet from the ISP. As a Network Engineer we must have strong knowledge of the Troubleshooting for the entire network infrastructure. Gradually will learn all the skills of troubleshooting.