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Oryx 2

It is a realization of the lambda architecture and built on Apache Kafka and Apache Spark. It is widely used for large-scale machine learning on real-time basis. It is a framework for building app including end-to-end applications for filtering, packaged, regression, classification, and clustering. The latest version of this tool is Oryx 2.8.0.

Key Features:
• It has three tiers: specialization on top providing ML abstractions, generic lambda architecture tier, end-to-end implementation of the same standard ML algorithms.
• Oryx 2 is an upgraded version of original Oryx 1 project.
• It consists of three side-by-side cooperating layers such as speed layer, batch layer, and serving layer.
• There is also a data transport layer that moves data between the layers and receives input from external sources.

More Information and Official Website:
Download : https://github.com/OryxProject/oryx/releases/tag/oryx-2.8.0