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Networking Training Institute

Networking Training Institute in India

  • 14 Oct 2019
  • Admin

Networking infrastructure training is very popular course in India. There are many jobs opening in India also other part of the country. Once you have cleared 12th exam then after the exam you can plan for the Networking training with Global institute of cyber security & ethical hacking to learn in more details. We need to cover all the topics on behalf of practical and real scenario. If you want to learn networking from the beginning then need to start from the beginning. The best option to start preparation for networking, to join with the Diploma in networking infrastructure. Diploma course will be included basic to till end of the lecture. Comp TIA A+ exam will be included 200-901 and 220-902, means there will be two exams, first will be the 220-901 and second will be 220-902. Exam will be for 90 minutes. Means exam will be online, at the same time need to attempt the question, once you will submit the last question then result will come automatically. If will discuss about the passing score then for 220-901 should be 675 on scale of 100-900 and in case of 220-902 will be 700 on a scale of 100-900.

 International Exam code of A+
 Exam Code - 220-901, 220-902
 Duration – 90 Minutes per exam
 Passing marks 675 and 700

Once A+ certification part will be over then can plan for N+ Certification. N+ certification has single choice question and multiple choice question, drag and drops and performance based question. Normally will be 90 minutes as per as duration is concern, passing score will be 720 on scale of 100-900. CompTIA A+ Certification and at least must have 9 to 12 months of networking experience.
 Exam code – N10-007
 Type of question will be – Single choice and multiple choice
 Duration – 90 minutes for the exam
 Passing score 720 – on scale of 100-900
 Experience – must have 9 to 12 month of job experience in networking

Once A+ and N+ Certification part will be over then need to come with MCSA and MCSA windows server certification and training module. Server certification will be based on windows server and windows client. Both option will be very good option for networking. In local area network if your designation will be system engineer, desktop engineer, windows manager then need to configure, manage and troubleshoot all the server operating system and client operating system. Server can manage all the things which is available in the network. Means in a domain will be group of physical computer present with logical network like delhi.com or then some computers will be server and some computers will be client.

Server 2016 international exam will be following
 70-740 – Installation, storage and compute with windows server 2016
 70-741 – Networking with windows server 2016
 70-742 – Identity with windows server 2016

If you want to clear the international exam after the training then will be steps like below
 Skills
 Exam
 Certification
 Continuing Education and start job

You must the skills of All the server, can take the example of FTP server with port number 20 and 21 means 20 for the data and 21 for the control. Take example of Telnet server with port number 23 to access remote device. FTP use to upload the data from system to internet and download the data from internet to the system also can transfer the data between the system. The main role of active directory is very important for the server. One will install the server means ADDS role in the server then need to join all the client computers to the domain. We need to manage, configure, maintain and troubleshoot all the connections from the server or also called domain controller. There are many domain controllers in the server. ADC will be the additional domain controller which use for the backup purpose of the server. Other will be BDC means backup domain controller which is also use to take backup of the server, RODC means read only domain controller, will be the domain controller but will be not able to manage or edit anything from the server.
Types of Domain Controlller
 ADC(Additional Domain Controller)
 BDC(Backup Domain Controller)
 DC(Domain Controller)
 RODC(Read Only Domain Controller)

After the Microsoft Training and certification will come to the Red Hat Server Technology part, There are two famous certification with world wide, first will be the RHCSA and Second will be RHCE. Red Hat exam will be with below sequence
 Red Hat Certified System Administrator also called RHCSA
 Red Hat Certified System Engineer also Called RHCE
 Red Hat Certified Architect also called RHCA
 Red Hat Certified Engineer in Red Hat Open Stack
 Red Hat Certified Enterprise Application Developer

Linux syllabus or outline will start from the Accessing the command line module so in this module need to start from the local console, after the local console then need to practice local console access terms. After this topic need to prepare command line using the desktop. Once will be over then will come to the GNOME 3 Desktop Environment. Need to move to the commands using the bash shell then after need to plan for the bash commands and keyboard shortcuts, then will move to the accessing the command line prompt. After the module 1 will move to the Managing files from the command line so in this module need to start from Linux file system hierarchy, then after this chapter need to start files by name then will plan for the locating files and directories, then will plan for the managing file names using path name and expansion. Then will move to the next module.

Last subject will be CCNA, Cisco certified network associate. There are some certification part as per as the cisco standard. Need to plan CCNA 200-125 with 3.0 version of the subject then after will plan for the new version of CCNA will be 200-301 also called new ccna or Latest CCNA.
 Networking combination – (A+ Hardware + N+ Netwroking + MCSA 2019 or 2016 + RHCSA & RHCE + CCNA 3.0 200-125 or CCNA 200-301)
Above combination will be excellent for the jobs who is planning to get the job in India or Any part of the world.